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And Care for My Brood!

2/21/2013 6:10 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Octomom is chill these days, because she's getting baked goods delivered and getting a little baked herself ... all while she cares for her 14 kids ... sources tell TMZ.

Sources connected to Octo tell us ... Nadya is the proud owner of a medical marijuana card -- we're told for anxiety. And get this ... she got the card 2 days after leaving rehab for Xanax addiction.

The marijuana she consumes is primarily embedded in cookies and other bakery products. We're told Nadya ingests the pot both at home and on the road during appearances. 

We're told Octo -- who considers herself primarily responsible for the well-being of her kids -- believes the children are NOT at risk even when she's not all there. And speaking of not there ... we're told Octo does not get high when the nannies are around, meaning she's the only one in the house caring for the kids.

So ... the question. Can a parent temporarily check out by using pot when they have more than a dozen kids ... or is it NEVER OK?



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People are on all types of prescription medications and they raise kids. Marijuana is no different. If the media would stop telling people marijuana is bad maybe more people could benefit from it's medicinal purposes. It's safer than Xanax

574 days ago


It's weed people not meth, crack or any hard drug that would impair you. People who smoke weed handle their business normally. Some of y'all can't handle your one or two kids and prefer to stay at work all day. If she walks left or right she's wrong either way. Leave her alone she's doing what she possibly can do.

574 days ago


Welfare money being spent on her new addiction!

574 days ago


What's to keep her kids from getting a hold of the "cookies" or Dimwit from feeding them to her kids when she has trouble handling them ???

574 days ago

Phishie from Philly    

At least she's not doing anything worse then pot. With 14 kids I would smoke drink and who knows what else.

574 days ago


What are the quasi-centuries even getting theses cards for? In Octomom's case, it may have something to with Xanax, Chris Brown acupuncturist gave it to him...silly me, I hought it was for serious illnesses and conditions.

574 days ago


I know I am going to get many "thumbs down" for this comment but hoe old are some of you idiots that are saying its ok for her to be high on weed? The argument is NOT that whether weed is harmful, its whether its ok to not be in the right state of mind when you are an adult who chose to have the responsibility of raising 14 kids! There is a time and place to get high, smoke weed, drink.. whatever your vices are its your choice but when you have kids your choices need to change to ensure they are welltaken care of. She cant even care for her kids properly while sober, let alone being high on weed that only puts you in a lazy state of mind. I have a newborn baby and find it to be a tad bit difficult to care for her, keep house clean, wash dishes, laundry, cook meals, run errands, walk my dog, and still find time to shower, sh1t and eat!.. This is one baby I am talking about if I had 14 kids I think I would smell homeless and starve to death from lack of personal time. Yet, people on here advocatote her use of "medicinal" marijuana.... no way is it acceptable with so many kids, sorry.

574 days ago


so many responsible people in the world who actually want children and this sorry ass bitch gets not one but 14 miracles, then turns around and blames her anxiety on them, she's the one who went over the top bringing them into this world, poor babies :(

574 days ago


In real life, perhaps possible. In Ocotmoms life... I don't think so, I don't think she can control it well enough. I guess she is surprised by the stress of raising all those kids.... You'd think someone would have warned her... Like NATURE. This is why women don't have this many babies at once, you can't care for them properly. Argh.

574 days ago


Now, while you are high let's discuss the student loans you accumulated in order to br impregnated for all of your spawn because I'm still paying on mine, but I'm guessing you're not quite as responsible, right?

574 days ago


So she is on food stamps but smokes and eats pot?!?!?! WTF must be nice

574 days ago


Seriously. It's weed, it's not heroin, meth or crack. It's a plant that grows naturally from the ground and only eleveates stress/pressure. It's not as if you smoke marijuana and just pass out cold. You smoke it, relax and are better able to handle the current situation. People need to wake up and realize weed is not a drug, it is a plant. A plant that can help with cancer, that can reduce the amount of trees cut down yearly and a plant that embodies all that is good with life.

574 days ago

Cheryl A.    

She can;t even take care of them when she is NOT stoned! PLEASE someone, investigate this!!

574 days ago


Gonna give weed a bad name :(

574 days ago


This woman is a freakshow. Feeding her kids by stripping? Boy oh boy, she sure feels really good about herself to be doing that? These kids really need to be taken away from her. What the hell kind of a life are these children going to have with her?? It is very sad.

574 days ago
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