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Anne Hathaway

Les Nipplerables

2/24/2013 4:50 PM PST BY Johnny Lopez



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dumbasses. thats from how the dress is hemmed

570 days ago

BB not bb    

She is probably in a backless dress that you can't wear a bra with, so she is wearing nipple cones so people won't harrass her over seeing nipples. Oh well, the breast burqa inspectors caught her anyway.

I don't look for these types of things. If you happen to see a nipple on a woman, guess what, it is supposed to be there. Men have the same thing, but just not functional.

I am very annoyed at how women are inspected constantly to see how much of their breast is visible or moving or in any way human looking.

Bras cause higher breast cancer rates in women than in men. Making women feel like they have to wear bras is as cruel and making Chinese women bind their feet or making Muslm women wear lawn and leaf bags over their heads.

This is making women feel like they have to be ashamed of their bodies. Women have breasts, learn to deal with it.

570 days ago


Typical.. no class.. she obviously wanted all the attention on that.. not her ugly ass face or her no talent..someone get her a sweater or something.

570 days ago


It's how the dress is fitted ! Those aren't her nipples you pervs

570 days ago


And to all of you saying she's ugly ? Wtf you're obviously blind ! I loved her ever since princess diaries ! You came a long way, congrats !

570 days ago

Lynn M    

I liked the dress se wore during the Les Mis piece better. It was beautiful. This was kinda plain.

570 days ago


She's a one unattractive

570 days ago


It could be the way the dress is cut.....nipples seem way to the right and unatural. I bet it is a seam and light on the shiny fabric. She looks fine in any case. Is this nipplegate?

570 days ago


One childish idiot who wrote this article. It's just the way the dress is cut. It's horribly unflattering on her, I wish she wore something else, but you idiots those are NOT her nipples.

570 days ago


Pretentious fake crying again! Where are your tears Anne? I used to love her, now I see that she is a high school drama kid who practiced speeches in front of the mirror with her hair brush, which would be endearing if she actually admitted it and didn't come off as a fake ****!

570 days ago


I really don't understand why people are having a dig at her for wearing (The wrong dress) or because she doesn't live up to your ridiculously pathetic expectations. Yh she has changed,so do most human beings... it's this magical thing Called growing up ! Try it :) anyone who says they have remained the same since day one is obviously in denial. Calling her ugly well I'm sorry forgot you were all gods gift to humanity. Ugh grow up ! You do realise celebs are still human some stupid things closed minded morons say do hurt them. She made a outfit miss error she didn't join the god damn KKK. So back off with your "where are your tears Anne." Guaranteed if she cried you'd still call her an attention seeker etc. RANT OVER !

570 days ago


I will still say Anne Hathaway is guilty along with BF for Vatican scam too convenient dumping him right before he was arrested.

570 days ago


she is a beauty queen anyone can clearly not see it !

570 days ago


Her nipples are not showing. That is where 2 seams came together. Didn't look nice though. I would have chosen a diff dress for that reason alone. The necklace however is a diff story. Love love love the necklace. Perfection.

570 days ago


but she got the oskar how cares about the dress. shes amaizing , so guys stop hating shes the best

570 days ago
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