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Oscar Pistorius' Girlfriend

Father Lashes Out ...

Oscar Will Suffer If Lying

2/23/2013 5:40 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0223-oscar-pistorius-reeva-steenkamp-gettyReeva Steenkamp's father is speaking out about his daughter's death, saying Oscar Pistorius will suffer the consequences of a guilty conscience if it turns out he's lying about Reeva's killing.

Barry Steenkamp told the South African newspaper Beeld, "It doesn't matter how much money [Oscar] has and how good his legal team is, he will have to live with his conscience if he allows his legal team to lie for him."

Barry continues, "But if he is telling the truth, then perhaps I can forgive him one day. If it didn't happen the way he said it did, he must suffer, and he will suffer ... only he knows."

Oscar was released from jail Friday on bail. He is facing a charge of premeditated murder.

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Living with a tainted conscience in luxury sure beats nightly rapings in prison - celebrity justice rules !!

607 days ago

judy jetson    

Oscar would have to have a conscience for him to feel guilty about what he did and for having his lawyers lie for him which I doubt he does. So if he gets off I don't think he will be suffering too much. He's another OJ Simpson.

607 days ago

_][ Character_Assassin ][_    

One way for him to suffer... cut off his arms. That way he can't eat.

607 days ago


If her family is not fighting for justice for her while Pistorius' family is throwing money at his defense, he is going to go free. Reeva's family needs to keep the prosecutors' feet to the fire.

607 days ago


This whole case reminds me so much of the OJ case. If he gets off, he will have to pay a lot of $$ for his defense and let's face it, his career is over. He won't be living in luxury for long. He will end up like OJ...

607 days ago


This is the OJ case of South Africa.

607 days ago

James R. - Los Angeles    

Oscar doesn't have a leg to stand on.... so to speak.

607 days ago


If you are shooting at an intruder why would you angle downward? IMO they were arguing, she ran in the bathroom to get away from him. He put on his legs and went to the bathroom and shot through the door. He angled downward thinkng that if he did hit her, it would not be fatal. He did not consider the act that she might be sitting on the toilet. So instead of hitting her legs if anything, he shot her fatally. He's saying it's an accident and crying because he didn't mean to kill her but he did mean to shoot at her. He's guilty. The end.

607 days ago


This beast will be placed behind bars for good I have faith in that

607 days ago


He will get off on some weird technicality... He definitely shot her.. Stupid mo fo...

607 days ago


Excellent comment by the father.

I do think Oscar is guilty...

RIP Reeva

607 days ago


make him crawl like a worm. f*** him.

607 days ago

Truth is    

I feel bad for her family..she is no longer with them....just sad

607 days ago



he heard a noise in the bathroom and automatically assumed it was an intruder inside instead of the person he was living with?

he thought the intruder had come in through the bathroom window, closed the door (with him still in it) and was what..........taking a dump? stealing the vidal sassoon?

he had time to put on prosthetics and grab a gun but not check on the woman he loved?

he thought killing someone was a better option than just taking his girlfriend and leaving the house quickly (considering the intruder was in the bathroom doing his hair)?

if we mistook our parents for intruders every time they went to the toilet at night, i could have done mine in about 33,265 times by now.

it's crazy. things may really have happened as he said and he seems like a nice guy. but for pistorius', his girlfriend's and everyone else's sake, hopefully the truth will come to light soon.

607 days ago


THE BAT HAS BLOOD ON IT. They argued, he lost control, hit her head with the bat, she ran, he realized he was in deep sh**, and shot her through the bathroom door. Another psycho who lost control and will pay his way out of it. Hopefully South Africans won't put up with the BS the way we did with the OJ trial. A beautiful and talented woman has been taken from her family. The police had been called before when they argued. It's not that complicated. I feel so bad for her family and anyone who tried to get her away from him (I'm sure someone did). So sad. Just so sad.

607 days ago
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