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Honey Boo Boo

Girl Scouts SHUT DOWN

Online Cookie Campaign

2/28/2013 10:05 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Honey Boo Boo
 hawking Girl Scout cookies to her hundreds of thousands of fans online is UNFAIR ... so says a rep for the Girl Scouts of the USA, so the organization shut down her campaign.

HBB posted the ad on her Facebook page -- which has 701,000 likes.  She also got in the girl scouts' faces by posting pictures of stacks of boxes that she sold.  FYI ... she's not selling the cookies for herself ... she's doing it for a friend.

It didn't go down well with the organization.  A rep for GSUSA in Georgia tells TMZ ... they contacted her site's administrator and explained online selling is off-limits, because it defeats the whole purpose of selling the cookies -- to teach girls all sorts of things, including goal setting, people skills, etc.

So HBB's people took down the ads, but get this ... the sales she's already made will be counted.

If HBB wants to help her friend, she's gotta stand outside a whole bunch of Piggly Wigglys.


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Door to door sales are over. Too many sickos out there. They do expect the girls to sell them, but lets face it, the parents, myself included, do most of the selling at work. The troop itself only makes a small percentage per box, but every little bit helps. It goes towards troop activities, supplies, trips, camping, etc. Cookie Booths have been around for quite a few years now, our troop does one or two a season. Many of the people buying them don't know any girl scouts that they could buy from, so booths are a welcome site for some people.

If she is not a Girl Scout herself, she has NO BUSINESS SELLING COOKIES!

604 days ago


the next South Park episode honey boo boo selling girl scout cookies

604 days ago

The Fixer    

The Fat Bitch Got all the snacks. The 2014 Girl scout snacks before they hit the street. They got a new kind of cookie it's a bad mother****er, when you bite into it cream shoots all in your mouth Spagetti And Butter

604 days ago


Let her help a friend if she wants to. From what I understand, HBB has done this for a while, before she got famous.

604 days ago


This show really sucks, gross family

604 days ago


Why do the girl scout cookie price differ out her in sd they are $4 a box... I think im over buying girl scout cookies

604 days ago


First of all, I wouldn't want my child going door to door in any neighborhood. Second of all, I can't even remember when ANY child went door to door to sell anything. Their parents take the order forms to their workplaces or post it on their Facebook accts. All the kids do is bring the papers home and parents take over the selling. What she did was fine and she was helping a friend. If they stop this then they need to tighten the reigns on parents selling for their kids. I'm bombarded by friends on Facebook pushing whatever stuff their kids are selling. Same difference!

604 days ago


The cookie sales fund girl scouts activities. Door to door sales aren't safe. I think girl scouts need to join the 21 st century and sale online. Its NOT a matter of fair but smart and staying current. As a mom that went thru years of having thousands of boxes delivered to my house, getting the scouts to pick them up, get them delivered, and get the money turned in, I swear just seeing a box gives me hives!

604 days ago


didnt they change the name of the cookies...I bought some from a kid and I remember I was pist...I thought they ripped me off!!! but Trefoils are now called Shortbread, Tagalongs are Peanut Butter Patties and the Do-si-do is a Peanut Butter Sandwich cookie.Samoas are Caramel there anything illegal about her using the old names?

603 days ago

Violent Pope    

Is Honey Boo Boo a retard?

603 days ago


Db, you are EXACTLY RIGHT! When the hell was the last time you bought cookies from an actual Girl Scout? Evidence that they are being hypocritical? Sure, I work in a downtown area of a city where reps from the organization (all in their 40s and 50s by the way) set up a table in a high traffic area and sell them to business people on their lunch break! Where are the actual Girl Scouts? In SCHOOL at noon on a Tuesday! The organizers themselves are selling them to RAISE FUNDS!!! And for those of you who want to call a little girl a pig? Post your picture here so we can all judge your trifling fat asses too! You want to cry about fair? How's that for fair? Post your real pics (not the fake ones you use to Catfish) and we could have a fat ass ugly bum contest and you can dream of earning a crown made of Mountain Dew cans!

603 days ago


Honey Boo Boo should instead call for a BOYCOTT of Girl Scout Cookies! Girl Scouts were caught in December PROMOTING PROSTITUTION as "decent employment" for 10-year-olds. No joke. Just Google "WAGGGS Bali Global Youth Forum Declaration PDF" and read yourself that Girl Scouts were on the Steering Committe for an event that not only wants free contraception and abortion for little girls without parental knowledge, they consider hooking a "right to work" issue. DISGUSTING. Your cookie dollars work for evil purposes.

603 days ago


Will someone tell this money hungry fat pig selling Girl Scout cookies is not all about the money? Because she has GREED on the brain

603 days ago


Considering how LITTLE the Scouts themselves see of the money (the troops only get 70 cents for every $4 box they sell), I think we should just let them sell them how they need to. Neither the Boy Scouts nor the Girl Scouts get funding from anywhere - they have to raise their own money for activities and camp and uniforms - which can get ridiculously pricey. Let Honey Boo Boo help her friend. Actually, that's more in the spirit of Scouting than anything else! She doesn't get any of the profit from this. She just wants to help out. Good for her!

602 days ago


The sooner these girls learn that life isn't fair, the better. Who knows? Maybe this will inspire them to earn a new "life isn't fair" badge. I say let her sell the damn cookies online and help out her friend. It's time for the scouts to get with the times!

601 days ago
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