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Kim K.'s Brother

The Biggest Kardashian

2/22/2013 2:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
TMZ Live


Kim Kardashian's the pregnant one -- but her baby bro Rob Kardashian's also packing on the pounds ... big time! What's going on? We've got an in-house expert.

Plus, Diane Lane files for divorce from Josh Brolin -- shocking almost everyone -- but there were definitely signs. We'll tell you what pushed Diane to pull the plug.

And, the most insane video you'll ever see -- extreme skier Sverre Liliequist does a backflip as an AVALANCHE chases him down a mountain. Sverre calls in to explain why he didn't back out of the daring move ... despite death knocking at his door.

(0:00) Kim Kardashian is pregnant -- but her brother Rob is now the biggest Kardashian ... size-wise. You gotta see what he looks like now.
(5:00) Diane Lane and Josh Brolin are getting a divorce -- and we think we know why she's pulling the plug after all this time.
(8:00) Britney Spears' new man -- hot enough for her? Plus, Mike knows how Britney got hooked up with a Regular Joe.
(11:00) We talk to YouTube legends Tay Zonday (of Chocolate Rain fame) and DeStorm Power (over 190 million views on his channel) join the show to talk about how the Billboard Charts are now counting YouTube views to determine top hits.
(16:00) Skier Sverre Liliequist calls is to explain his INSANE backflip ... you know, the one he did as a freakin' AVALANCHE was nipping at his heels.
(22:00) Breaking news -- Snoop Dogg and Suge Knight reunite ... and nothing bad happened!
(25:00) "The Swan" -- the crazy plastic surgery-based show from the 2000s -- is back ... and this time they're going to have celebs on the show.
(28:00) "Law and Order: SVU" is doing an episode mirroring the Chris Brown and Rihanna incident. Wonder how Chris is going to take this?
(31:00) Oscar Pistorius was let out on bail ... despite major questions about his story.
(36:00) The floor is yours!
(40:00) A female kicker is trying out for the NFL for the first time -- does she have a chance?
(42:00) Johnny Depp is looking crazier than ever -- is he going over the deep end, or is that just his style?

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578 days ago


Oh lovely, I get to the party late and first one I see is FATASS MIKE.

578 days ago


Guys named "David" make the best husbands ;)

578 days ago


I would just like to sate I started the nickname "Fat Mike".. but we still need nicknames for Max , Charles and Harvey. How about "Crackhead Max"? Charles: "The Coma". And for Harvey: "Azz-less Chaps"? The winning nickname will get a free worn t-shirt from Fat Mike (Doritos stains still visible).

578 days ago


TMZ knows way too much about Brit's personal life. Who are you paying off to get this info?

578 days ago


Yay! I voted for David :-)

578 days ago


Josh Groban

578 days ago



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578 days ago


Harvey sipping on that plastic juice bottle on the TMZ tv show. while talking about Octomom or something ....*shudders* =(

578 days ago


Is TMZ trying to discover the next Justin Beaver?

578 days ago


I'm a huge of both of their works, but c'com everyone saw this coming. Josh Brolin has had some alcohol and violence issues in the past and recently was spotted out with women other than his wife.

578 days ago


I'm going for a smoke. What's next, Billboard adds youtube and ITUNES?

578 days ago


Back when Youtube started I argued with a few friends, they insisted it was a temporary website for "teenagers" that would die within a couple years.
Told them, "watch, Youtube will turn the music industry upside down, for the first time in history the record companies won't be able to dictate what the public listens to, the public will decide by choosing which Youtube vids to watch, out of tens of thousands of *homemade* vids by musicians in their living rooms"
Wonder how that turned out :D

578 days ago


Friday Rebecca Black as number 1.

578 days ago


It would be funny if there was a huge earthquake and you saw Harvey and Charles buried under rubble LIVE during their show....

Kelsey Grammer

578 days ago
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