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Lindsay Lohan

The Cops Were

Really Mean!

2/25/2013 4:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan asked for a lawyer when she was interviewed by cops after her June car crash ... but they told her no and then grilled her like a cheeseburger ... this according to documents filed by her new lawyer.

As we first reported, Lindsay's new mouthpiece, Mark Heller, wants to have the case thrown out on grounds she was not Mirandized. But here's the problem.  Law enforcement sources tell us ... Lindsay's entertainment lawyer was present the entire interview. 

And remember the video of Shawn Holley running up to the hospital where Lindsay was being questioned?  Shawn was about 2 minutes 2 late.

Heller says in his docs cops told Lindsay she was not free to leave and if she refused to answer their questions "it would be worse for her."  Heller says Lindsay was also suspected of DUI ... he says they gave her the One-Leg Stand Test at the hospital and she passed!

BTW ... our law enforcement sources tell us Lindsay lied from the get-go ... telling paramedics she was not driving at the time of the crash.


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Hot Farts    

"the cops were mean to me" bitch u dont know mean...I'll give ya something to cry about!

574 days ago


I think that Heller is about as good as a Lawyer as Lindsay is an actress. I just cant get over the fact that he felt she should have been read her Miranda rights. I mean since when do cops read the miranda rights to pepole when asking a simple question? Its not like Lindsay was suspect to a crime then they just wanted to know who was driving for accident report purposes. A crime didnt happen until Lindsay lied to them.

574 days ago


I am pissed at Charlie Sheen for his obsession now with Lohan. I mean first the money now letting her come on his show? Why? I guess that is what decades of crack smoking does to a person.

574 days ago

Wow ...    

WOW! I'm reading the motion posted at Eonline, I almost feel bad for the girl. This lawyer of hers is going to upset the new judge from the start. Leaving a bad taste every time Lindsay has to appear before said judge. And if an attorney uses there instead of their, well, I'm certain his legal arguments are just as bad.

574 days ago


Hey Madisyn: You mentioned you are having issues with the reality of The Following. I have the same problem. First off Bacon s the worst FBI agent ever. I mean last week how he stood infront of that door that was wide open, didnt he think that someone could creep up from behind which they did. Also it seems like everyone and their uncle is in this cult and now they are going to transfer the serial killer guy to a new prison while they know there is a crazy cult out there that even has memebrs of law enforcement in it? But I guess thats TV for ya.

574 days ago


That's his defense? LMAO! I guess he decided not to go with the Narcissitic Personality Disorder and rehab plan. They really think she's going to get off on a technicality, don't they? Dumb and Dumber version 2.0!

574 days ago


If only she would have been in trouble in any other state besides CA she would already be in jail. Hey Lindsay might I suggest you stay away from any conservative State ( TX as enxample). On the other hand maybe a southern trip is just what you need. Make sure to drink and drive thru GA!

574 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

Three new stories today, and I missed them all. My husband is so MEAN TO ME! He wouldn't let me have my computer. Wahhhhhhh

574 days ago


I totally agree with Maddy!
"WTF is THIS suppose to mean?"
Hasn't she had since oh, 2005 or 06 to clean her act up and prove to the courts that she wants to change?

574 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

Now I am all excited for March 1, when the judge gets to shoot down Heller and prolly tell him AGAIN that this is a misdemeanor charge and that he has plenty of time to prepare.

Lindsay may end up in the electric chair (twice) after Heller is through messing up her life.

574 days ago


"@ MADDY - You are a h8turd, therefore it means whatever you want it to mean. Like a Rochard test!

We're you attempting to say rorschach test?

574 days ago

Mr Rod    

She should have dropped to her knees to appease them!

574 days ago


Assuming the Slug goes to the Can after the 18th, Is Charlie going to hire one of those porn chicks to fill Blo's spot on his show? When does filming start for the Clamyons part, deux?

574 days ago


Off topic
<======== This is the quilt I've been working on for the last month or 2 for Left Brain's birthday.
Shhhhhh! Don't tell him.....LMAO!

574 days ago

Hot Farts    

In Berkemer v. McCartney which Heller cites in his Points and Authorities here is what I found on the Court's Opinion:

Custody means formal arrest or the deprivation of freedom to an extent associated with formal arrest

Routine questioning of motorists detained pursuant to traffic stops is not custodial interrogation under Miranda.

A police officer can stop a vehicle if he has a reasonable articulable reason to suspect that “criminal activity is occurring.” [20]
The officer may detain for sufficient time to conduct a reasonable investigation that either confirms or dispels his suspicions
The officer is not required to arrest the suspect once the officer has PC. The officer may delay the arrest for purposes of conducting a non-custodial interrogation.
Officer may interrogate the suspect without advising him of his Miranda rights
The officer may ignore suspect's attempts to exercise her Miranda rights because the rights have not attached.
For example, if a person who is being detained on suspicions of impaired driving asks to contact a lawyer the officer may ignore the statement and continue to question the suspect.

574 days ago
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