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WWE to Glenn Beck:

Call Us Stupid ...


2/22/2013 6:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0222_wwe_glenn_beckThe WWE has a message for Glenn Beck -- if you're gonna talk smack about the organization ... BE A MAN ... AND DO IT IN PERSON!!

Beck has been on the attack against the "stupid wrestling people" at WWE after they introduced a new character named Zeb Colter -- who Beck described as "a villain who just happens to be a racist Tea Partier."

Beck -- clearly offended by the character -- went on a tear on his radio show recently ... blasting the WWE for mocking him ... and claiming the WWE is entertainment for dumb people.

Now, the WWE is firing back ... with Zeb and his pal Jack Swagger recording a new video statement for Beck, in which they break character and explain that what they do is simply harmless entertainment .. that's no different from "NCIS" and "Glee."

The WWE superstars also make a real challenge to Beck -- inviting the political commentator to address the "stupid" wrestling community live and directly on "Monday Night Raw."

Through a rep, Beck tells TMZ, "Unfortunately I am currently booked doing anything else."

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No Avatar


I got your back Beck we can handle those roided up p u s s I e s

607 days ago


Iron Sheik take care of this Glen Beck. Iron Sheik use Camel Clutch on Glen Beck.

606 days ago


I smell a Wrestlemania match

606 days ago


Well spoken and intelligent. Pretty good for some "Stupid WWE People". Makes you wonder if VKM set it up and it's part of a story.. You never know do you?

606 days ago


Ok I haven't watched wrestling in awhile but these guys soud like they are part of the KKK! Where are their white hoodies? LOL

606 days ago


Glenn Beck. This man knows history. Now it's been nothing but promotion for what? He's pulling the same old religion crap everyone else does. It's religion tax exempt.

606 days ago


If Beck shows up on one of their shows, it will be obvious that this was a scripted "fight". Like everything else with WWE.

606 days ago


Really Beck? THEY are entertainment for dumb people? They are on TV. YOU are not.

606 days ago


The WWE sometimes carries their story line to the extreme, but who cares. After all it is just fake wrestling watched by (mostly) young males who don't have anything better to do.

606 days ago


lol a dumb mormon wearing magic panties calling wwe dumb????

606 days ago



606 days ago


Tmz is a lefty website so they are always going to side with other moonbats.

606 days ago


I don't watch either of those party hater channels but isn't Glen Beck that guy who looks like a snotty five year old who cries for things like snow in Minnesota or a flag flying in front of someone's house? You gotta give him points because if anyone would know about stupid entertainment it would be him.

606 days ago


lets see a flow chart on the target audience...its below the poverty line. I dont want to listen to a fraud read off a cue card that has never acted a day in his life but is allowed to call himself an entertainer because he works for a pig that has a bunch of cut throat closet weirdos that BELEIVE they are legitimate superstar actors. Gross. WWE creative is as closet as it gets and very uneducated and tunnel visioned. Wrestling is run by wrestling fans and wrestlers. That is WWE. Uneducated goons doing the work, so educated corporate can make money. Talent makes 750.00 a week lmao with royalties and other house pay and stuff. There is maybe 5 on contract out of 140. All of your " superstars can barely eat the roids n put gas in the tank every wee " 750 a week for tampa developmental " at OVW they got 500.

606 days ago


This uneducated idot is reading off a cue. The popularity of Raw means nothing to do with the target audience. Con artist, what is a shame is that Jacob has a college degree and is a legit athlete. The rest of these goons and Jacob, have zero acting skills, training or abilities. Its all improv from Wrestlig to wrestling...none of these guys have any training on how to act, they beleive they are actually actors. The craft is lost but not forgotten. The actors in the wrestling world are all gone but a few. You watch a John Cena movie, thats what you get, A John Cena movie.. he cant adapt into his role. He is John Cena making a WWE movie. These fools target the low self esteemed, uneducated low and middle to low class. WWE is just as much responsible for the demographs of poverty as they talk about. Aired in who gives a **** how many countries, many of them are poverty stricken. Go to a WWE event, see how many abnormal people are there???? its like they are delusional. I asked myself and many others...when is the last time if ever, anyone in a suit and tie, or a beautiful lady has approached like " hey " your bla bla. No, the only people that recognise you are poverty stricken families. Ive been there. The craft is gone and all thats left is garbage. Garbage. Shame.

606 days ago
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