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Senator Marco Rubio

PhD in Rap ... Boyyyyy!!

2/26/2013 11:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
TMZ Live


Senator Marco Rubio called in to explain why Lil Wayne doesn't hold a candle to Tupac -- and was so smooth ... we're thinking he redeemed himself from that whole water bottle fiasco. He even weighed in on 'Pac vs. Biggie. Awesome!

Also, Lindsay Lohan​'s new lawyer proved he's got a brass pair -- you won't believe what he told the judge about a "fix"-it program for LiLo. Sounds ridiculous, but Harv explains why Linds could still get off easy.

Plus, the Google Glass makes its debut in Hollywood -- and we have video of the futuristic device in action at an Oscar event! Will you line up to buy the super-cool gadget?

(0:00) Senator Marco Rubio calls in to back up his claim that Lil Wayne doesn't hold a candle to 2Pac! You gotta hear this.
(6:00) Lindsay Lohan's lawyer tells the judge residing over her case that he knows how to fix her. Good luck with that.
(11:00) Google Glass makes its debut in Hollywood -- but Harvey has some serious issues with how the product could change our culture.
(15:00) Ben Affleck shaves off his lucky beard ... at an Oscars after-party.
(19:00) "Jersey Shore" star Deena Cortese is pissed that she didn't get cast on "Dancing with the Stars" -- and calls in to vent her frustration.
(23:00) Kanye West has yet another idiotic rant -- this time about the presidents of the United States.
(25:00) Miss Delaware Teen USA resigns after video emerges allegedly showing her doing porn. The question ... why even risk competing if she really did a porn?
(28:00) Oscar Pistorius is holding a private memorial for his girlfriend ... the one he shot and killed.
(30:00) Geico's latest commercial is being slammed by One Million Moms for supposedly promoting bestiality. Yep.
(33:00) Rob Kardashian -- is Kris Jenner asking him to fatten up so they can land a weight loss deal?
(36:00) The floor is yours!
(42:00) A 'Toddlers & Tiaras' star has her dead bunny stuffed.

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572 days ago


Why does all the staff start talking with "I mean", WTF, thought they were supposed to be professionals?

572 days ago


It is an old view, and a fake view, trying to pretend beauty pageant contestants/queens are somehow "above" normal acceptable human behavior such as having sex

572 days ago


*If it was murder, and it may be...or may not be, we don't know yet

572 days ago


He looks better with some weight on his bones, I sense jealousy :D

572 days ago


Rob K is as big as a house but Kimmykakes has surpassed him by becoming a SPERM WHALE.
BTW, Harvey, have you looked around your TMZ room lately? You have the largest staff per capita in the world.

572 days ago


FFS Harvey!! Does Kris have him chained to a chair? You are regressing faster every day - congrats ... you now have the mind of a 7 year old boy.

572 days ago


Pigs have curly wangs, I'm thinkin' she would like it

572 days ago


I'm surprised the PTC and Westboro aren't boycotting Geico as we speak.

572 days ago


It wouldn't hurt kids either way though, we have to remember that other countries have been running commercials on TV full of sexual humor for decades, kids are either too young to pick up what's going on, or old enough to get it at which point it's harmless, either way

572 days ago

Internet Tough Guy    

If your child sees that ad and sleeps with a pig I'd say it's your fault.

572 days ago


This coming from the people who turned their cans of Alphaghetti upside down, only to find that the cartoon palm trees looked like penises Ha!

572 days ago


Haha too many K's in one sentence to keep up

572 days ago


Okay, HARVEY, if Rob K is as big as a house, does that make FATASS MIKE, TUBALARD GARY six story apartment buildings?

572 days ago


Kardashian again What a bore.....

572 days ago
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