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Ricky Schroder

in Altercation

with Airport Worker

2/27/2013 12:55 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Former child actor Ricky Schroder -- famous for his role on the 80s sitcom "Silver Spoons" -- assaulted an LAX airport worker in the middle of a busy terminal this week ... all because she wouldn't let him board with 3 bags ... at least that's what the woman told police.

Law enforcement tells TMZ ... airport police were called to the scene early Monday morning following the alleged altercation.

The woman's story ... she was checking boarding passes when Ricky attempted to go through security with three bags ... when the limit is two.

The airport worker says Ricky then slapped her hand when she reached for his boarding pass.

When cops arrived, they interviewed both parties. No arrests were made and no report was taken.

Ricky's lawyer, Marty Singer, tells TMZ ... the woman was rude and confrontational when she told him he had too many bags.  Singer says the woman hit Ricky's hand and his phone went flying.  Ricky lunged to grab his phone and she screamed, "Assault!" 

Singer says there are independent witnesses to corroborate Ricky's story and if Ricky did what she said he would have been arrested.

TMZ obtained video of the scene moments after the confrontation ... in which the worker tells her side of the story. 


No Avatar


Well it ain't drugs or spousal abuse. What an out of control Hollywood type. Everyone of has dealt with the union idiot at the airport.Strip searching Grandma. Frisking 10 year old children. But as long as we are safe. We have to go through the airport dressed ready for the beach now. Tank top, swim trunks and flip flops. These guys are militant oppressing jerks.

601 days ago


And so if we find out this woman lied, will she keep her job? Do you really want someone at airport check-in that brazen?

Fire her ass for the lying snake she is

601 days ago


Sounds like the cow is just looking for a payday. She chose the wrong celeb to try and pick-pocket. Ricky pawned his silver spoons a long time ago. He's eating his Cheerios with plastic sporks these days.

601 days ago

Reed Richards    

She probably called him Ricky. "It's RICK DAMMIT!!!"

601 days ago

Virtual Insanity    

TSA workers, in general, are some of the rudest, most caustic people on the planet. Which, I am sure they deal with a lot of rude travelers, but they took the job.

601 days ago


I don't know about the woman's story but Marty's excuse sounds fabricated like the 'Dog ate my homework.' They are probably both lying.

601 days ago

Toasty J    

She's a real brain surgeon.

601 days ago


Before I saw what the woman looked like, I knew she was going to be black. I hate saying that, ubt unfortunately it's true.

601 days ago

_][ Character_Assassin ][_    

I'd say it's more of "Battery."

601 days ago


Big Kentucky Fried Chicken eating thing right there. UMM UMMM Let me get a 12 piece mixed.

601 days ago


He: Maybe taking his "DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM?" attitude a step too far.
She: Tired of having to touch people and their belongings all day for minimum wage and sees a piece of the pie walking right towards her.

601 days ago


that's the airport singer

601 days ago


Should have picked our own cotton.

601 days ago


What a load of hooey! Rick Schroeder is a major behind the scenes Hollywood player that the public doesn't usually hear about because he wants it that way. He is a very hard worker and an all around nice, accessible guy. How do I know? He's my neighbor. This sounds like a misunderstanding. She sounds like the job of "being in charge" has gone to her head. Assault? By whom? She is literally 5x his size.

601 days ago


She almost did it!! She came THAT CLOSE to a big payday but she blew it. The chance to scroo this guy out of big bucks, the airport, the city, the airline, the company that made the bags, whoooaaaaa man. Wow. Oh well, the great thing about being an airport security checker person is that there will always be a "next time."

601 days ago
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