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Shark Attack

TV Director Killed

By Great White

2/27/2013 7:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
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An award-winning TV and film director was killed in a gruesome shark attack off the coast of New Zealand today ... as authorities grabbed guns and opened fire on the animals.

46-year-old Adam Strange -- who's directed a whole bunch of international commercials for companies like Pepsi and Firestone -- was swimming at a popular NZ beach when a Great White pulled him underwater. According to local reports, at least 3 other sharks were drawn to the attack.

Local police jumped in a small boat and raced over to the scene ... joined by a helicopter. The cops fired at least 20 shots at the sharks, but it was too late.

One shark was reportedly killed in the gunfire ... and its body -- measuring 14-feet long -- washed up on shore a short time later.

As for Strange -- authorities were able to recover his body after the attack.

Strange didn't just direct commercials -- he also won Best Short Film at the Berlin Film Festival in 2009. He leaves behind a wife and small child.


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It really doesn't matter WHERE anyone is from, whether NZ, Hawaii, Australia, whatever...but if you're swimming 600+ feet offshore, you really need to educate yourself first. From "Sharks rarely attack a swimmer without warning. Usually there is some tentative, exploratory aggressive action. It is important that the swimmer recognizes that this behavior is a prelude to an attack and takes prompt and vigorous remedial action. The appropriate countermove is a sharp blow to the nose. Almost invariably this will prevent a full-scale attack, for it makes clear that you understand the shark's intentions and are prepared to use whatever force is necessary to repel his aggressive actions. Some swimmers mistakenly believe that an ingratiating attitude will dispel an attack under these cir***stances. This is not correct, such a response provokes a shark attack. Those who hold this erroneous view can usually be identified by their missing limbs." I'll tell you one thing....if I were contemplating going swimming that far offshore, I would do some research first. It's a horrible, tragic thing that happened, yes, but I'd like to think he knew the risks...just sayin'..........

538 days ago

Shelly Baker    

My heart goes out to his family.

538 days ago

paul kornexl    

I feel bad this happened, However People should stay away from known killers. Just because i have Gators in Florida does not mean i will tie chicken around my neck and go swimming. Stupid people! Geesh!!!

538 days ago

jeff wyatt    

You play with fire you might get burned! Your fault!! You swim over 100 yrds out into an ocean you might get bit by a shark! Your fault!! No sympathy for him from me!! That's what happens when you do STUPID stuff!! A new job oppurtunity just opened up for someone!!!

538 days ago


STAY THE HELL OUT OF THEIR WATER! They don't stomp on your turf... get out of theirs!

538 days ago


I cannot even imagine

538 days ago


So, we trespass in the sharks home...get eaten...and it's ok to go out and kill a random shark? Yeah ok that makes sense.

537 days ago


I am from New Zealand, and your story is inaccurate. There were two sharks involved, and neither of them washed up on shore. Get your facts straight.

534 days ago


So sad...condolences to his family

531 days ago
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