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Shark Attack

TV Director Killed

By Great White

2/27/2013 7:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

An award-winning TV and film director was killed in a gruesome shark attack off the coast of New Zealand today ... as authorities grabbed guns and opened fire on the animals.

46-year-old Adam Strange -- who's directed a whole bunch of international commercials for companies like Pepsi and Firestone -- was swimming at a popular NZ beach when a Great White pulled him underwater. According to local reports, at least 3 other sharks were drawn to the attack.

Local police jumped in a small boat and raced over to the scene ... joined by a helicopter. The cops fired at least 20 shots at the sharks, but it was too late.

One shark was reportedly killed in the gunfire ... and its body -- measuring 14-feet long -- washed up on shore a short time later.

As for Strange -- authorities were able to recover his body after the attack.

Strange didn't just direct commercials -- he also won Best Short Film at the Berlin Film Festival in 2009. He leaves behind a wife and small child.


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judy jetson    

Talk about ironic.

601 days ago


Go into their neighborhood they are the boss. Shooting into the water? Really? People are so stupid.

601 days ago


I haven't swam in an ocean since I saw Jaws the day before I went to Hawaii.

And you wouldn't see me in the Tasman sea in the summerrtime either. There are way more sharks over there.

RIP Dude

601 days ago


It's not an attack if the shark was in the water where he was supposed to be. That's the shark's living room!

601 days ago


What an awful thing for him and all of those involved with the attack, and the people he leaves behind.

I live on the Delaware Bay and I'm not sure if this is rumor or truth but I understand that sharks rarely consume humans, rather they confuse them as a food source and pretty much reject them after a few bites, unfortunately it is still usually fatal. We don't have a lot of killers where I am but there are a number of less lethal sharks and there is much ado about the ecological balance in the area, so they are really important. They aren't the greatest hosts to humans in their environment.

601 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

Great misleading headline, TMZ.

601 days ago

I love tha haters!!!    

This is so sad. My prayers go out to his wife and child and the rest of his family. U can get through this...just one day at a time.

601 days ago

Patti awful....I swear, this is my BIGGEST fear, getting attacked by a shark. One of the reasons, I hate the ocean...much prefer the pool!!

601 days ago

Terri Gordon    


601 days ago


I'm calling it now. Bradley Cooper should play him in the movie version of this story.

601 days ago


So much for the endanger Great White Shark movement

601 days ago

_][ Character_Assassin ][_    

Just wondering any black guys ever get killed by a shark? Seems like the sharks are only attracted to the white folks.

601 days ago


Absolutely horrible way to go

601 days ago


When the food sources are killed off by man then animals will go for what they can get. Im sorry this poor man was attacked and killed but. We dont belong in their hunting grounds which happens to be the whole ocean. For people to hate on a creature that doesn't reason and think other then self preservation is just stupid. I stay out of the jungle. So I won't become food for jungle creatures. I dont go to the African tundra so.I won't become food for the king of all big cats and other predatory animals. On land Man is the top of the food chain. In the ocean.... we fall straight to the bottom of that food chain..... stay out of the water!!!

601 days ago


How horrible. Prayers to his family!!

601 days ago
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