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Lindsay Lohan

Outrageous Letter to Prosecutor

'We Can Fix Her'

2/26/2013 12:11 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

In one of the most inappropriate moves in memory ... Lindsay Lohan's new lawyer tried to get the judge in her criminal case to read a letter in which he claims he and the prosecutor are working as a team to "fix" Lindsay.

TMZ broke the story ... attorney Mark Heller attached a letter he wrote to the Santa Monica and L.A. City Attorneys to legal docs he filed with the court.  Sources connected with the prosecution tell us the letter pissed the judge off because it looks like an attempt to improperly influence the court.

In the letter, Heller writes to prosecutors Terry White and Spencer Hart ... "... we, as a team, [can] help 'fix' Lindsay Lohan." 

Heller goes on to blame Lindsay's troubles on her dysfunctional family, claiming you can't judge her "without considering the pain, torment and confusion which Lindsay has experienced and has been afflicted with."  

Heller tries to steer the prosecutor -- and realistically the judge as well -- away from jail time, saying, "Lindsay will gladly be participating in intensive psychotherapy, submitting herself to regular screenings and contributing her time to the production of public service messages."   He also offers up Lindsay to speak at schools, hospitals and other venues "where she may provide inspirational talks."

And get this ... Heller says he's exploring the creation of a Lindsay Lohan foundation that will provide a non-profit program to benefit young people. 

Heller doesn't say how it will be funded.


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On March 18th we the American public who are fed up with Lindsay Lohan should partake in yet another Hands Across America. However this time we hold hands in hopes of Lindsay Lohan finally getting the amount of jail time she has earned after being a criminal nuisance for the past six years.

583 days ago


Just for RC who we all know loves his polls.
Do you think Lindsay Lohan would make a good mentor to young girls?
Yes, she probably has a lot of knowledge for them.
No, she is no role model.

583 days ago


lielo not only looks Like aileen wournos, but tries and blame a bad child hood and prostution for her crimes..

583 days ago


Well, that was certainly an odd combination of pathetic and repulsive. Half way through, I had to put on waders to get through the whole pile of shyte Heller the hobbit is throwing.

583 days ago


I give it 3 Months for any foundation the lohans create to be busted for fraud..just like the sullivans and MILO did to the vicims of 911 would be just another crime in someonesbelt she stole...and I am sure she would bring up letters from her spirit advisor and letters of How much she has changed...and about speaking at schools. I think enough kids Know how to drop out

583 days ago


Ha, ha…Heller is harassing the prosecution with letters and calls just like Blo harasses producers and directors to get bit parts.
A match made in heaven.

583 days ago

buzz kill    

You can't fix stupid.

583 days ago


Well, that was certainly an odd combination of pathetic and repulsive. Halfway through it, I had to put on waders to continue slogging through the shyte Heller the hobbit was throwing. Good thing (for Blohan) that it isn't a murder charge or the hobbit would get her hanged!!
The best deal would be for her to go to jail and him to be disbarred for being an obnoxious hustler. Ah, life is but a dream. Lindsay Lohan Foundation, my ass.

583 days ago


for payment Heller has to wear a turban why lindsay watches the porno version of Aladan while Lielo has to spit shine his inch worm

583 days ago


Oh please, she's crowning 30. Does she really think she can keep on blaming her loser parents? A lot of people had **itty parents growing up and rose above it. She's a self entitled little twit who deserves what's coming, if it ever does in her case.

583 days ago


Tosh . O "If you snort enough Blow,any lane is a passing lane""<-----that has to be lindsays thing

583 days ago


Thanks Jay for sharing another legal do***ent with us!

This letter was also sent t the court:

Lindsay Lohan has been supporting us the people of Brazil for many years. The people of Brazil is very thankfull for Ms. Lohans continued use of our nations nose candy. The people of Brazil beg the courts to continue to not put Lindsay in jails for her crimes because we need her to buy our nations nose candy.

- People of Brazil

583 days ago

Its Nikki Bitches    

I love this part, it scare Nicole so much

The last ditch efforts come as no surprise since the case isn't looking good for Lohan. Last week it was reported that Lohan's ex-assistant Gavin Doyle was served with a subpoena by the Los Angeles City Attorney's office earlier this month, and will have to testify in court. It was Doyle who reportedly told the cops that Lohan was driving when the car crashed, and since the two had a huge falling out in Novemeber, there is reason to believe Doyle's testimony will only hurt the actress's case.

583 days ago


I just can’t get over this letter! Mark Heller offers up Lindsay to speak at schools, hospitals and other venues "where she may provide inspirational talks ... to pursue positive goals and avoid bad habits."


What the (bleep) could Lindsay possibly have to say that would be ‘inspirational’ to anyone, let alone kids in school? It will end up being a three hour lecture on ‘avoiding bad habits’ that Lindsay has. In other words, a MASSIVE DON’T list:

Drink and drive;

Do drugs and drive;

Drink, do drugs and run people over while driving;

Drink and Drive (again) while on probation;

Drive while suspended;

Drink and make stupid offensive tweets;

Drink 2 litres of vodka per day;

Smoke 3 packs of cigarettes per day;

Party 6 night a week, especially when working;

Attempt to Transport Cocaine into Custody;

Violate your probation;

Forget or decide NOT to show up at Criminal court;

Forget or decide NOT to show up at Civil court;

Not complete your alcohol counseling;

Take drugs before doing a drug test;

Spill vodka on your alcohol monitoring ankle bracelet;

Write ‘FU’ on your fingernail and show it in court;

Punch the nurse at the Betty Ford Clinic;

Walk out of the store wearing a $2500 necklace;

Forget to have at least $40,000 cash on hand for bail;

Get caught being out partying and fail a blood alcohol test;

Fail to perform community service hours;

Hit a person in your car and drive away;

Punch women in bars;

Crash your car, hide the drugs and lie to police;

Wrongly accuse someone of assault;

Pull fire alarms in hotels late at night, while drunk;

Get caught on tape admitting your mom does cocaine;

Party with your mother;

Make out with your mother;

Tell family members, “You’re dead to me”;

Forget to pay your taxes;

Trash hotel rooms and movie trailers;

Sabotage Bravo reality shows;

Forget to pay your storage locker rent;

Not pay your house rent;

Forget to thank people who give you wads of cash;

Refuse to read horrible reviews of your ‘work’;

Stalk boy band members (all the way to the UK);

Ignore the sudden appearance of a half sister;

Ignore your new half brother;

Plug up toilets and blame other people;

Blame everything on other people;

Have sex with rich men for money;

Be a diva on the set of a movie;

Pose nude for Playboy magazine;

Be nude in a semi-porn movie;

Spend all your money on legal fees, drugs and booze;

Get black listed from most hotels in LA;

Borrow an expensive designer gown and cut it into a mini;

Fire your long-suffering A list attorney on a whim;

Obtain D list attorney Mark Heller as your new lawyer!

* This list is by no means exhaustive, it’s just the best I could do from memory, lol!

583 days ago


Is this attorney serious? Did he even pass a bar exam?

583 days ago
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