Tareq Salahi I'm Over Bitches ... So I Adopted a Male Dog

2/23/2013 3:25 AM PST
Tareq Salahi is finally moving on ... dog-wise, at least.  Dog sources tell TMZ ... the famed White House crasher has replaced his beloved Doberman Pinscher with ... another Dobie.

You'll recall ... Tareq formerly shared a Doberman named Rio with ex-wife Michaele ... that is, before she turned into a Journey-banging groupie and left him. Rio got super depressed soon after ... and later died of a broken heart ... at least that's Tareq's story.

And get this -- we're told the first thing the 1-year-old doggie replacement did was run over to Rio's grave and pay tribute to the fallen pooch.

As for a name ... it's between either Bruno or Bravo.

Bravo, Tareq. Bravo.