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Melissa McCarthy

Goes Big at the Oscars

2/24/2013 4:17 PM PST BY Johnny Lopez

0224_melissa_mccarthy_gettyThe biggest star at the Oscars ... is Melissa McCarthy's hair.

Not only is Melissa a presenter tonight, but her movie "Identity Thief" is #1 at the box office for a second week.

Take that, Rex Reed.


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She is big and she is funny and is likely even she would enjoy some of these jokes.

If she wins, she should thank the Research and Development people at 'Reynolds Consumer Product Division' and 'Hefty' for inventing and allowing her to use this forceflex fabric for all her fashion needs.

If not for that, she'd might as well just roll and staple a carpet remnant around herself once a week.....

And I am fat, too, so I can tell these jokes....


585 days ago

wow ew    

I hope this will inspire her to lose weight. She's a petty lady otherwise.

585 days ago


That sux. Totally classless TMZ

585 days ago


Please lose weight, it just not healthy. Laughing at/with you has lost it's charm.

585 days ago


Gross. Barf-o-roni. Talentless, comestibles addict. "Look at the fat girl trying to be funny. Awwwe. That's sweet. Poor thing. " = "talent"

585 days ago


Yes, the big hair was the first thing I noticed.

585 days ago


Who's the Hippo?

585 days ago


She needs to lose weight. She doesn't have to get skinny, but she's too much now. Somebody needs to help her. Go ahead and yell at me, but it's the truth.

585 days ago


Isn't she also in that CBS show 'Mike and MOOOOOlly'???

585 days ago

BB not bb    

Even though she is very obese, the dress looks good on her with that hair. Somehow she gets you to think more of that than of her body.

She must have a good stylist.

585 days ago


This dress is horrible on her. It looks like she took a stapler to 4 yards of sweatshirt fabric and glued on some crinkled up tin foil! She should fire her stylist.

585 days ago


Why are people so upset when someone points out she is fat? Why are people considering fat to be on the level same as being called out for religion, sexual preference or skin color? You are not born fat, you eat yourself fat. You wake up everyday and shove fat down your throat until you are 400lbs. This is not something you are born with... this is something you PURPOSELY do to yourself and then expect pity for. She did this to herself and she keeps the weight on to make money. This fat is her literal bringing home the bacon. So stop telling people they cannot dislike her for her life choices. This is her choice. In a world where overweight is an epidemic why are we so willing to pretend she is attractive and that we support her extremely unhealthy lifestyle. I mean how many "honey booboos" do we need? She is promoting fat. She is the reason our children are getting fat. Don't support her choice and do not b*tch at people who do not support her choice. She chose fat... she was not born fat. We are not the problem... the fact she can't stop eating cake is her problem. Stop pretending it's not a choice. Fat is a choice.

585 days ago


Very pretty woman, but this dress is all wrong for her. The ruching around the hips only serves to make her look hippier. Something fitted at the bodice would draw attention to her upper body and her beautiful face. Then, it should drape gracefully from the bodice, elongating rather than chopping her off. And, yes, she appears to be obese and therefore unhealthy, but it's her life. I would be horribly uncomfortable if I were even slightly overweight, but she has the right to look any way she chooses. I don't have the right to dictate what size she should be, so long as she isn't hurting anyone else. However, others should not be condemned for commenting on her appearance. That's what a message board is for -- to comment.

585 days ago

The Big Bowowski    

I've got it narrowed it down to a short list of people who dropped the toilet clogging turd that flooded the theater lobby., Melissa Mc Carthy, Adele, Queen Latifah or John Goodman. All four of these guys look like they could s h i t some bricks like Mike Tyson. Im going with Adele though...something about that girl says power pooper

585 days ago

Lynn M    

Octavia Spencer got the plus woman look right. She looked wonderful. Melissa needs a new stylist who knows how the style a plus sized woman.

585 days ago
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