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Cash Money Records

Sued By 70s Producer --

Bow Wow Bogarted My Jam

2/23/2013 5:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lil Wayne and Birdman's label Cash Money Records is in the hot seat over allegations it illegally used a sample from a 70s song in one of Bow Wow's recent tracks.

The septuagenarian behind the lawsuit is Robert Poindexter from the 70s band The Persuaders.

Poindexter claims Cash Money sampled his band's song "Love Gonna Pack Up (and Walk Out)" and illegally lifted the tune in Bow Wow's 2010 track "Still Ballin."

As for "Love Gonna Pack Up (and Walk Out)" -- the song was recorded in 1972 and reached the top of the charts ... and Poindexter says neither Cash Money nor Bow Wow ever obtained permission to sample it. 

Poindexter claims he reached out to Cash Money for an answer, and was redirected to Bow Wow's attorneys, who then directed him back to Cash Money ... which is why Cash Money's currently in his crosshairs. 

Poindexter wants $600,000 in punitive damages, plus interest. Cash Money has yet to respond to the suit. We reached out to the label for comment -- so far, no word back.

It's not the first time Poindexter's sued rappers over his music -- the producer has already filed suit against 50 Cent and Kanye West over similar song-stealing allegations.

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Transformative is the word I was looking for. Nothing about BWs song is transformative.

576 days ago

Peter Popoff    

Funny how you only see racist talking online you never bump into them in the street , they hide in their single wides behind their old ass computers talking smack! Sex with siblings will make anybody mad I understand. Don't bring your Azz out that trailor park boy!

576 days ago


Lil Wayne is obviously in some trouble lately. The censorship of his lyrics in Future's song, The NBA Ban and now this. I'm concerned about him as an artist and I'm waiting for his next album.

576 days ago


Ahh, the Persuaders. Takes me back to those halcyon days when black artists could actually SING. They performed without disrespecting their audiences by baring their asses or cursing at us (of course, we had enough self respect that we would have walked out on any performer who spouted profanities at us the way Lil Wayne and other rappers do). Back then, TALENT meant the ability to write, compose, and perform. Today, it means the ability to steal from others, drop trow and show your ass, brag about your arrest record, hang out with armed thugs, call your own people N!GGERS, curse at your audience and release "music" that teaches 6-year-old black boys to call little black girls "hos". What a way to make a living. So sad to witness the self-destruction of a once proud race of people.

576 days ago


Come on dude....Your name is POINDEXTER! Tha ts funny in its self.... and what band? Mmmmmm nope never heard of ya

576 days ago

Sir Paul McCartney    

Alot of people dont realize it, but most of our early stuff were samples of Black Artist from Motown and alot of obscure Blues records from the 50's. We made it our own. I actually enjoyed the "Grey Album."I didn’t mind it, But the thing was, the record company minded. They didn’t like that and they put up a bit of a fuss. But it was like, take it easy guys, it’s a tribute! I feel that sampling The Beatles in hip-hop and dance music is only fair, since we all borrowed heavily from our influences. It was really cool when hip-hop started, you would hear references in lyrics, you always felt honoured, It’s exactly what we did in the beginning – introducing black soul music to a mass white audience. It’s come full circle, it’s cool. When you hear a riff similar to your own, your first feeling is ‘rip-off’. After you’ve got over it you think, look at that, someone’s noticed that riff.

576 days ago


@Sir Paul McCartney.
So you think the Beatles introduc[ed] black soul music to a mass white audience," huh? You are yet another example of the failure of our educational system.
Not only were artists like Pat Boone stealing ... uh, excuse me "introducing" music to white audiences in the 1950's (Fats Domino's hits "Ain't that a Shame" and "Blueberry Hill" were only two of the songs that Boone pilfered), but those black artists then went on to gain wider exposure, expanding beyond the R&B charts, although the whites who stole from them continued to garner greater financial success. If you REALLY want to get historical, Scott Joplin's ragtime music of the late 1800's and early 1900's was hugely successful. Though he obviously faced many barriers as a black composer, white audiences were nevertheless aware that the music to which they were "cakewalking" was composed by a black man. So stop trying to make excuses for thieving black rappers and producers. They steal for the same reason that Pat Boone stole from Fats -- because they have no talent of their own..

576 days ago

If sense were common everyone would have it.    

Of course it's ripped, bow wow's team just sped the original up. Are they THAT stupid to think no one would ever notice? Pay up BIATCH!

576 days ago


uhhh isnt almost all rap music sampled and ripped off of old music.

576 days ago


You mean to tell me 2010 song. now lawsuit 2013. Sounds like someone needs a paycheck.

576 days ago

jus do it    


575 days ago


I am a musician ... this **** is a total rip off ... Cash Money probably thought these old farts were dead

574 days ago


Please give me a chance. Just a few minutes of your time. I am a young artist and I hope for one day to be on TMZ. I'm for real lol. Like Kanye West famous or Jay-z. I Also want a female with a big butt lololol, Check me out

545 days ago
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