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Seth MacFarlane

I'll NEVER Host

the Oscars Again

2/26/2013 7:43 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
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Rest easy, prudes ... and Kardashian family ... 'cause "Family Guy" creator Seth MacFarlane says there's "no way" he'll return to the Academy Awards as a host.

MacFarlane's hosting performance has been the subject of some major media scrutiny ... by people who take the awards WAAYYY too seriously ... yet, ratings for the show were reportedly UP this year.

Still, when Seth was asked on Twitter if he would ever return as the host ... he tweeted back, "No way. Lotta fun to have done it, though."

Oh, and in case you forgot the joke he made about the K-Squad ... here's what he said while talking about Ben Affleck in "Argo":

"First time I saw him with all that dark facial hair, I thought 'My god, the Kardashians have finally made the jump to film.'"

C'mon ... that's funny stuff.



No Avatar


I only tuned in because he was hosting. Loved it!

541 days ago


His joke about the K-squad is not offending whatsoever in my point of view, I mean common' K-squad,...

541 days ago


Seth wasn't Seth enough. Especially if you only plan on hosting once(something he said BEFORE show) do everything you do best without fearing consequences. People live Seth Macfarlane because he appears so clean cut with the great voice-yet has such a sick sense of humor. Where the F was it on Oscar nite?

541 days ago


Kardashians should feel lucky they were even mentioned on the Oscars.

541 days ago


He can NOT make a Nice Joke, Everything is Sexual or Rude, i'm glad He got Fired.................THE OSCARS, I call them like that because of FEB-20-13 they are NOT The Academy Awards anymore, look....

541 days ago


Never having seen him before, I thought he was great.

Oh well.... back to the dysfunctional old production, I guess.

541 days ago


C'mon guys, he's not a stand up commedian but he is talented but the Oscars is a very snobby award show. He just wasn't suited for it.

I'd bet it would have been much better if he was allowed to do what he would have liked to.

He got a few good zingers in. Kardashians, Rhianna and Chris Brown too funny.

If you can't read in-between the lines and understand the sarcasum probally won't find it funny.

541 days ago


That's to bad, I thought Seth did a good job. I only tuned out to watch "The Walking Dead". And I usually channel surf a lot more during the Oscars.

541 days ago


People say never again and then change their minds. Billy Crystal and the Oscars. Sean Connery and 007. Rihanna and Chris Brown. McFarlane and the Oscars. He was obviously nervous but still did a good job. Maybe they will invite him back, maybe not.

541 days ago


Thank god. He was terrible and a lot racist, sexist and homophobic.

541 days ago


I bet Russell Brand would like to host the Oscars. He did the MTV Music Awards a few years ago. He loves to be the center of attention and poke fun at various things like most stand up comics do.

The people who produce the show would have to sit down with him and tell him what his boundaries are as far as his comedy goes though. Russell can go off on a tangent and the next thing you know he's talking about some super raunchy, tasteless or offensive stuff. He's a comedian that is hard to put on a leash.

541 days ago


Are the Jack Ass Crew hosting next year?

541 days ago


Too bad. he hwas good.

541 days ago

Ms Kris    

I enjoyed him on Sunday night-he did his thing & people are complaining-there is ALOT more to complain about from Sunday like the disappointing Bond tribute, Stewart in dress/hair/adulterer/could NOT say her line & was bored to tears/Garner getting to present BECAUSE OF THE HUSBAND/the terrible delivery for the animated films/other presenters who sucked

541 days ago


Dear Hollywood babes, listen up. You can't wave your knockers in front of the camera for pay then realistically pull off offended (yes I'm looking at YOU Charlize Theron) when you're immortalized in song. Frankly you're not THAT good an actress.

541 days ago
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