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MC Hammer

Arrested for Obstruction,

But Claims Profiling

2/23/2013 2:01 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

0223-mc-hammer-gettyMC Hammer was arrested yesterday for obstructing an officer, but he paints a story of racial profiling by the police ... claiming an officer pulled out his gun and randomly asked him, "Are you on parole or probation?"

Hammer was booked and released from Santa Rita Jail in Dublin, CA after he was popped for obstructing an officer in the performance of their duties and resisting an officer.

But Hammer went on Twitter this morning and his version of events is shocking. He claims the encounter started when a cop tapped on his car window and asked him, "Are you on parole or probation?"

Hammer thought it was all a joke until "he pulled out his guns, blew his whistle and yelled for help."

Hammer summed it all up by saying, "only thing more dangerous than a scared man with a gun, is a scared man with an agenda, a gun and a badge. I was citied for obstruction smh."

TMZ reached out to the Dublin PD for comment ... we're yet to hear back.


No Avatar


Typical cops!

551 days ago


Of course he did.

550 days ago


Why the hell does it have to be a racial thing??? The officer was only doing his job! Hammer is obviously not too fond of authorities and could not find anything else to gripe about with the officer so he accuses him of racial profiling... come on seriously is hammer smokeing crack!!! ;-)

550 days ago


Sorry to say but I totally believe him. I just retired from law enforcement and saw it everyday. Blacks and Latinos profiled or a Caucasian arrested for same offense given a R.O.R or a lower bail...happens everyday, racism is alive and well, smh

550 days ago


Your a nerd

550 days ago


What's sad is that the race card is "pulled" so damn frequently over such small issues that one day when it's REALLY going to count, when an act of racism or racial profiling has REALLY been committed, no ones going to believe it. It will be like the boy who cried's time to own up to your f ups and quit looking for a "racial" out. Not everything is racially motivated.

550 days ago

Stacy Stowe    

No disrespect, but police Officers don't blow whistles and yell for help. They have radio's and use those radios to call for backup. I am sure something not so normal went on, but why embellish it, that can hurt your case.

550 days ago


He is guilty of DWB. Driving while black

550 days ago


Stacey Stowe, you are wrong, we do also blow our whistles and yell for help, whatever works

550 days ago


The new excuse, endorsed by liberals everywhere. Give him a free cell phone and call it a day.

550 days ago


Dirty cops

550 days ago


Once again...another example of America's RACISM! This country is going to HELL In a handbasket because it is too F$%$$ING racist! He should have SPAT in that Officer's face. I am sooo DISGUSTED with this DESPICABLE and PUTRID country know as the USA! FFFFUCKKK this country and all the RACIST bastards!

550 days ago


♫♪ Can't tough my music hits me so hard...makes me say Oh my Lord...Can't touch this ♫♫

550 days ago


If it weren't profiling, then why would the cop automatically assume he was either on probation or parole? That's nota ?tion you automatically ask someone.

550 days ago


@PEG said: "The new excuse, endorsed by liberals everywhere. Give him a free cell phone and call it a day."
Your ignorance is a disgrace to conservatives everywhere. Heaven forbid you should learn a few facts and judge Hammer as an INDIVIDUAL. So much easier to paint him with the broad brush of hatred that knuckle-draggers like you are prone to utilize.

Hammer has WORKED since age 11, when Oakland A's owner Charley Finley was so impressed that he personally hired him as a bat boy and field entertainer. As an adult, HE ALSO SERVED 3-YEAR STINT IN THE U.S. NAVY. (As a proud, blowhard conservative, which branch of the military have YOU served in?)

He is an ordained minister with 5 children by the same woman he has been married to for 27 years. BTW, they met in church and lead a proudly religious life.

At the height of his success, Hammer employed more than 200 people in the state of CA. (As a loudmouthed, uninformed conservative, how many jobs have YOU contributed to America's economy?) Although he is now less wealthy, his present business ventures are such that both CelebrityNetWorth. com and TheRichest. org rank his current net worth at $1.5 MILLION!! Kind of puts that minimum wage salary that you make at Winn Dixie in real perspective, doesn't it, Peg. But don't worry. Hammer's generosity is legendary, so when you go crawling to HIM for a free phone, I'm sure he will pat you on your greasy, stringy, uncombed head and kindly give you one. By the way, I'M a proud conservative, which is why uninformed cretins like you, who pre-judge others absent facts, disgust me.

550 days ago
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