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Kanye West

Disses JT & Jay-Z

Not a 'Suit & Tie' Fan

2/24/2013 6:20 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kanye West fired off another patented rant last night during his show in London ... but this time he took a shot at his rap BFF ... Jay-Z.

Kanye's white noise rambling included the usual suspects ... corporations, the Grammys, and so on. But then the father-to-be let it be known he was not a fan of Jigga's new song with Justin Timberlake, saying, "I got love for Hov, but I ain't f--king with that 'Suit & Tie.'"

Jay and Justin have been performing the song all over the place lately, including at the Grammys two weeks ago.

Perhaps someone is just a little jealous.


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Will this ******* EVER learn to keep his ugly yap shut?

What. A. Douche.

606 days ago


Yeah, we know he's not f-ing with suits and ties, he's f-ing Mrs. Kris Humphries.

606 days ago


I'm no fan of KK, but she really messed up this time when she decided to make KW her baby daddy. He's absolutely crazy, and if she thinks for a minute she's going to have all the say-so with the baby, she'd better think again! Karma is a byatch, and it's coming for you.

606 days ago


Awwww poor little **** Kanye - Is he gonna try to rip awards out of JT & JZ's hands? Because unlike pathetic Taylor Swift who stood there stunned these 2 will fight back. I think Kanye's upset because his baby momma's a$$ has become a GIANT cottage cheese explosion that not even Spanx can shape.

606 days ago


Dude's always got something to say - problem is NOBODY GIVES A RATS ASS about his opinion. Now hes putting down JT who is well liked and respected. You are gonna talk yourself right out of a career if you dont keep that stupid mouth of yours shut you a**hole. But him hoping onto the stage and stealing the mic from Taylor a few years ago - that was ok, right???? Jerk*ff! You and Kim are a perfect couple - you are both idiots and great big jokes to everybody.

606 days ago

Joey Jr    

Poor baby , acting like he didn't want to go to the party ,cause he wasn't invited !!!

606 days ago


Kanye should get a tummy tuck and pay for it.

606 days ago


He can't control his anger and mood swings because he has brain damage from his car accident.

606 days ago

Norma Desomd    


606 days ago

Norma Desomd    


606 days ago


Justin Timberlake is the adult Justin Bieber. Justin Timberlake was Mr. Mickey Mouse. Justin Timberlake was in the gayest band of all time (literally). Really Jay Z???? Don't care what you say about Kanye but he made a great point.

606 days ago


Perhaps Someone IS a little jealous? HAHAHA, Duh!

Cannot stand this dude. Dude made an ass out of himself with Taylor Swift and we saw the REAL doosh he is. lol

606 days ago

SC Girl    

It's a very sad day when someone can get on stage and SAY not SING over and over "remind me again why we're in this sh!t"...truly amazed that anyone would pay for much less be seen at a Kayne West show. I guess in America these days all you have to be able to do is repeat a bunch of curse words over and over, mumble your way through a so called song, and hate on people every chance you get, and become a millionaire...filthy freaking rich off that garbage. What a profound piece of crap you are Kayne. Please Kayne keep on s*** baggin well liked talented successful powerful people in the business so you will blackball yourself in the industry and then go away so we don't have to look at or hear from your ugly bulldog looking Kimye whooped talentless loser a$$ again.

606 days ago


Got too bored by 1:30, someone else explain the details :D

606 days ago


Kayne is an egotistical douchbag, whose rants about other performers shows he has zero class.
Ever since he got drunk on Hennessey and got on stage to disrespect Swift with her award proved to the World he is a low class, loud-mouth, drunken fool. And to think Kim is now involved with this thug, also shows SHE has no class also.

BOYCOTT WEST AND HOE KIM, and her money grubbing family !!!!!!

606 days ago
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