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Lindsay Lohan

Outrageous Letter to Prosecutor

'We Can Fix Her'

2/26/2013 12:11 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

In one of the most inappropriate moves in memory ... Lindsay Lohan's new lawyer tried to get the judge in her criminal case to read a letter in which he claims he and the prosecutor are working as a team to "fix" Lindsay.

TMZ broke the story ... attorney Mark Heller attached a letter he wrote to the Santa Monica and L.A. City Attorneys to legal docs he filed with the court.  Sources connected with the prosecution tell us the letter pissed the judge off because it looks like an attempt to improperly influence the court.

In the letter, Heller writes to prosecutors Terry White and Spencer Hart ... "... we, as a team, [can] help 'fix' Lindsay Lohan." 

Heller goes on to blame Lindsay's troubles on her dysfunctional family, claiming you can't judge her "without considering the pain, torment and confusion which Lindsay has experienced and has been afflicted with."  

Heller tries to steer the prosecutor -- and realistically the judge as well -- away from jail time, saying, "Lindsay will gladly be participating in intensive psychotherapy, submitting herself to regular screenings and contributing her time to the production of public service messages."   He also offers up Lindsay to speak at schools, hospitals and other venues "where she may provide inspirational talks."

And get this ... Heller says he's exploring the creation of a Lindsay Lohan foundation that will provide a non-profit program to benefit young people. 

Heller doesn't say how it will be funded.


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Lie down on the couch! What does that mean?

You're a nut! You're crazy in the coconut!

It's the opinion of the entire staff that Lindsay is criminally insane!

611 days ago

Jamey Hunter    

Pain, torment and confusion? Are you f'ing kidding me? This chick was handed everything in life and it was never enough. To this day she's still getting away with things a 'normal' person would be rotting away in prison for. DISGUSTING!

611 days ago


after reading that letter I cried real tears...(of

611 days ago


I want to see the letter he writes in six months when he wants the court to garnish her wages for non-payment of swrvices. I predict little Lohan will be in some big trouble here again's become a predictable pattern.

611 days ago


Lohan and numb nuts are doing all this on purpose in order to delay any going to jail. She knows she's going to do time and she's doing everything possible to avoid it.

They are trying to do stuff that seems so ludicrous that even the judge will toss out her lawyer for being so incompetent that he will issue yet another cintinuance thus giving her time to

A - Find another lawyer

B - Have the lawyer get up to speed.

If I was the judge, I would just take her out back and shoot her. Be done with it all.

611 days ago


Nothing will fix Lindsay, NOTHING! except maybe a strait jacket and a padded cell.

611 days ago


She has had since 2005 - 06 to get her sh*t together. How long will this "fix" take?
Can I put in my Christmas wish early?
I would like to see Drew & Scott Peterson, Susan Smith, Casey Anthony and Jodi Arias stuffed into a Ford Pinto with Lindsay & DUIna tied to the bumper with a long rope and driven off a cliff backwards…Too much?

611 days ago


I can't wait til they get to the part where they drag this lawyer out in a straight jacket.

611 days ago


Yes but...can you fix the people who are obsessed with seeing Lindsay fail?

611 days ago


can there be any more BS coming from her and her lawyer? OMG? team? non-profit? ya, it will be non-profit 'cause the grifter will be stealing all the funds for her profit. OMG!

PSA's? speaking in schools to children? i dont even have kids, but i would NEVER NEVER let my child attend anything to do with this sociopath.

611 days ago


She could be such a role model to our school children, and her vast fortune could be used to fund .... uhhh... nevermind.

611 days ago


She is so on her way to being "fixed" that the courts just fined her $1000 for refusing to sit for a deposition (according to ROL).

611 days ago

judy jetson    

The lawyer pissed off the judge. Good move. even the lawyer knows Lindsay is going to go to jail and he's not only dumb but desperate. Lindsay's luck has finally run out. Her cell is awaiting her appearance.

611 days ago


I do love watching her jump in head first .

611 days ago


Sorry, Heller Skeller, Technology hasn't advanced far enough to "FIX" Smeghan. Hell, every psychiatrist in North America has put up a sign in the window, "NO LINDSAY LOHANS ALLOWED!!!".

611 days ago
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