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Paula Deen

DRUNK On 'Today'

... Or Just Goofy??

2/22/2013 8:12 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


10:28 AM PST
:  A rep for Paula tells TMZ ... the notion that she was drunk is ridiculous, because Paula's not a drinker.
She INSISTED the morning mojito she sipped on was of the virgin variety ... but Paula Deen's goofy, salsa-dancing, chicken-ball obsessed appearance on "Today" had the Internet asking ... was she drunk??

Deen and her son kicked it with the morning show gang in Miami this morning to talk food -- but Deen was taking the conversation all over the place ... and people on Twitter began to question her sobriety.

She started with an impromptu hip-shaking salsa dance ... before talking about a run-in with a skunk that went down before the show began. Deen also tried to make the hosts smell her hands.

Then came a round of mojitos (Deen asked if they were virgin) ... and then a cooking segment, in which Deen professed her love for "chicken balls" ... prompting Al Roker to comment, "Set your watches, that's where it all went wrong."

Doesn't seem like she was hammered ... just her usual loud, uninhibited self. 

Still, we gotta ask ...


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Drunk??? Hardly. Wouldn't even have occurred to me think that. She's just silly as always.

610 days ago


Tha's just her. She's battled a lot of security issues and was even agoraphobic for years. She seems nervous in public settings and this is how it manifests itself. She acts loud and goofy. Always has.

As for losing her credibility because she kept her diabetes private, get a grip. Her health is her business alone. No one hammered on Michael J Fox for keeping his Parkinson's secret for decades or other celebrities for keeping their MS, OCD, Bipolar, etc. secret. And for those who say it's because she made fattening unhealthy foods, grow up. She never once announced on her show that the food she was cooking was healthy. No one slams the other TV chefs for demonstrating how to fry twinkies or make decadent dishes that are terribly unhealthy. And as far as Anthony Bourdain slamming her, talk about a hypocrite! That slimeball serves super unhealthy food in his restaurants, and has eaten and made it on his shows. He gets drunk constantly on his show, and stoned sometimes too (remember the ganja tea episode in Jamaica?).

People need to mind their own business, stop blaming others for everything and take accountability for their own actions. You eat bad food, you become unhealthy. You eat too much, you get fat. Your business, not anyone else's.

TMZ, you're making something out of nothing, as usual. I miss the good ole days when you just reported it as it was, not inflamed everything to make it more tabloidesque.

610 days ago

K Luckey     

She is super goofy all the time..... It's nothing

610 days ago

Janie Warren    

This too ridiculous to even report TMZ. Really disappointed in you.

610 days ago


What is the "Today" show?

610 days ago


Paula Deen is a diabetic...her "acting" like she was intoxicated could be a sign of low blood sugar. It is very common for diabetics especially if the travel or do not take care of themselves

610 days ago


Paula Deen Sucking on Sugar Cane and drinking the Sugar Drink, weather it had alcohol or not makes me think if she is really Diabetic or just wanted to make money from a Diabetic Drug?

610 days ago


Maybe that was skunk weed that Paula was "playing" with before the segment, not an actual skunk.

610 days ago


She is just plain gross

610 days ago


I'm sure she needed lots of alcohol to suffer the embarrassment of being on the Today Show & near Matt Lauer!

610 days ago


Having fun she's a sweet lady good personality outgoing I love her sense of himor

610 days ago


Come on y'all, she's a southern belle, a lady. She was having good ole' fashion fun. Lighten up!

610 days ago


Haha just bein' Paula, Paula's a lot of fun, positive and funny great wife and mom, and they are chicken balls as well as bites, just depends on the chef ;D
Love the sexy mommas in the gold bikinis and colorful whatcha-ma-call-its, looks like a blast, wanna be there

610 days ago


She's just having a good time! It must feel good to have lost the extra lbs. as well. : )
Anyway, Kathie Lee and Hoda are wasted almost every AM... ; )
This also reminds me of "Schwetty Balls" a tiny bit.

610 days ago


That's just Paula, lol! She's normally a lot raunchier than that!

610 days ago
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