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Chris Brown

Brutalizing Rihanna Is

My 'Deepest Regret'

2/26/2013 3:04 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
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Chris Brown
is calling the infamous Rihanna beating in 2009 the "deepest regret of my life, the biggest mistake."

Brown told the UK Mirror, "Sometimes you row, you fight, with the one you love and things get said, stuff spirals."

He added, "But she loves me -- what can I say? I’m forgiven ... but, yes, I worked hard for it.”

You'll recall, Brown infamously brutalized Rihanna on the night of the Grammys back in 2009. He pled "guilty" to felony assault following the incident and was sentenced to probation and community service. He and Rihanna are now officially back together.

As for Seth MacFarlane's CB/Rihanna jab during the Oscars -- Brown said, "People attack me and criticise me, it happens all the time ... But they don’t know me, and they don’t know us. It doesn’t bother me any more ... Other people can judge us but they don’t know anything."

So we gotta ask ...


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We weren't there and have no idea what caused someone to become a person they arent. Rihanna knows wha t happened. What lead up to that ugly situation abd so does Chris. I believe him and at the end of the day we all answer to God and no one else. And all need to move on already and find some positive stuff to talk about instead of trying to fuel more bullying! People time to resume your own lives!

568 days ago


I do hope he has changed

568 days ago


I could not no matter what be with someone who beat me up. He beat the crap out of her face. What man does that. He didn't just slap he went all out on her face. Only a seriously tempered person would do such a thing . I don't understand how she can ever get passed that.

568 days ago


I'm glad he finally owned up to his actions that's the first step in the recovery process. She's forgave him so who are we to judge their love for one another?

568 days ago


He needs extensive long term counseling for the severity of his anger issues. The only positive thing? "It doesn't bother me anymore." But it will be years of ace behavior before I believe him.

567 days ago


Chris Brown has the ugliest slut since E.T.

567 days ago

BB not bb    

I think that Rihanna is stubborn and is trying to prove that he didn't reject her the way he did. He not only was cheating on her, but he nearly beat her to death. Now because he is under public scrutiny and she is showering him with her love, he is like, what can I say, she loves me so I am sorry.

It is like she is a beaten dog who is crawling back to her master for love and attention. Does that mean she won't get hurt again? I think the thrill of winning Chris Brown back will wear off at some point. I think he seems like a creep and she seems like a nice person, and I don't see how they are compatable.

He is not some poor abused child. He comes from a middle class family in VA and his mother bends over backwards to protect him. He is a selfish and arrogant person. Is she going to straighten all that out too, or is she cool with that?

567 days ago

Spicy mag    

Round two coming soon.

567 days ago


Awh gee Chris, sure, we forgive you - it's not like you murdered her or anything ... Yet.
Pffft. Give it up ya thug - we're done with punks like you and your girl.

567 days ago


Chris Brown ****ed up and he has major anger issues. However the holier than thou people in this post are getting under my skin. It's not our place to forgive Chris for beating up Rihanna. He has to answer to whatever God he believes in. At the end of the day your hate and judgement won't stop him or Rihanna from being together. Time will tell what will happen with the two of them. And if another DV arises then its their mess to deal with you shouldn't be getting so worked up about a situation that really has no effect on your day to life

567 days ago


He friggin BIT her. That stuff doesn't just happen, no matter how angry you get. Not after the age of three, anyway. He's pathetic.

567 days ago


He's a punk!!

567 days ago


If Rihanna (the woman that hit beat) can forgive him then who am I not to. I think it's more than a mistake he did but time has proven to Rihanna that he has changed. I hope he continues his growth and never repeat those actions. Btw it has to be hard that after all this he tries To keep it together. I'm sure people judge him Where ever he goes. I would have been depressed for sure

567 days ago


I don't agree with domestic violence but who is to say that Rihanna did not start the fight that still does not give Chris Brown the reason to it hits but on the other hand who's to say she didn't hit first and it got out of control

567 days ago


Omg get over it people. Half of you are either racist, *******s, jerkoffs & what not. Let them be. You really think they care that half of you don't approve? They're happy Good for them.

567 days ago
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