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Best Picture Oscar

First Lady

NOT First to Know

2/25/2013 8:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


It's a good bet Michelle Obama was not the first person to open the envelope for Best Picture ... and she may not have been the second, third or fourth. 

It is inconceivable an envelope from the outside world could end up in the White House, in the First Lady's hands, without a thorough, inside-and-out inspection. 

The upshot ... Michelle may be First Lady, but she wasn't first to know "Argo" took home the big prize.

We did some digging to find out exactly who handled the goods. The First Lady's press office said they'd call around to find out the answer and get back to us, but so far that hasn't happened.

As for the Secret Service ... an official said this to TMZ, "We're not gonna comment on that."  We're guessing they weren't rooting for "Lincoln."


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How much attention does she need? I could not
believe they did this. The money taxpayers put
out for her to infringe on the Oscars would house
many families.
I think this is beyond distasteful.

574 days ago


Someone got hit with the ugly stick!

574 days ago


What on earth?? Ok- I thought having her give the award was stupid. However, comparing her to a monkey is not only racist, but even MORE stupid. And comparing the Obamas to the nazis for having a media presence is even MORE stupid. The White House strategy has been to try to appeal to the people, which makes sense when it has a congress that thinks compromise means 'do everything we want and nothing you want' even if what you want is what we wanted 10 minutes ago. People have called them a disgrace to the presidency. The attitude displayed here is a disgrace to the presidency, decency and intelligence. Oh, and by the way- Obama is an ineffectual and week president who is too eager to sacrifice principle for the illusion of bipartisanship and doesn't have a clear agenda. That said, Obama is no more a monkey or a Nazi than Bush.

574 days ago


That's ok, the American people have been the last to know for the last 4 years now.

574 days ago


They should have moved to California instead of D.C.

574 days ago


Oh God, a big sign the Obamas are moving here to LA in 2017, stay away from Brentwood, Beverly Hills and bel aire you wannabes!!!!!!!!

574 days ago


Wow. I'm so saddened to read these comments. This is the wife of the man that leads our country. I had to have George W as a leader. George W an his 6 week vacation while the country was in a spiral. We are supposed to stand united even with our differences. You think this was a waste of our tax dollars and apparently many of you are threatened by the color of the obamas skin color. When was the last time any of you had a six week on the taxpayer dime at that? The oscars are an American what she participated. These negative comments seem to echo just out and out frightened racism.....don't be skuured. The enlightened and compassionate won't skewer you although it seems deserved

574 days ago


she is a attention grabbing ho. she has no business being there. she is the first lady for cripes sakes, and we bought the dress on her back. i voted for Obama and i am disgusted with them . i am sorry America.

574 days ago


What's your point TMZ? SMH

574 days ago


Do I have to be subjected to these A holes every day of my life. WTF was she doing at the Ocars. Umbeliveable. Enough already.

574 days ago


Yeah..we all thought, "Bush is the worst president ever!" Then, we got Barack.

574 days ago


photo shop much nice black outline around moochell

574 days ago


What's with the chaperones behind her, they look like they were marching a band orchestrating a red carpet thingy for her, also double as caterers after her announcements?? She does know a thing about acting doesn't she

574 days ago


Michelle Obama was not the first person to open the envelope for Best Picture

574 days ago


I really didn't understand why Michelle Obama was part of the oscars. So unnecessary

574 days ago
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