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Lindsay Lohan

Smelled of Booze After Crash

New Plea Deal in Works

2/27/2013 1:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0226-lindsay-lohan-crash-tmzLindsay Lohan may have been drinking just before she crashed her Porsche last June on Pacific Coast Highway ... TMZ has learned. Nevertheless, prosecutors are offering her a brand new plea deal that does NOT involve jail.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... a bottle of alcohol was found next to Lindsay's Porsche, and we're told her breath smelled of alcohol. For some reason, cops did not perform a field sobriety test at the scene of the crash.

Sources tell us ... the Santa Monica City Attorney is prepared to offer Lindsay 60 days in a residential rehab facility in her lying-to-cops case -- where she said she wasn't driving the Porsche. That's 4 months less than the original offer.

In addition, we're told the City Attorney wants Lindsay to attend another set of AA meetings. And he wants her to do community service. We're told the prosecutor will let her do the community service in New York City, but -- unlike Chris Brown -- it must be closely monitored.

The wild card is that the L.A. City Attorney is also involved in the case because they're handling the jewelry heist case where Lindsay is still on probation. Up to now, we're told the L.A. City Attorney wanted jail time for the probation violation, but the prosecutor may back off that position.

The plea bargain meeting between prosecutors and Lindsay's lawyer, Mark Heller is today ... so stay tuned.



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It's Fudgie The Whale Bitches!

00Clear Vote

It wasn't. Get over it. You know I wouldn't be the least bit upset if it was you on the motorcycle. They say God works in mysterious ways, why is it always a bad thing when a drunk kills someone??? lol

6 minutes ago

I'm surprised they haven't shut your electricity off yet, Dina. Seeing as your house is up for foreclosure and all, I would think that the water and electricity are the next things to go. You are a despicable person-even more so for bringing God into this discussion. BTW-your daughter needs so much help, yet you are so very blind.

580 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

And your thoughts Fudgie? Do tell, I have been gone all day............

580 days ago


off to make Hambuger Helper..later nice

580 days ago


Anyone that is in there right mind would never be proud of Lindsay. Just when you think Nicole has made the stupidest comment ever, she one ups her dumbass and writes something even dumber.

580 days ago


I think it is her. She mentions God, however hypocritically, and uses the word "gal". Just a hunch.

580 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

I don't want Lindsay to spend a day in jail. I don't want Lindsay to spend one day in AA. I don't want Lindsay to spend one day in rehab.
Lindsay deserves to be free as a bird to do whatever she wants. She deserves it for all she's done for the world in general and Hollywood in particular.
That's right, Lindsay, let's go out and party the day you're off the hook. Let's booze it up, let's smoke a carton of Parliaments a day. DOn't worry about drugs - you have plenty of friends who will be more than happy to get them for you. Oh, and have sex, SEX, SEX!!!! Have it as often as you want with as many men (and women) you want. And as many as you can handle at one time.
Just please don't drive you don't want to hurt anyone, that's all I ask.
Oh, and please don't die until your 28th birthday, because you will die. I just don't want you to be listed with Jimi, Janice, and the rest. OK? is it a deal?
I'll even buy you the first two liter bottle of vodka. It should hold you for most of the morning.
Bottoms up!

580 days ago

Marvin maybe
Lilo can act.........mentions bloggers almost preventing the sale of the film......

580 days ago


That nutcase Rogue Weirdo should be popping in anytime now to remind us once again we are all inbred douchebags, and we should commit suicide.
I would like Rouge weirdo to know that I think he should change his handle name to " El Hombre Loco" or "El Polo Loco", it would suit him well, FACTOID!!!

580 days ago


She must do blow jobs to people in the courts. And eat out the chicks there. Because she constantly is let off in these cases.. it can't be money she is broke. Not unless this new attorney is paying of the judges

580 days ago


Will a new round of Community Service get Blo OUT of NYC??


580 days ago


F off Fudgie Wudgie-
Acting like the Blohan's wouldn't deign to listen to opinions on here?? We all know you read these sites and when you had $$, paid your gophers to reply.

580 days ago


She must come from the bloodline of King Henry VIII that's my conclusion because she's broke and no one wants to bang this infected piece of trash!!!!!

580 days ago

Hot Farts    

In the same realm as

The Talk
The Chew
The Taste
The Face

now comes the My series of shows related to celebs (and those that think they are)

My booze
My Carcrash
My Tricks
My empty bank account

and somewhat unrelated

Kim Ks Massive Fart Stains (starring her giant butt)

580 days ago


There's going to be a plea deal for several reasons. Just from a budget standpoint they don't want to take every case to trial and because of overcrowding the courts are looking for alternate punishments---that's where rehab comes in. The alcohol is a non-story. The police didn't address it then so that issue is not on the table---it just makes a salacious headline for Harvey.

I think that we have no inkling as to what the plea will be. Harvey has been all over the map with his previous Lindsay predictions. We will see on Friday. (BTW, this morning someone said that the reason there's a plea offer is because the prosecutors don't want to work with Heller. No. You take your opposing counsel as they come--you like and trust some and feel the opposite about others. As for the people that piss you off--you want to win those cases even more.

580 days ago

Suzy Q     

Seamus, BPD is not considered a major mental illness. It's in the same category as mental retardation because it is a developmental disorder of the brain. When the brain's neural pathsways were disrupted during development, it resulted in a difficulty of adapting to society.

Here's a link to an Axis II overview. As you can see, other than Mental Retardation, all diagnostics in this category are personality disorders, becaus these are the only diagnoses that are based in physiology malformations.

580 days ago
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