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Lindsay Lohan

The Cops Were

Really Mean!

2/25/2013 4:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan asked for a lawyer when she was interviewed by cops after her June car crash ... but they told her no and then grilled her like a cheeseburger ... this according to documents filed by her new lawyer.

As we first reported, Lindsay's new mouthpiece, Mark Heller, wants to have the case thrown out on grounds she was not Mirandized. But here's the problem.  Law enforcement sources tell us ... Lindsay's entertainment lawyer was present the entire interview. 

And remember the video of Shawn Holley running up to the hospital where Lindsay was being questioned?  Shawn was about 2 minutes 2 late.

Heller says in his docs cops told Lindsay she was not free to leave and if she refused to answer their questions "it would be worse for her."  Heller says Lindsay was also suspected of DUI ... he says they gave her the One-Leg Stand Test at the hospital and she passed!

BTW ... our law enforcement sources tell us Lindsay lied from the get-go ... telling paramedics she was not driving at the time of the crash.


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WTF is THIS suppose to mean?

"According to the rambling and long winded motion that Heller submitted, a continuance needed to be granted because, “Lindsay Lohan has made a commitment to herself to elevate her life and participate in activities which will advance her desire to lead a model life…”
“And place this case on a slow track so that Lindsay Lohan, during the pendency of this case, can demonstrate her worthiness for compassion and mercy by using her present and future actions to set a glorious example of how a collaborative, constructive and creative case strategy formulated by the Defense counsel, the Prosecutors, and the Judicial System all working together can benefit and elevate a Defendant and Society, as outlined in my February 4, 2013 letter.”

551 days ago

pattycakes not to be confused with pattycake    

By the looks of the actresses picking up Oscars last night it seems like the LIELOW style is out of style. Flying under the radar seems to be the status quot.Sobriety also seems to be the status quo. And the only parental involvement was the various "mominees ". She is surely a cautionary tale for Q's mom.The flavor of Hollywood is newer and fresher. It's really quite sad that her last business there was criminal court and the next business is more of the same. She's become obsolete and stygma-attached at the same time. Even if they don't fully blackball her, she's stale like day old bread. I'm sorry I just had. To say all that stuff! It's the truth and i'm sure it hurts.

551 days ago


The Following is on gotta get watching good night everybody.

551 days ago

Suzy Q     

Here's a short clip of Lindsay's "fashion show" back in 2009. The end is the funniest. No one is clapping. Well, there are a few polite people but OMG! No one liked her designs and she doesn't even seem to notice she bombed. hahaha

I guess that's why she stuck to the leggings (and the leggings stick to her)

551 days ago


The day after Celebrityland's big night, here's Lindz in the news whining about her treatment during her umpteenth bust. She must wonder WTF happened to my career. Celebrity net worth values her empire at $10,000. Wonder how the lawyer plans on getting paid?

551 days ago


lets review this
lilo asked for a lawyer, the cops refused.
cops told her it would be worse for her if she didn't answer questions.
cops said she wasn't free to leave.
cops didn't read her her rights.

this whole thing should have stopped the second she asked for her lawyer and she didn't have an entertainment lawyer with her, that was steve honig her pr rep at the time, there is a video of them leaving the hospital together. what paramedics are you talkin about tmz, you reported lilo was driven to the hospital by the limo driver, not an ambulance.

tmz are tryin to claw somethin back from the bullcrap they told us in the past, they said lilo was drivin but she told cops the truck driver cut her off, tmz also said lilo reported her brakes failed, LMAO tmz you sure do post a lot of bullcrap about lilo

551 days ago


Shawn Chapman Holley @shawncholley

@lindsaylohan @dinalohan PLEASE stop and desist calling, texting, DMing, Tweeting, faxing and emailing me!!!!!!

551 days ago

Suzy Q     

Ok, you Heller bashers. Consider this.

He's not "MyCousinVinnie Heller"

He's "Columbo Heller".

551 days ago


Just wait until Friday when the new judge is 'revealed' and My Cousin Heller starts in with his 'puffery'

GREAT times for the H8turds . . .

551 days ago


Ha,ha......Blo is now alleging "coercion by the Santa Monica Police Department law enforcement personel", and that, "the officer was acting unlawfully."

She wants to play hardball, eh?

551 days ago


Not talking about this wreck but, didn't the lying POS SLAG try to say that someone else was driving in another wreck she was involved in?

551 days ago


They were mean to me!
Probably because Lindsay was an ******* to them,
giving the "I'm Lindsay Lohan and don't reconize your petty ass authority over me because I'm famous in my own mind!" speech.
She called her decorator to come to the hospital and I wonder if she called her first before Shawn

551 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

From an article about Anger Managements plummeting ratings and the fact that Lohan will be guesting on an episode:
Sheen did a massive favor for Lindsay last year in giving her a big portion of his “Scary Movie 5″ check in order to pay off some of her tax problems, even though there were reports from set that she was disinterested in having to kiss Charlie. So how is she going to do so here? Maybe Sheen and the show’s writers will orchestrate a way around it, or they will try something else out to simulate romance between the two.
My guess is that Sheen will do the entire show with his pants around his ankles, and Lohan will do the entire show kneeling in front of him and speaking all her lines like her mouth is full of . . . well, let's just say full.

551 days ago


So what is the deal for Friday? Does Bitcho have to attend?

551 days ago

pattycakes not to be confused with pattycake    

Susy and Nikki : I just went through several utube videos after both of you posted specific ones. Quite enlightening about BlowHand Mentality. In Ungaro she had black nail polish and it was coming off. She kept sticking her fingers in her mouth. She looked greasy. The other one was dark with her and Sam but you could definitely hear Sam was FINIDHED while she was referring to herself as still being her g/f. It was sad. I can remember being young and pretty and drunk and dramatic!

551 days ago
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