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Lindsay Lohan

Dismiss My Criminal Case

I Wasn't Mirandized!

2/25/2013 10:12 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan's new lawyer has filed a motion seeking dismissal of Lindsay's lying-to-cops case on grounds she wasn't read her Miranda rights but he's WAY off base.

Attorney Mark Heller isn't getting started off on the right foot.  First of all, there was NO need to Mirandize Lindsay since she was not in custody and it's perfectly legal to question people involved in a car accident without reading them their rights.   Lindsay's problem is that she lied when she said she wasn't driving the Porsche that crashed last June on Pacific Coast Highway.

Sources connected to the case tell us Heller made some huge mistakes in filing the docs -- maybe the biggest was that he attached a letter to the prosecutor touting Lindsay -- he's not supposed to try and influence judges outside of court so it's a huge no-no.  We're told the letter has been purged from his legal docs.

Heller calls his papers a "Bill of Particulars" -- bizarre and almost unheard of in California courts -- which include a motion to suppress evidence, a motion to continue the case and a motion to dismiss charges.


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Lynn M    

That is why you never talk to police without consulting an attorney, or in this case, your insurance rep. Just give your info and ask if you can leave. Never try to explain yourself. Honesty can be twisted into an admission of guilt. Even an "I'm sorry" can be used as an admission of fault. Screwed up, I agree, but you've been warned.

550 days ago

pattycakes not to be confused with pattycake    

I don't know much, but why would there be necessity to be read Miranda if you had just been in an accident? She wasn't arrested right? God I don't know anything about law but this is very silly sounding. The only way they would do that is if she was arrested at the scene

550 days ago


What a dorkasaurus....where in the blue hell did he get his lawyer's license? Poor Lilo...Crack is wack!

550 days ago

Suzy Q     

Sorry if this has already been posted, but it's hilarious. It's so ridiculous, it's in the Times!

Lindsay Lohan to Guest Star on ‘Anger Management’ With Charlie Sheen

In the surest sign that peace, calm and normalcy had been restored to Hollywood after a raucous Academy Awards ceremony, it was announced on Monday morning that Lindsay Lohan would appear in a coming episode of “Anger Management,” the FX sitcom starring Charlie Sheen.

Lionsgate, the studio that produces “Anger Management,” said in a news release that Ms. Lohan would play herself in an episode scheduled to be shown in April, in which she “develops a romantic relationship with Sheen’s character after becoming his therapy patient.”

Ms. Lohan, whose career has seen some bumps of late — the chilly reception to her Lifetime movie, “Liz & Dick”; an instantly notorious account of her various shena****ns on the set of “The Canyons” — seems to have found a kindred spirit in Mr. Sheen.

Mr. Sheen, whose own misdeeds could not possibly be chronicled in this short space, has recently worked with Ms. Lohan in the comedy “Scary Movie 5.” He also said that he had given Ms. Lohan $100,000 out of his own payment for the film, so that their salaries would be more equal. TMZ reported that Ms. Lohan later sent Mr. Sheen a bouquet in thanks for his generosity.


550 days ago


Ha, DWTS would rather take Andy Dick over Dina Lohan.

550 days ago


The Award for Most Amnesia goes to ...

550 days ago


Wow they are just pulling at straws now haha! Maybe finally Lindsay is going down. We shall see.

550 days ago


Could be a BIG morning for DUIna tomorrow!!!

Dancing with the Stars brand-new cast of celebrities and their professional partners will be revealed live, TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 26 exclusively during “Good Morning America” (7:00-9:00 a.m., ET)

550 days ago


Morning all, Man, I can't keep up with your legal system over there. Anyhow not to worry, I shall keep enjoying your take on it all. Now what is this I see that Blo is going to appear on Chuck's show???

550 days ago


How is this lawyer calling this crap a Bill of Particulars-I am not a lawyer but I work in the field and a Bill of Particulars is used by the prosecution not the defense. If this guy hadn't been disbarred I would not believe he was even a lawyer.

550 days ago


Blohan would need ANOTHER lawyer to make the 'ineffective counsel' argument and they're not exactly lining up at the soon to be foreclosed Merrick 'mansion' door. With ZERO money to pay, only Heller will rep her for tv face time and hand jobs in lieu of actual moolah.

550 days ago

Its Nikki Bitches    

The Bank of Charlie Sheen appears to be open for business again.

After gifting Lindsay Lohan with $100,000 to help pay off her massive $233,000 tax debt last fall and offering to “go halfsies” with her on a glitzy Fashion Week gown (which she later borrowed and then reportedly destroyed), the actor is once again depositing money into her account – but this time, at least she’s working for it!

On Monday, the same day it was reported that Lohan now also owes $56,717.90 to cover her 2011 taxes, reported that the actress would appear on Sheen’s FX comedy, “Anger Management,” for one episode airing in April.

550 days ago

Its Nikki Bitches    

@ Flea, I agree that Heller is going to piss the judge off.

550 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

For those of you that missed it last night, SAM the douche bag forgot to keep all of his lies straight and gave up the fact that he is a old, creepy dude. Here's my comment:
SAM Wheezed out of his creaky old lungs:
Huh, didn't realize Marvin Hamlisch passed away. Gonna miss Borgnine and Klugman too. When did everyone get so old, when did i get so old? I don't feel it until theses sorts of people i've known so long start passing away more and more often...
Sorry Sam, but you gave away your secret - you've been mocking people for being "bitter old gals" when you're the equivalent of the Mother on Golden Girls. You probably heard all about it, but with your Alzheimers, you just forgot about them dying.
And you prolly thought that Maude was hot as hell.
Then he tried to cover his sorry azz, but just dug himself in deeper and deeper. So there you have it, SAM is a bitter old person who no doubt has all kinds of problems dealing with people in real life.

550 days ago


"I'd say it's a fair assumption that almost all defendants facing jail have "work commitments lined up", too."

I agree and whether or not she has 'work' lined up, it won't deter the judge in the slightest from imposing their sentence. The court could give a sh!t if she has a CAMEO lined up or not. Blohan tried pulling that one before and it did NOT work. Remember back in May of 2010 when she finally decided to get her ass back to the US and decided to grace the court with her presence after thinking partying in Cannes was more agreeable to her than facing her court date for her first VOP? When Revel set her court date for July 6th, (The BEST day ever!) Revel slapped on a SCRAM and ordered random drug testing, Blohan LIED (quell surprise) and said she had to be in TX for reshoots (there was NEVER any movie) and Holley tried to argue that it would interfere with filming. Revel stood her ground and basically said 'TOO FVCKIN BAD'. Gawd I LOVE Revel . . .

550 days ago
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