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25th Bday with Chris Brown


2/21/2013 7:47 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
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0221_rihanna_chris_brown_birthday_hawaii_launch_v3Rihanna turned 25 years old yesterday ... and she celebrated by throwing on one of her smallest bikinis and hitting a jet ski in Hawaii ... with Chris Brown.

RiRi and Brown spent the whole day together ... holding hands, jetting around in the ocean ... and probably smoking weed.

There were rumors that Brown was planning to pop the question during their Hawaii vacay ... but there doesn't appear to be a ring on her finger ... yet.


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Pathetic!!! I cannot say it enough coming growing up in a disfunctional family due to abuse. Rhianna is damaged. But it is us who make someone like her rich she would never have it if we did not support her SAD.

574 days ago


I bet many of you making these comments are in an abusive relationship. Why not cut the crap and let them be. If Rihanna wants to be the Chris, who are we to judge.

574 days ago

Miss J    

While you guys come up with new ways to insult Rihanna, she is cashing seven figure checks... Moral of the story: Get A Life!! Keep watching, you might learn something...

574 days ago


I feel really scared for her.

574 days ago


What was this young "man's" mother doing when she should have been raising him to have a sliver of self respect? Yes, he is rich, but being RESPECTED has nothing to do with how much money one has. It means you present yourself to the world as a MAN who values HIMSELF and wants to honor his family name. If you have so little dignity that you don't even have sense enough to cover your ass in pubic, then how much farther can you sink on the human spectrum?
My heart breaks for the lost generation of black "men" who have lost every shred of dignity and self-respect, and with it, the RESPECT of the world. You stagger through life, cursing, fighting, revealing your ignorance. Please stop. You are a disgrace to every REAL black MAN, woman and child who marched and died in a battle to give YOU equality of opportunity. Please, COVER YOUR ASSES! STOP CALLING YOURSELVES N!GGERS. STOP ACTING LIKE N!GGERS. It is never too late to stand up and be a MAN. Present yourself to the world as MEN (NOT N!GGERS), and perhaps, one day, the world will respect you as men. Until then, you are nothing more than a race of semi-literate, self-hating, self-annihilating clowns.

574 days ago


Her lips are almost as big as her ass.

574 days ago


Christ, your pants are falling down. Just thought you'd wanna know, because you look like a class A d-bag. Rihanna, when you dress like a slut, don't feel bad when you're treated like one.

574 days ago


These people have major underwear issues. YUK!

574 days ago

Joseph Diehl    

Pull your pants up, you clown!

574 days ago


No ring yet??? Check out her instagram... There's a huge ring on her hand there!!!

574 days ago


Wasn't this the same set up before she got two pieced...

574 days ago


She looks like a hooker...and he looks like a fu*king ghetto retard with his shorts hanging below his ass.

574 days ago


People are so upset at their happiness. LOL. Leave them be. He hit HER, not you. She forgave him. Let it be. And please, let's stop calling CB an abuser and let's stop calling Rihanna battered and abused because they are neither of those things. Those labels imply that it was a recurrent thing when we all know that it was a one time horrific incident. Let's save those titles for the likes of Charlie Sheen and Sean Penn. but of course you won't. Charlie gets called everything from lovable to awesome but never a single mention of his violent abusive tendencies towards his women (mother of his YOUNG children included)......hmmm.

574 days ago


Why are people commenting on her lack of clothing when she's on the beach? I don't get it.

574 days ago


Pray she makes 26. Chris. Brown is not a sympathetic character. He was willing to bloody a beautiful woman

573 days ago
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