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Ricky Schroder

in Altercation

with Airport Worker

2/27/2013 12:55 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Former child actor Ricky Schroder -- famous for his role on the 80s sitcom "Silver Spoons" -- assaulted an LAX airport worker in the middle of a busy terminal this week ... all because she wouldn't let him board with 3 bags ... at least that's what the woman told police.

Law enforcement tells TMZ ... airport police were called to the scene early Monday morning following the alleged altercation.

The woman's story ... she was checking boarding passes when Ricky attempted to go through security with three bags ... when the limit is two.

The airport worker says Ricky then slapped her hand when she reached for his boarding pass.

When cops arrived, they interviewed both parties. No arrests were made and no report was taken.

Ricky's lawyer, Marty Singer, tells TMZ ... the woman was rude and confrontational when she told him he had too many bags.  Singer says the woman hit Ricky's hand and his phone went flying.  Ricky lunged to grab his phone and she screamed, "Assault!" 

Singer says there are independent witnesses to corroborate Ricky's story and if Ricky did what she said he would have been arrested.

TMZ obtained video of the scene moments after the confrontation ... in which the worker tells her side of the story. 


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Her Imperial and Royal Majesty    

This guy's career disappeared 100 years ago. Are you sure he isn't an airport employee who got beaten up by irate customers for his imcompetence and bad haircut?

567 days ago


He has a pinball machine & a train !!

567 days ago


There's nothing in Rick Schroeder's long history in the entertainment industry that would lead me to believe he did anything remotely violent. He's always come off as a real stand-up guy.

567 days ago

Dr Samuel Weiscrak    

Damn reading the story, soon as i scrolled down enough to see the woman was a fat black government civil servant lookin' type i totally believed Ricky's story! bwhahaha! That's bad! Met too many of 'those types' in life to not make snap judgements...

567 days ago


Ricky doesn't go around smackin' innocent people's hand for nothing, good man, sh-t happens
If you can watch little Ricky in The Champ scene without cryin' a tear or wellin' up a bit you ain't human
"The Champ Death"
@ Youtube

567 days ago


Sorry for the re-post. I posted this and I don't see it. Trying again. I was right behind Ricky when this happened!! I saw only the second encounter where Ricky was compliant with security.

He was rushed to make the flight but was very compliant with her request for the boarding pass.

She asked him for his name, he provided it, then he asked her for her name. I don’t know if she provided it. I don’t know anything about the phone as I didn’t see it. But, I know that if there was assault, police or airport security would have detained him.

There was approximately 1 hour before the flight took off, so if there was and assault, they would have had ample time to get him, or wait for him at the airport in DC, right?

Her story is laughable, which is what we all did when she screamed "ASSAULT".

567 days ago


La' quandanisha must have gotten off her shift at the airport and logged onto TMZ. There are many comments with multiple likes and one hate. Don't be hatin', La' quandanisha.

567 days ago


I believe him. Many of these airport workers are rude and uneducated. Someone needs to retrain them or fire them if they hate their job that much.

566 days ago


"...would of been arrested." OR Cops aren't stupid and don't want to waste their time.

566 days ago


Wow, can he really be this old, already? Looks tired.

566 days ago


just another big black fat bitch trying to get money from whitey! if she cant get welfare she has to try and rob a celebrity by talking false allegations.

566 days ago


I've worked for a major airline. you're allowed two bags and a purse or laptop bag making that 3 bags. She seems to have a bad attitude.

566 days ago


Get a load of this article - Ricky's true nature comes out. He does not have a rep for being obnoxious nor violent. Action speak louder than words. I believe his story because I was there and saw what happened. Assault, BS.

566 days ago

Airport Slave    

Many years ago, I worked for an now extinct airline in DC, he tried to bring 2 HUGE bags onto the aircraft. And got REALLY SNOTTY when we made him check them. He also had on some of the dirtest jeans I have ever seen in public. I don't think he should be allowed on public transport.

565 days ago


What has the world come to, when a white man takes instruction from a colored female?

476 days ago
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