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Carrie Fisher


After Bipolar Episode on Caribbean Cruise Ship

2/26/2013 10:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Carrie Fisher
was hospitalized following a bizarre performance on board a Caribbean cruise ship last week -- and her rep tells TMZ, it was all caused by the actress' bipolar disorder.

Video footage surfaced of the performance -- which took place last week on board the Holland America Eurodam in the Caribbean -- showing Carrie slurring a couple off-key songs. Her dog even POOPS AND PEES on the stage while she's singing. It's pretty nuts.

There were reports Carrie -- who was featured on the cruise as a "surprise" celebrity guest -- was wasted at the time of the show ... but her rep says the on-stage breakdown was caused by Fisher's bipolar disorder.

The rep says, "There was a medical incident related to Carrie Fisher’s bipolar disorder.  She went to the hospital briefly to adjust her medication and is feeling much better now."

Carrie -- a recovering drug addict -- has publicly discussed her bipolar disorder in the past. The rep says it's unclear if Carrie will return to perform on the cruise ship again.


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I can assure you she was not drunk or under the influence. She is an amazing woman with an illness she is trying to manage. Keeping her in my prayers. I'm so going on a diet. The camera adds more than 10lbs - damn

602 days ago

BB not bb    

She is not bipolar, she is homopolar. She was with a bunch of gay men laughing at her and being rude while she tried to sing. She has serious insecurity issues. That is all. This is not a mental breakdown cause some ***s think that she is a joke. That probably did hurt her feelings though.

She maybe went into her cabin and started crying and then her people said she had an episode and sent her back to the hospital for an adjustment. Nice how innocent people get to be the victims of gay pride.

I was really shocked that just random people on a cruise would be so rude to her. Then when I heard it was all gay men, I see where they had the nerve. Their openess is no benefit to society. They have no respect for women.

I am sick and tired of hearing about their rights. What about the rights of innocent normal people who are just tyring to funciton in society? They get walked all over by these queens. It is bad enough dealing with spiteful women, but spiteful she-males are straight out of hell.

602 days ago


She's an amazing writer and woman - admire her tremendously - crushing on her for years.

602 days ago


I'm beginning to think that the sexiest women on the planet ?

Are the kind that Carrie embodies -


602 days ago


Sorry to hear this. I would not watch the video. She is one great lady. Wishing her peace & good health.

602 days ago


Love the Frenchie!!!!

602 days ago

BB not bb    

You know these gay chartered cruises must be like the SS Sodom and Gomorrah. I heard one that was parked off of the Dominican Republic had men arrested by the people on land for fooling around on deck. They just have no self control whatsoever.

She must have been a nervous wreck and worn out being trapped on a boat with them, then having to sing for them while they laughed at her. She looked like she wasn't even relating to the scene there any more. It must have been overwhelming.

I think she tries to hard to please others and it wears her out. There comes a point where you have to say you just don't care any more, and do what is right for yourself.

I am sick of other people's bad behavior being called the mental illness of their victims. This is the worst sort of bullying. She is too innocent to even get mad at these freaks who mocked her.

Now she is off to derrange her mind even more with a medication adjustment. Maybe these homos need a morality adjustment.

602 days ago


Sick of gays and their rights. Everything in a conversation with a gay per Ssd on is about them being gay. They are boring, mean self centered. Heterosexuals need to start talking about their rights and how their lived are all about being get.

602 days ago

Tammy LM    

These canned ham responses from publicists never cease to amaze me. LOL I swear, why don't they just save themselves the embarrassment and the insult to our human intellegence and say, "No Comment" at times like these? Instead of making up a retarded lie that everyone knows damn well is bull&^$.
The b8^%h was drunk. Ok, she was drunk and loaded. It's painfully obvious. You don't slur your words and act like that as a result of being bi-polar, or having a "bi-polar episode". I'm bi-polar and you don't do that. It's an insult to even hear some moron with an embarrassing has-been of a client who's now become a trainwreck trying to explain away all the reasons they need to be working for somebody else. Being bi-polar means you have chaotic emotional issues. You basically run hot and cold. You taz out at things, you get depressed and emotional at things, your brain chemicals are at times easily knocked out of wack. It's a chemical disorder in the brain and it basically causes you to have severe and unsevere MOOD SWINGS. Men sometimes refer to being bi-polar as PMS'ing, or Menapause. It's not. I also have a relative who is a alcoholic, and believe me, that's what Carrie Fisher is. You can see it in her face, her demeanor, and her walk. Her early aging suddenly. The slurred speech she's been doing for a while now, which more closely looks like a past stroke of some kind. My uncle did the same thing. Her mouth is literally folding in on itself and drawing up. She's a walking AA meeting just waiting to happen. I get so sick of publicist Bull^%$, when it comes to trying to keep their client's noses clean. From lawyers to publicists. It's insulting. Lindsay Lohan, Mel Gibson, Chris Brown, all of these jerks. They go out and make an ass out of themselves then get this paid idiot to cover for them and it's just pointless. It really is. Nobody's buying it so do yourself and your client a favor and just admit defeat and say, No Comment.

601 days ago


JW if any of you know that adjusting bipolar medicines actually does this to you. Some doses are so strong that you feel drink, lightheaded, slur your speech, and dizzy, disoriented etc... Some can be so low they irritate you and make you feel agitated. Usually they are too strong and you're the first one for a few days getting it in your system, generally tho they advise you this could happen so either it was unexpected or she went against dr. Orders or she drank while on the medicines which is extra dangerous and alcohol affects you stronger and differently. I kno. Im bipolar

601 days ago

Slim Whitman    

Looked like she was having a good time being silly. If that's called Bi-Polar than we all got it. No wonder the drug companies are making a fortune off us. P.T. Barnum said it best ..... "There's a SUCKER born every minute" and in our case it looks like almost everyone born has been made one.

601 days ago


a cruise is a bad idea for someone with her issues. who would want to anyway/ trapped with a bunch of drunks and strangers. including staff. no thanks.

601 days ago

Rene Salvador    

Get well soon, Princess Lea, and Doris Day daughter

601 days ago


seems fine to me. I enjoyed it.

601 days ago


She seemed fine to me. I enjoyed the clip.
Whatever TMZ is being mean about, unfairly, TMZ needs to grow up.

601 days ago
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