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Lindsay Lohan

Smelled of Booze After Crash

New Plea Deal in Works

2/27/2013 1:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0226-lindsay-lohan-crash-tmzLindsay Lohan may have been drinking just before she crashed her Porsche last June on Pacific Coast Highway ... TMZ has learned. Nevertheless, prosecutors are offering her a brand new plea deal that does NOT involve jail.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... a bottle of alcohol was found next to Lindsay's Porsche, and we're told her breath smelled of alcohol. For some reason, cops did not perform a field sobriety test at the scene of the crash.

Sources tell us ... the Santa Monica City Attorney is prepared to offer Lindsay 60 days in a residential rehab facility in her lying-to-cops case -- where she said she wasn't driving the Porsche. That's 4 months less than the original offer.

In addition, we're told the City Attorney wants Lindsay to attend another set of AA meetings. And he wants her to do community service. We're told the prosecutor will let her do the community service in New York City, but -- unlike Chris Brown -- it must be closely monitored.

The wild card is that the L.A. City Attorney is also involved in the case because they're handling the jewelry heist case where Lindsay is still on probation. Up to now, we're told the L.A. City Attorney wanted jail time for the probation violation, but the prosecutor may back off that position.

The plea bargain meeting between prosecutors and Lindsay's lawyer, Mark Heller is today ... so stay tuned.



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Also rehab doesnt work for Lindsay. The last time she was in court ordered rehab she snuck out, got drunk and attacked a staff worker which of course she got zero punishment for. Why send Lindsay to rehab for 60 days when everyone including her claims she doesnt have a problem.

Community service? Too bad for Lindsay Judge Sautner is retired now so she wont be able to hold her hand like a little school girl. How about she come clean my apartment if she can do CS in NYC I will be sure she gets every nook and craney however I will request she wear a hazmat suit for my protection.

604 days ago


Hmmmm, you mean the lawyer TMZ has been ragging on for days is going to keep his client out of jail? The HORROR.

I'm a LAWYER ! l o l

604 days ago


Why does she always get a away with this ****

604 days ago


The wild card is that the L.A. City Attorney is also involved in the case because they're handling the jewelry heist case where Lindsay is still on probation. Up to now, we're told the L.A. City Attorney wanted jail time for the probation violation, but the prosecutor may back off that position.

Correction TMZ! Lindsay is NOT on probation right now. Her probation was revoked, remember? Let’s not confuse the lying to cops charges with the probation violation hearing.

Why assume the L.A. prosecutor will back down from wanting jail for the probation violation? Holly was trying for a plea deal that included the 3 new charges AND the probation violation charge (6 months lock-down rehab).

Why would Heller try for a plea deal but not include the probation violation? Surely he knows if she pleads guilty for the car crash charges she WILL be automatically convicted for her probation violation charge … and THAT is the charge that would land her in jail/lock-down rehab for up to 8 months?

604 days ago


When will this bitch ever have to pay for anything that she has done?

604 days ago


This just confirms that you can live in Los Angeles and drink and drive, steal jewelry, get into car wrecks, break probation numerous times, lie to the police and commit many other crimes without any worry. You will to be prosecuted. The only drawback of living there is you MUST pay very high taxes. Anything else goes!

604 days ago


What a joke tgis girl is. Lock her up & throw away the key.

604 days ago


Its just on to the next crime for Lindsay Lohan. I wonder what it will be? Let me take a few guesses if this comes out to be true will it be probation violation for missing AA classes? Will she not do her community service? Will she punch out another gypsy? Run someone over? A shop lifting spree? The posibilities are endless.

604 days ago


if the police is stating she may have had alcohol on her breath and yet didn't give her a test that alone would screw up their case against her. she needs to go to jail so badly. i hope she rejects the deal and the police can prove they did everything by the book and the rest are rumors.

604 days ago


Ok, TMZ, reports from the time of the crash state that she took a breathalyzer and field sobriety tests and passed them. Where is your info coming from? And why are you wrong so much of the time lately?

She lied to cops. That is enough for her to have violated probation. She needs jail time. Alcohol was not a factor her, and should play no part in how she is sentenced.

604 days ago


Haha who is she gonna motivate. She can't even motivate herself to stay out of trouble. This would be the last person i would ever go to see, even if she paid me to. She couldn't talk her way out of a paper bag. I think she should quit showbiz and get a job at mccdonalds and pay some of her bills including her lawyers and back taxes and quit depending on other people to foot the bill, and maybe she would SLOWLY start earning some respect from others. This girl is a lost cause.

604 days ago

David C    

Lindsay Lohan breaks the law countless times: Is free to go

A non hollywood person does the EXACT same thing: Gets years in prison

Seriously, how corrupt is the damn judicial system down there? She has avoided jail time so many times that it's not even a joke anymore. This woman has proven she is a hazard to everyone, including herself.

604 days ago


please don't send hohan to jail and/or rehab.

help her continue to live as a drunk, addict whore.

604 days ago



I was just trying to tell her to fire her Spirit advisor and be carefull of hiring a bad lawyer..Now look at the shape she is in
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604 days ago


I don't believe that alcohol was involved...that is why I don't believe there is a plea deal involving rehab. If there is such a deal...then alcohol was most likely involved.

604 days ago
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