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Shark Attack

TV Director Killed

By Great White

2/27/2013 7:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
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An award-winning TV and film director was killed in a gruesome shark attack off the coast of New Zealand today ... as authorities grabbed guns and opened fire on the animals.

46-year-old Adam Strange -- who's directed a whole bunch of international commercials for companies like Pepsi and Firestone -- was swimming at a popular NZ beach when a Great White pulled him underwater. According to local reports, at least 3 other sharks were drawn to the attack.

Local police jumped in a small boat and raced over to the scene ... joined by a helicopter. The cops fired at least 20 shots at the sharks, but it was too late.

One shark was reportedly killed in the gunfire ... and its body -- measuring 14-feet long -- washed up on shore a short time later.

As for Strange -- authorities were able to recover his body after the attack.

Strange didn't just direct commercials -- he also won Best Short Film at the Berlin Film Festival in 2009. He leaves behind a wife and small child.


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If only that had been Kim kardashian!!! Having said that, I have never heard of sharks attacking or eating whores!

600 days ago


So sad about the shark. Not the sharks fault, you entered his territory.

600 days ago



600 days ago


That would be a terrifying and horrific way to die! I live at the beach and I watched lifeguards pull a 5' blue shark out of the ocean and they let it die on the shore. That was tough to watch. I value human lives but I also value the lives of the sharks who are doing what is instinctual for them. I do get why they shot at the sharks as they were hoping to save him. I feel the whole thing is very sad and I hope his wife and child can find some peace.

600 days ago


Wow, that's a nightmare way to die. RIP

600 days ago


He was swimming some 200 yards from the shore. Why the heck shoot the sharks?

600 days ago


Kiilling sharks isn`t the right thing to do as their part in the food chain keeps everything in order.They were just having thier dinner while dum dum was FN with`um.They should make a law that doesn`t allow harrassment or swim alongs like they protect the manatees with.It was harrassment and shooting them should also be a crime when they are being harrassed by those said persons.I witnessed a MAKO which is much faster and much more active than the whites eating once and it was eating everything in it`s path at the rate and speed of a jetski,if you have never seen a mako eating you have never seen a real shark and don`t know to stay away from them.Even a muskey gar or pike will bite your nose off if you don`t know what you doing

600 days ago


FIVE MAKO would eat them all in about two mins and than eat each other also as thye eat thier young and old also

600 days ago


Leave the FN sharks alone the bears along the snakes alone the singrays alone the mantees and turles alone respect the food chains or fall into them also.HOTDOGGING HOTSHOT`s endup DOA

600 days ago


I feel bad for this guy and his family/friends....BUT..... what do you expect when you go swimming in known shark waters?......ALSO I understand why the police opened fire on the sharks, they were trying to save's also sad to me that sharks got hurt/killed for acting like sharks. Humans aren't supposed to be in the take a risk going in's their home not ours.

600 days ago

sold my soul     

I'll go for a swim 600 feet off shore in shark infested waters wearing a wet suit and fins.
No -- no the shark wont think I'm the biggest seal its ever seen, honest.
And then the shoot the ****ing shark, unbelievable...

600 days ago


People are so f'n stupid all you animal lovers who value the life of a creature over that of a human go to hell. They witnessed the attack they shot to try and save his life his human life. I hope you or a loved one is put in that situation and then I want to see how many of you tell "don't shoot"

600 days ago

sold my soul     

man: thought for the day
I'll pull on my wet suit and fins and go for a swim 600 feet of shore in shark infested waters
Shark: **** thats the biggest seal I'v ever seen let me get before someone else sees it
Man: uh oh this wasnt my best idea
Shark: WTF are they shooting at me I'm just having lunch

600 days ago

sold my soul     

some people just deserve to be eaten by sharks

600 days ago


A shark will be a shark..

600 days ago
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