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Best Picture Oscar

First Lady

NOT First to Know

2/25/2013 8:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


It's a good bet Michelle Obama was not the first person to open the envelope for Best Picture ... and she may not have been the second, third or fourth. 

It is inconceivable an envelope from the outside world could end up in the White House, in the First Lady's hands, without a thorough, inside-and-out inspection. 

The upshot ... Michelle may be First Lady, but she wasn't first to know "Argo" took home the big prize.

We did some digging to find out exactly who handled the goods. The First Lady's press office said they'd call around to find out the answer and get back to us, but so far that hasn't happened.

As for the Secret Service ... an official said this to TMZ, "We're not gonna comment on that."  We're guessing they weren't rooting for "Lincoln."


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That family LOVES illegals and actors... just can't stay away from their base supporters...

575 days ago


Who cares if she was first or fifty first??

575 days ago


Its real upsetting to read so much hate! #cantwaittilJesuscomesback

575 days ago


Wow..this woman and her husband are thinking they are celebrities. I turned the channel when she came on screen. How much did that cost us? Lets face it there should be a separation of Hollywood & government.

575 days ago


What is patrick ewing doing in a dress and holding that envelope?

575 days ago


I voted for Obama because Romney was an even worse choice but having Michelle Obama showing off her new wig, then on Jimmy Fallon doing the dougie and now presenting an Oscar while unemployment is at 9% and the country is in dire straights, it is in poor taste. People are struggling just to eat and are loosing their homes and savings and the future is bleak and she is carrying on like there are no cares in the world. Almost a let them eat cake moment.

575 days ago


Well,....atleast we got through 3/4's of the show without any in your face political BS. You have so much relevant and hard earned talent who was deserving of handing out the best picture award, but instead, yet the top honor is just handed to the fame whores in the White House to yet again insert themselves in every aspect of day to day life of the American people. Disgusting and shameful. Simply put, the Obama's are low class and the best con artists on the planet. Your cry baby tactics for public plea to get what you want just so you can further destroy our country are stale, shallow and fall on deaf ears.

575 days ago


why do the Obamas attend this event...

575 days ago


im about sick of every time one of these award shows they always end up having to show her or her husband.its ****ing sickening really. cant wait till these 4 years are up and we get these hollywood wannabes out of the white house.

575 days ago


dont blame me.i didnt vote for her husband

575 days ago


Can someone give her a tree and a banana?

575 days ago


So Mooshell presents the best picture Oscar and the taxpayers have to pay for the dress, the makeup, the earrings, etc. Hollywood needs to keep politics out of films. Films are supposed to be entertaining. If they want a political film, do a do***entary and expose the present administration for the false Americans they are.

575 days ago


Ughh...getting so frustrated with tmz articles. Does ur last paragraph even make sense? Not rooting for Lincoln? Thee most celebrated president...why ? Because he was great? Because he was murdered?

575 days ago


Cali323. I'm disgusted by your comment. You should be ashamed of yourself, but you probably aren't intelligent enough to figure that out. That is the most classless thing ever seen on TMZ. AND THAT'S SAYING ALOT. go back to the slime filled pit u slithered out of and stay there.

575 days ago

Carole Gilman    

She had NO business having this honor. It is a shame the Obamas continue to use Hollywood. Just another collusion with their big rich friends, in-the-pocket donors/fundraisers. Notice the line up behind her, just as campaign-in-chief continues to do.

575 days ago
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