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Oscar Pistorius

You Be the Judge

2/23/2013 2:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Oscar Pistorius is a free man while his case winds through the legal system of South Africa. Did he get special treatment, and did he murder Reeva Steenkamp? We gotta ask ...


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Really you dip****es? almost 90% of you said that Pistorious kiiled his GF, yet more of you voted that Chris brown is more violent. More violent than murder by gunshot and bludgeoning?? wtf?

573 days ago


You ppl are so racist! What does Chris Brown & rapper have to do with this MURDERER?

573 days ago


Youguys areso ras

573 days ago


Pistorius is guilty but won't be found guilty. He killed an innocent woman so he is the more violent person than Brown who just beat and choked one. Giving him bail is ridiculous and his celebrity played into that. That's my voting and I'm sticking with it until Brown kills someone.

573 days ago


I find the question asking whose more violent Chris Brown or Oscar Pistorius to be outrageous! Oscar alledgedly shot his girfriend 4 times and smashed her skull.

Chris Brown & Rihanna are the ONLY two ppl that have to live w/what happened between them 4 years ago. Regardless of how bad we feel for her it was not our experience to judge. It's hers. & I think we need to back off of Chris Brown and let him live his life.

This poll proves that we need to leave him alone. When the nation thinks that a man who beats a woman is more violent than one who has killed a woman and assaulted another is despicable! Shame on everyone who voted for Chris Brown as being more violent. WTF kind of message are we sending out to killers?

Murder is the ultimate sin. It's one of the 10 Commandments. Beating your spouse isn't one of them. Shame on this society. Chris Brown is no saint. But he recognized his mistakes, sought out counseling and is TRYING to be a better person. REAL change doesn't happen over night, but it can happen when honesty, hard work, communication, counseling and determination are factors.

Give this 24 year old kid time to become a man. He made a mistake when he was 19 years old. When is he supposed to move on and grow? The person I was at 19 wasn't the person I was @ 24 and today @ 32 I am not who I was @ 24 and it would be a shame if the entire world had records of my mistakes and constantly threw it in my face whenever I exercised a lack in judgement. I think it would be next to impossible to grow as a human being. We all need to be encouraged and told that we can do better and be better.

Constantly reminding someone of their past mistakes won't help them grow. It may in fact do the opposite and have the person digress or give up because of the feeling that no matter what they will never be good enough because of what they did 4 years ago.

Let's focus our energy on our own lives and in the ongoing process of making the world a better place. Picking on Chris Brown won't get us there.

573 days ago


Oscar is a flucking murderer people!
Chris Brown is a woman beater! BIG DIFF!
Not to say that CB isn't a douche!

573 days ago


Are you people effin serious? Chris Brown more violent than Oscar who shot and killed his girlfriend. Wow, we live in an incredibly effed up world.

573 days ago


How the hell is Chris Brown more violent than Oscar?Chris Brown beat up Rhianna. He did not kill her, yet. Apparently, Oscar has a violent history and is under arrest for actually MURDERING his girlfriend. I'd say as it stands, Oscar is more violent. Oh wait, I forgot, Chris is black. Oscar gets good points for being white.

573 days ago


How the hell is Chris Brown more violent than Oscar. Chris Brown beat up Rhianna. He did not kill her, yet. Apparently, Oscar has a violent history and is under arrest for actually MURDERING his girlfriend. I'd say as it stands, Oscar is more violent. Oh wait, I forgot, Chris is black. Oscar gets good points for being white.

573 days ago


WOW!!! TMZ why would you put Chris Brown in that? This man killed his girl and people voted for Chris Brown come on TMZ if Rihanna can get past it and get back with Chris you need to as well. I am starting to think that Harvey and his staff should get a life and let Chris and Rihanna live their life!!!

573 days ago


How can Chris Brown be more violent than Oscar when his girl friend is dead. Well I guess it just shows how racist everybody is. This is all turning me into a Chris Brown fan. He made a mistake he was 20 there was no permanent damage. Hell the woman he beat is over it. GET OVER IT AMERIKKKA

573 days ago


How is Chris brown more violent than this guys. He killed a women Chris brown did not.

573 days ago

Sean Kelly    

Harvey.... you need to educate your minions on the requirements for a murder charge, Did he shoot her yes... did he intend to kill her? We will never know. Maybe the equivalent of manslaughter.

573 days ago


TMZ you obsessive hatred for Chris Brown is making me want to visit your site less and less... You're a cyber bully.

573 days ago


Facts and Evidence Support the Following:
After lengthy argument, likely ending up in bathroom,
Pist strikes Reeva's phone from her grasp; She escapes to toilet closet and
locks door.
Pist trots to bedroom, gathers gun; returns to 'hearing sounds' of Reeva flushing or urinating into toilet; fires 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th bullets diagonally, targeting 2-3 feet above toilet seat, to strike Reeva’s head/ upper body, until her screaming stops.
A well-conceived, perfectly executed, execution.. demonstrating
considerable planning and specific intent in those final moments.. including the
one and only scenario which provides the "excuse" of 'I couldn't see the person
I decided to shoot to death.'
Consider the probability that the person in the bathroom next to your bedroom at 3 AM is your bed mate who's not within your sight at the moment ? (I'd say, about 99.9999%)
And considering that the subject home is within a walled, gated, armed-guarded complex;
By the forensics, facts, Pist own affidavit, witnesses and Pist history of jealous aggression and violent threats, Pist killing of Ms. Steenkamp is likely one of the most well-do***ented cases of cold-blooded murder in history. It would take a buffoon to rule the killing to be an ‘accident’. We’ll see how corrupt/ incompetent SA can be.
I believe Pist crocodile tears are real - for himself.
He's very sorry that he 'f**ked up' HIS life.

573 days ago
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