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JET to Fantasia Barrino

We Just Didn't

Like Your Photos

2/22/2013 11:55 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

If Fantasia Barrino wanted a better picture of herself on the cover of JET Magazine, she should've given the magazine better pictures ... this according to JET magazine.

JET is defending its decision to use a 10 year old photo of Fantasia on the cover of this month's mag ... after Barrino TRASHED the cover on social media this week.

In her social media rant, Barrino says she's trying to separate herself from her old image and create a new look for herself ... and expected JET to work with her. After seeing the cover, Fantasia felt deceived ...and demanded a public apology.

But a rep for JET tells TMZ the mag has NOTHING to apologize for ... claiming the photo it used was deemed "most appropriate for JET's brand and reflective of the cover story sentiment. "

The rep says Fantasia's rep had sent over a series of pics she had hoped the mag would use, but editors felt Barrino's face was too obstructed and didn't meet the standards of a JET cover.

JET magazine says despite Fantasia's comments, it has no hard feelings toward the singer ... adding, "JET continues to root for Fantasia's success and encourages her fans to pick up the new issue."



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Ms. Realistic    

She looks better in the pics with her hands blocking her face.

574 days ago

Tammy LM    

I understand why she would be upset because there was a better way to deal with this and it makes the magazine look unprofessional. You don't use a photo that is THAT old (ten years) for a cover story of a woman that's gone through the changes in life that she has, which I assume is what the jest of the article is covering. Plus, if you allowed her to submit photos to take into consideration for the cover and you didn't like them, you as a professional magazine should have told her, "Look , we can't use these I'm sorry" and what should have been done finally, is if you can't use her pictures, then you sit down and do a damn photoshoot with one of your own photographers and just TAKE brand new photos of her for the brand new cover. Is this magazine so broke they can't afford a photographer for their covers????? If they had used new photos they both could have compromised on a cover. But now she's mad at the magazine and the magazine is taking a "so what, we got what we wanted" attitude which is even worse, and now the negative publicity and the bad feelings are going to harm Jet in the future because she's not coming back now. And some other people may not now either. If you wanted her for your cover, you are using her to sell your magazine. The least you could do is shoot a decent cover. You don't take 10 year old photos and slap them on the cover. She doesn't even look the same anymore. While you're at it, why don't you just take a ten year old interview and publish that too? Doesn't sound like a good iea? Well, neither was the photo. Thumbs down for Jet Magazine. They should have shot the cover themselves.

574 days ago


The outside isn't as important as the inside. I'm happy for her having a cover of any kind whether she is or not. At least she's relevant again.

574 days ago


I like the
one that's
on the cover.

573 days ago


The cover pic is very pretty! Her skin looks beautiful.

573 days ago

The Universe    

Barrino is mad because she would never be the cove rgirl for Latina magazine. Latina magazine only likes the white Spanish looking Latinas, not the bitter mad PuertoRicans.

573 days ago


If you DO a cover, ALL photo's should be cleared through and WITH you -

Never heard of something this awful -

Where they use A BAD PICTURE of Fantasia .


Why, when Fantasia's had her look UPDATED.

At least do another cover/story about THIS one.

Cuz Fantasia's not through - she'll be back like Jennifer Hudson was back.

573 days ago

Waka Waka Waka    

Dam no matter what happens in someone's life..U STILL CANT TAKE THE GIRL OUT OF THE GETTO!!!..waka waka wakaaaa

573 days ago


She looks like a shaved bird

573 days ago


Sorry but she is UGLY

573 days ago


Jet is absolutely right...... The other pictures are "Ratchet".

573 days ago

Gsharon 710    

The other photos would not work for me because they are too posed. She ia a beautiful black lady and when SHE realize this, her choices will reflect that. Harsh, hurting words have sent many unstable people to their graves, but it is worse when someone you love goes through the same, so be very careful with words.

573 days ago


Nothing to apologize for?!?! Incredibly unprofessional, I would not be surprised if other celebs choose not to appear on their cover now. I know I now find them to be lazy - a 10 year old picture? How is that even remotely representative of who she is now? Sad.

573 days ago

Workin my way to Trump status    

Never ever read a Jet Magazine. He streak will likely continue for a long time.

573 days ago


Did she suddenly become “Educated”?
When she finished American Idol she stated that she could not read or write.
How is she able to comment on anything?

573 days ago
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