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MC Hammer

Arrested for Obstruction,

But Claims Profiling

2/23/2013 2:01 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

0223-mc-hammer-gettyMC Hammer was arrested yesterday for obstructing an officer, but he paints a story of racial profiling by the police ... claiming an officer pulled out his gun and randomly asked him, "Are you on parole or probation?"

Hammer was booked and released from Santa Rita Jail in Dublin, CA after he was popped for obstructing an officer in the performance of their duties and resisting an officer.

But Hammer went on Twitter this morning and his version of events is shocking. He claims the encounter started when a cop tapped on his car window and asked him, "Are you on parole or probation?"

Hammer thought it was all a joke until "he pulled out his guns, blew his whistle and yelled for help."

Hammer summed it all up by saying, "only thing more dangerous than a scared man with a gun, is a scared man with an agenda, a gun and a badge. I was citied for obstruction smh."

TMZ reached out to the Dublin PD for comment ... we're yet to hear back.


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I guess you Can Touch ...This ... lol

608 days ago


I call bologna on this one! Yeah, right, Hammer. The officer yelled for help while you were just sitting there.

608 days ago


obstruction of what?! why was the cop there? smh

608 days ago

Sir Paul McCartney    

America REALLY has to do something about the way you treat your minorities! Hammer is a very nice and humble gentleman, he does not deserve such treatment. I thought the 60's were over!

608 days ago

Sam Sunshine     

Not surprised at all. Christopher Dorner, warned us about pigs like this.

608 days ago


"Obstruction." Traditionally, this is the catch-all charge used by officers who have nothing on you, but want to cover their asses. If it were any rapper other than Hammer, I would be inclined to believe the officers' version. But Hammer is not your run of the mill thug rapper. He is am honorable, family man who has worked hard to overcome his financial problems. He will be cleared, then I truly hope he sues the city of Dublin as an entity, and the keystone cops involved, individually. Hit them in the pocket, where it hurts.

608 days ago


Of course he played the race card, most do!!!

608 days ago


Need more info. What does the cop claim mc was obstructing??

608 days ago


No American ever deserves to be assumed a criminal. Just because this cop arrests black men all day long does not give him the right to treat everyone as if they were a thug. He's crossed the line from cynic to racist.

608 days ago


He actually got arrested for still wearing parachute pants.

608 days ago


Please Hammer don't hurt em" lol

608 days ago


The Dublin PD is still reeling from an Officer shot for pulling someone over, for no appearent reason a few months back. I would not jump to a quick conclusion on this one!

608 days ago


Agree with Enlightened. Hammer is not a thug and has never been a thug. And it would not surprise me if he was profiled, especially since the cops in CA seem to get off in stopping minorities. I wonder if Hammer might have been driving a car that the cops thought was too nice for a black man to be driving.....

608 days ago

Obamais still aracist    

always with the race cards, no matter what always place the race card, order dinner when the waitress comes up to you say I will have the chicken and why you be racist

608 days ago


It is a shame that this happens, but with as many people being killed by gang bangers, the police have a responsibility to their lives to act such a way. If there was not a problem with black violence, there would not be the "profiling". It is a terrible thing. How do we solve the problem? And saying the police shouldn't do anything is a silly response, because if they don't, more and more people get killed.

608 days ago
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