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Adrian Peterson

I Won't Let My Son Play Football

2/23/2013 7:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Minnesota Vikings
star Adrian Peterson -- aka Purple Jesus ... aka one of the greatest running backs of all time -- says he'll NEVER LET HIS SON PLAY FOOTBALL!!!

Peterson was out in Houston last week for All-Star Weekend -- carrying his young son -- when he said, "This is Adrian Jr. He won't be playing football."

There are a million possible reasons for why a dad wouldn't let his son play football -- but coming from one of the greatest NFL players ever, it's pretty shocking.

The likely explanation ... the game of football has recently come under intense scrutiny for its long-term health risks -- following the high-profile suicides of several NFL stars, including Junior Seau.

The deaths have been attributed to a brain disease stemming from injuries the players sustained during their careers.

Even President Obama has commented on the health concerns -- saying if he had a son, he would have to think about whether he would let him play football.

Granted, it's not like Adrian's kid will ever need pro football money ... but we still gotta ask ...

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travis arrendale    

The two things that are ruining this country is censorship and just people not knowing how to have fun. Let the kid play football for christ sakes.

606 days ago


He is smart. Just watch Real Sports with Bryant Gumble and read any article about how Football players are ending up vegetables or with severe brain injuries. I hope all these football players now, are saving their money. They are going to need it when they are old for all their medical problems.

606 days ago


His a bitch and stupid! His son is going to be too stupid to go make it in college!

606 days ago


Football is not too bad that he quit and stop cashing his checks!! It pizzes me off he has the nerve to criticize the very thing that has given far more $$$ than his ungrateful azz would ever see. We need to encourage sports, safety, sportmanship, etc. I guess he would prefer his kid fat and happy in front of a screen. Frankly I don't care what his kid does as long as my tax $$ does not support him!

606 days ago


F**k Obama. Create jobs and shut up abou football

606 days ago


good for you Adrian! protect your family

606 days ago

sum dum jerq    

LOL @ greatest of all-time. Get in line.

606 days ago


My son plays hockey. Waaaay cooler than football

606 days ago


I love the sport of football. If I had been born a boy and hadn't had physical issues, I definitely would have played. I'm all for better helmets and equipment but ironically the better equipment is part of the problem. The pads and helmets give these men a false sense of security. Football players have become bigger, stronger, and faster as knowledge increases about weight lifting, conditioning, diet, and lets not forget that touchy subject, PEDs. In each football game there is an average of 100 bone jarring hits. The hits are part of what makes the game exciting. I have groaned along with other football fans as each new rule, especially those protecting the QBs, goes into place. I don't know if the game can survive many more "safety" rules and still keep their audience. The movers and shakers of football are walking a tightrope. I have no answers and I'm torn. Jr Seau was one of the best to play his position and was an excellent man off the field. I couldn't believe his mental issues took him to that place. I read the interview that Jim McMahon did. I'm not a bears fan, but was a McMahon fan. Just watching the byplay between him and Coach Dikta was worth tuning in for. And now McMahon couldn't function if his wife wasn't right beside him. His memory problems are scarey. Troy Aikman and Steve Young retired because of repeated head injuries. We know that repeated blows to the head is not healthy. As more is learned about head injuries, we have learned whether a pro player ends up suffering the long list of mental problems after repeated head blows extends back to high school. Sensors were put in the helmets of high school players and researchers were astounded to find out "a high school player is taking about 650 impacts to the HEAD each season, and some players topped out at two thousand" hits. 2000 BRAIN JOGGINGS. Research also shows how you get hit, whether whiplash occurred, the angle, the force, figures into the damage done and that each player and brain responds differently. Not even taking into account the other injuries that happen to kids, at least 50 football players high school age and younger between 1997 and 2007, DIED due to HEAD injuries on the field. I wonder if those parents had it to do over...Adrian Petersen can wish for a different career for his son just like other parents do.

606 days ago


Players who are concerned their concussions from playing football will hurt them later in life are always the NFL guys who've played 10 plus years and made millions of dollars. How often does a Pop Warner or high school player get concussed and there worried about long term effects. It's always the 10 year veterans who have a choice between loads of $$ or possibility of concussions. If it wasn't for lawsuits the NFL would say yeah our employees can suffer injuries just like millions of other jobs out there!

606 days ago


Let's see now. When your son grows up , he will have only one talent , the same one that made you rich and famous, but you are going to deny he of that.
You sound logical in doing this , but it is not reality.

606 days ago

Moment of Clarity    

A sick rich man would give it all away just to be healthy again. Your health is your wealth.

606 days ago


I agree, love watching football. Would never let my kids play that sport.

606 days ago


Many players are not letting their son's play football. After our son played one year of tackle, we said no. Even small kids are getting knocked out, and getting "their bell rung". My husband's dad got MS from playing football for many years, and he coached HS football and wouldn't let him my husband play-- for good reason.

There are other sports to play with far less injuries. AP is a smart man, and those of us in Viking Country love him to pieces!

606 days ago



606 days ago
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