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Clint Eastwood


2/22/2013 6:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

A "swatting" prankster in L.A. must have a death wish ... because TMZ has learned, the latest bogus 911 call to involve a celebrity targeted Dirty Harry himself ... Clint Eastwood.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ, multiple units rushed to Eastwood's L.A. home this week after a relay service called 911 ... reporting multiple males armed with assault weapons inside the actor's house and people had been shot.

When the officers arrived at the scene, we're told they found nothing wrong ... the standard "swatting" scenario.

Police were unable to determine if anyone was home at the time of the prank.

It's the latest in a long string of similar celebrity "swatting" pranks -- other victims include Ashton KutcherJustin BieberMiley CyrusSimon CowellTom Cruise, the Kardashians, and Chris Brown.

The LAPD is really starting to get pissed too -- because the pranks are a HUGE waste of valuable resources and even put innocent people's lives in danger. As one law enforcement source put it, "The suspects WILL be caught and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law." One 12-year-old kid has already been charged in connection with some of the calls.

So, to whoever keeps doing this ... you've got to ask yourself one question: Do I feel lucky? Well, do ya, punk?


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572 days ago


They were finally arresting his wife for her hideously bad reality show and trying to cash in on her husband's fame before they finally divorced. She swore she was doing it because she had her own interesting story to tell, but the show was called, "Mrs. Eastwood..." Otherwise, it would have been, "Dina, who?"

572 days ago


Wouldnt LA be safer without LAPD??

572 days ago


I thought he live in Mt Carmel , Ca

572 days ago


Did you guys read what it says? A relay service called 911.. when I read the words, "relay service called".. it clearly explains it all. A possiblity that a DEAF person is making those calls. I know the Deaf way. They like to fool around like that. No kidding. They tend to take advantage of the Relay Service to try to hide their true location. A relay service is when you call thru a TTY/TDD or thru the computer or even VP (look up what that is.. at purple 3, purple, soresen, etc), and then they call 911 then the Deaf person talks to the 911 thru the relay which is an interpreting service via phone, etc. Gotta be a Deaf person doing this.. Hey LAPD, you got your work cut down to 10 percent of the population in LA to find out who is Deaf. Ask Greater Los Angeles for the Deaf (GLAD) for help.

Usually after hangups, the relay service do not keep the original caller's number. So, it makes it harder. Go undercover at relay service, LAPD!

572 days ago


People just don't care any more. Who is going to pay for the police, fire, emergency medical people, etc. that come out to a phoney call? I hope that if and when people are caught that they will get jail time.

572 days ago


Old geezer probably did it to himself to get attention

572 days ago


The dirty cops are pissed because they can't use their legal "killing skills" on the public this time. Boo hoo, you got all dressed up in your body armer and assault weapons and no place to go, boo hoo. All that adrenaline rush gone to waste, high five!

572 days ago

Mz. Reality    

What is it with the haters on here that have never met this man? Yes, he has aged, yes, the chair thing was a bit odd. But, he is an icon and surely doesn't give a rats behind, what people think.

572 days ago

Bud Maxwell    

Obama did it to get even for that "empty chair" bit during the last convention. LOL

572 days ago


STUPID article, because it said NOTHING about how these idiots "swat" and HOW THE REST OF US CAN ENSURE THAT WE ARE NOT VICTIMIZED, as well !

572 days ago


Seems a lot of folks don't understand how grants and budgets work, most often law enforcement entities have to fight the city/county bureaucrats to get their fair share of taxpayer money for the budget, the only nearly-guaranteed way to justify more budget money is to prove they're out their in the field actually doing the work, in a round-a-bout way this could and probably will benefit law enforcement, regarding budgets

572 days ago


Hope they catch the little sh!ts that do these pranks. Waste of time and will possibly cause someone to loose their life one day. If they are kids, charge their parents for the money spent. If they are adults, slap them, then put their asses in jail.

"Do you feel lucky, punk?"

572 days ago

Ave Joe    

And the Police can't Trace the Calls? I find that hard to Believe
OTOH? I would guess Swat would Like to Pay a Call to Hugh Hefners Home, during one of his Baby Doll Pajama Parties!

572 days ago


Shouldn't be messing with Mr Eastwood! H eis still the man-

572 days ago
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