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Lindsay Lohan

Outrageous Letter to Prosecutor

'We Can Fix Her'

2/26/2013 12:11 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

In one of the most inappropriate moves in memory ... Lindsay Lohan's new lawyer tried to get the judge in her criminal case to read a letter in which he claims he and the prosecutor are working as a team to "fix" Lindsay.

TMZ broke the story ... attorney Mark Heller attached a letter he wrote to the Santa Monica and L.A. City Attorneys to legal docs he filed with the court.  Sources connected with the prosecution tell us the letter pissed the judge off because it looks like an attempt to improperly influence the court.

In the letter, Heller writes to prosecutors Terry White and Spencer Hart ... "... we, as a team, [can] help 'fix' Lindsay Lohan." 

Heller goes on to blame Lindsay's troubles on her dysfunctional family, claiming you can't judge her "without considering the pain, torment and confusion which Lindsay has experienced and has been afflicted with."  

Heller tries to steer the prosecutor -- and realistically the judge as well -- away from jail time, saying, "Lindsay will gladly be participating in intensive psychotherapy, submitting herself to regular screenings and contributing her time to the production of public service messages."   He also offers up Lindsay to speak at schools, hospitals and other venues "where she may provide inspirational talks."

And get this ... Heller says he's exploring the creation of a Lindsay Lohan foundation that will provide a non-profit program to benefit young people. 

Heller doesn't say how it will be funded.


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Wow ...    

OMG! You can not make this stuff up.

549 days ago


FIX THAT SKANKKKKKKKKKKKK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

549 days ago


I do hope that when her lawyer says he can "fix" Lindsay, it means sterilize her so that she can't breed.

549 days ago


Next on the agenda, Heller Skeller receives the medical files from the hospital and promptly has them forged to show that Smeghan is suffering from Blunt force trauma from hitting her head on the dashboard when crawling to the passenger side.

549 days ago


You can only blame your parents/environment for so long and then you need to take responsiblity for your own life. I know people who have had it a whole lot harder than Blohan and they are not drug addicts, alcoholics, thieft and liars.

549 days ago


You can't fix herpes.
This is ridiculous, they may as well just let her go now, we all know she won't really be punished and that this fixing her is bs. Unless this hack isn't SCH .... nah, she'll still get off. Cut out the middle and save some money.

549 days ago


Wow. Just wow. Empty out the prisons because its full of people that had bad parenting. That took a brass set of gonads to write that letter.

549 days ago


Las palabras no pueden expresar cómo me siento lol

549 days ago


He also offers up Lindsay to speak at schools, hospitals and other venues "where she may provide inspirational talks."

And get this ... Heller says he's exploring the creation of a Lindsay Lohan foundation that will provide a non-profit program to benefit young people.

This lawyer needs psychotherapy!

549 days ago


The last judge said this was it. So this should be it for her. Any more "celebrity justice" would be outrageous. She considers herself above the law and the rest of us, when in reality she's a petty thief, a convict, and a liar.

549 days ago

I'll Never Tell    

I am going to remember this approach in case I am ever facing criminal conviction. I apologize your Honor but I must respectfully decline your offer of jail time. I am countering with my offer to say "I'm sorry". I am also perfectly willing to do community service teaching surfing in Hawaii or skiing lessons in Colorado. I may be amenable to house arrest if I am allowed to serve my time on my friend's yacht in Italy. I will expect your response to my counteroffer with 48 hours.

549 days ago


So, after all this, Smeghan can now fire Heller Skeller on the grounds of incompetency and ask the court to give her time to find a REAL lawyer. How much you wanna make a bet this guy planned this exactly to happen this way? I just can't believe there is a guy this stupid on the planet earth, ameoba's have more brain cells.

549 days ago


Somewhere Shawn Holley is giggling her a$$ off

549 days ago


ella es un culo duffus. Esta chica tiene necesidad de Dios o de un culo ferina, elige tu opción.

549 days ago


YIKES IS RIGHT?? if Hohan speaks at rehabs watch out for multiple overdoses, she is no role is this fool thinking....speaking at schools, what on earth will she speak about "How to ruin your Career"..."Tips on stashing drugs" or how about "How to Get Arrested Three Months in a Row" or better yet "Advanced Blaming, Lying and Finger Pointing" or the best "Tips on Becoming the BEst W h o r e Ever!"...yeah Lindsay sure is "fixable"....she is the flattest, most wasted tire there would have better luck fixing a skid row prostitute crack head.

549 days ago
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