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Melissa McCarthy

Goes Big at the Oscars

2/24/2013 4:17 PM PST BY Johnny Lopez

0224_melissa_mccarthy_gettyThe biggest star at the Oscars ... is Melissa McCarthy's hair.

Not only is Melissa a presenter tonight, but her movie "Identity Thief" is #1 at the box office for a second week.

Take that, Rex Reed.


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All she is missing is a big tin cowbell hanging around her neck.....

Have to weigh her on the Richter Scale.....

She could play offensive line in the Lingerie Foot Ball league....

570 days ago

BB not bb    

It is not easy to dress yourself when you are fat. At least she isn't wearing a tent. She is trying to accentuate her figure. Just because some people don't get it, she doesn't look bad.

As far as what Sarah said, I think it does help fat people to hear that they are fat. This gives them peer pressure to lose weight. Howard Stern said that is what made him lose weight. If people always say you look great the way you are and see no problem, you are going to stay in your bad habits.

This country is very pro-obesity any more. Over half the adult population is overweight, a third are obese and a third of kids are overweight. They are like lab animals in an experiment gone wrong.

Whatever the reason is that you are fat or obese, you have to figure out what it is and change it. Hunger does not cause obesity. There is something wrong with these people psychologically. A little criticism goes a long way in fixing that.

Self control and self discipline. People need to use it.

570 days ago


I thought she really looked pretty. She has great hair!

569 days ago


YOu guys.. Honestly, get some creativity... she is beautiful and talented. Do you feel you need to resort to outward looks? If so let me make some comments on your own TMZ staff... or are you immune? whiny babies...YOu all look old with bags under your eyes...partied too hard last night? Wake up you will look 50 & crotchety before you know it in this biz...Karma baby... Karma

569 days ago


I think you're missing the point. Yes she's fat. Saying it every time a picture of her is posted is imo rude, insensitive and rather simple minded. Most ppl don't need the obvious stated for them. Have you ever heard the adage, if you can't say anything nice don't say anything at all? I would never call anybody fat. Not my neighbor, a family member or someone online. It's ignorance. Plain and simple. CAN WE ALL MOVE ON NOW? For the love of God...jeez.

569 days ago

South Side     

OMG she's huge!!!! Rex Reed was on to something when he called her a hippo. Heck, forget the hippo she's an elephant! BOOM BA BA BOOM BA BA BOOM BA BA...

569 days ago


When that day girl won for precious no one said anything !! When Robert deniro won with his big nose and crooked mouth no one said anything ! It's cause she's white talented and makes more than you freaks !

569 days ago


Every see the movie Wall-E ? Where the spaceships are full of obese people that can only fly around in chairs since they are too fat to walk? Welcome to the future of America with putting pigs like this on TV. Since when did obesity become funny and acceptable?

569 days ago


I like her but her bit with Rudd at the microphone was odd.

569 days ago


She's wonderful. Dresses for her body and makes an effort to look attractive. Leave her alone.

569 days ago


she's really pretty. Have loved her since Gilmore Girls. But gotta say, I'm starting to worry about her health. That weight is not healthy.

569 days ago


That poor woman! I hope she fired her 'stylist' this morning. She could have been dressed far more elegantly and beautifully. This dress is a bomb!

569 days ago


and grey? Didn't someone call her a 'hippo' recently? Who's brilliant idea was it to go with grey????

569 days ago


very low class ... I am done with the haters @ TMZ I have better things to do with my time.

569 days ago


And here's my number, just porky, porky.

569 days ago
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