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Michelle Obama

WAS First to Open Oscar Envelope ... Says Academy

2/25/2013 3:26 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

This is pretty shocking ... a rep for the Academy tells TMZ, Michelle Obama was in fact the ONLY person in the White House to view the contents of the Best Picture Oscar envelope last night.

TMZ broke the story ... it's practically inconceivable that any package -- even a high-profile Oscar envelope -- would reach the First Lady without being thoroughly vetted first.

But a rep for the Academy tells us, "First Lady Michelle Obama was the first and only person to open the Best Picture envelope. PwC [PricewaterhouseCoopers] accountants are the only individuals who have knowledge of the results prior to their live reveal on the Oscars."

As we reported, TMZ spoke to the Secret Service this morning ... and they said, "We're not gonna comment on that."

We're not sure if we're relieved or terrified.


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So f'ing what.

543 days ago


TMZ, why are you recycling old stories? What does it matter? Get off your butts and get some new true celeb gossip!!

543 days ago


How much did we have to pay for the bitch to be there. Between her and the HNIC, They cost of millions and millinos each week just for all the trips that they would not take if they had to pay for it..

543 days ago


im waiting for her,the kids and barak to make a harlem shake vid in the oval office.

543 days ago


if there is a camera rolling the obamas are there.should have been his campaign slogan

543 days ago


i think your making a big deal out of nothing

543 days ago


Who cares what this ugly broad does...she is gross looking......looks like her moustaxhe is coming in!

543 days ago


They don't have to necessarily open it. There are high tech gadgets and simple x-rays that would relieve any concern.

543 days ago


And we tax payers paid for that god awful dress for the fool to wear once!

543 days ago


Wah Wah Wah!! A bunch of cry babies on this site. You are all angry that your guy didn't win the Presidency, so all you do is bash Obama and his wife and kids. If you are upset with the election process in this country, then tough it out for the next four years and try again. Pretty sure most of you will be much happier with a white President again.

543 days ago


There goes the fvcking Obama's getting involved in Hollywood when they should be paying more attention to the matters of this country. She is not, I repeat not, a celebrity. In fact, if she had not been married to a man that got his position based on race, she would be a nobody in Hollywood or anywhere else.

543 days ago


She's just reciprocating the ass kissing Hollywood does for the Obamas

543 days ago


Yawn ! Next !

543 days ago


These have to be some of the most ignorant comments I have EVER read if you going to BITCH about tax payer money being wasted then you should be BITCHING about paying CONGRESS for sitting on their asses! If you were paying attention in 5th grade government and economics you would know that NOTHING in this country without the approval of the SENATE AND CONGRESS! So the next time you want to go on a dumb ass rant about WHO is ruining this country go take some refresher courses! Ugh! And do you know it's people like you that make this country a ****ing joke..By disrespecting the PRESIDENT you belittle our county and make all of us look like ungrateful jackasses! And before you start hollering "oh you must have voted for him" WRONG!

543 days ago


Inappropriate for her to be there at all and to let HER present best pic? Wow, that stole the spotlight from Argo a bit. I used to like her and now I wish she would just go away.

543 days ago
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