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Lindsay Lohan

I Got No Problem ... So


2/28/2013 6:37 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0227-lindsay-lohan-no-dealLindsay Lohan did NOT cut a plea bargain Wednesday with prosecutors in her lying-to-cops case ...TMZ has learned ... and right now it looks like she's headed for trial.

We broke the story ... Santa Monica and L.A. City prosecutors had a noon meeting via telephone with Lindsay's lawyer, Mark Heller

Sources connected with Lindsay tell TMZ ... prosecutors insisted Lindsay accept a significant amount of time in a residential rehab facility, but Heller wasn't having it.  We're told prosecutors bent a little and offered somewhere around 30 days rather than the 60 they initially wanted -- still Heller didn't accept.

We're told Heller and prosecutors have not given up, and one source connected with the talks tells TMZ, "Negotiations are ongoing."

BUT ... sources say Heller and Lindsay are not in lockstep -- he's willing to accept a plea that involves counseling and possibly some sort of rehab, but Lindsay says she's not accepting any of it because to her it sounds like "punishment for something I didn't do."

Bottom line ... prosecutors aren't worried if they can't strike a deal -- we're told they're more than willing to go to trial March 18.

Your move, LiLo.


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This bitch takes selfishness to new levels. Suppose when she had that accident she killed herself (no loss) or Gavin or someone innocent-does she realize what that would do to others especially the truck driver. Although it was not his fault he would be living the rest of his life knowing that someone involved in an accident with him lost their life. That happened to a friend of mine while driving a city bus-he is still a bus driver-he was not in anyway at fault but that accident haunts him everyday of his life. But my friend has a conscience something most of us take for granted. Someone needs to stop this BITCH.

601 days ago


Actually, this may be a smart move on Lindsay's part! If she accepts the deal, she will do 30-60... days in rehab. If she goes to jail, the absolute MAXIMUM time she will do is - what, MAYBE seven days AT MOST, and she will be released for "overcrowding".

601 days ago


If this chick was a black celebrity she would have done a year. BB has a problem but have goes to jail. She is on probation all the time, violates ask the time, and never been in jail longer than two hrs

601 days ago


Maybe Heller will have another plea deal phone call that will be rejected by Lohan.

If this is in fact true and Lohan rejects the plea, I would think that all bets are off the table and it goes back to the origional sentance of what the prosecutors wanted before any plea deals were discussed.

Lohan fired Shawn Holley, all her hard work for Lohan is over and done. So everything Holley did is no longer on the table. Lohan rejected them and wanted the trial.

So Lohan was starting from scratch with Heller (that got her some more stall time) Now she's rejecting the pleas she's supposedly getting with Heller.

Lohan wanted to take her chances which she wanted, with the jury who she claims will beleive her because 'she did nothing wrong'.

601 days ago


Poor trash will spend probably 2 weeks behind bars. She has to kill one of the judges kids before she can get a real sentence!

601 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

Perhaps this is a lot closer to the truth?
Lindsay Lohan: L.A. prosecutors want 90 days in rehab, source says
Lindsay Lohan will have to agree to serve at least 90 days in a lockdown rehabilitation facility if she wants to avoid trial on a charge of lying to police about being behind the wheel during a crash on Pacific Coast Highway and violated her probation for shoplifting.

While Santa Monica city prosecutor Terry White and Lohan attorney Mark Heller have discussed a possible plea deal, the L.A. city attorney, which secured a jewelry theft conviction against the actress, won't accept any deal of less than 90 days in a locked rehab center, said a source familiar with the prosecution.

In the event Santa Monica's prosecutor agrees to a lesser sentence, L.A. prosecutors will probably object and ask that Lohan be sentenced to 90 days for violating the terms of her probation, the source said.
Read the entire article here . . includes the usual photo's of Lohan looking like a tranny in a bad wig.

601 days ago


Nicole--yesterday I suggested that you not believe everything you read in the LA Times. Here's why:

1. From LA Times on 2/27
Although the L.A. city attorney's office wants Lohan to go back to jail for violating probation for a jewelry theft in 2011, according to sources, it is allowing White to take the lead.

3. In the event Santa Monica's prosecutor agrees to a lesser sentence, L.A. prosecutors will probably object and ask that Lohan be sentenced to 90 days for violating the terms of her probation, the source said.

So which story do you believe.

601 days ago


@Mumra...haven't read it yet but that does seem much more realistic then the BS Lohan and Heller were shoveling.

Please these guys are going to take over 6 months, gather all the facts plenty of evidence to be able to charge Lohan and per Heller offer Lohan 30 days of residential rehab some AA meetings and community service in NYC. Kind of hard to believe.

601 days ago


I really don't know much about the legal system, but my impression is people in california would get a stiffer sentence for carrying pot than setting off a blowfish crime wave of stealing, crashing into things and returning half of borrowed dresses.

601 days ago


Madame Holley ain't no fool.

601 days ago


I REALLY want it to go to trial... then real people on the jury will have to make a decision... and she WILL get finally punished... LiLo I love you but girl, you need a wake up call (I've had one... did me good)

601 days ago


Morning Lala. I haven't read the first 13 pages so if you said the same, sorry for repeating, it happens as I'm a 'Westie' and up later and do my morning routine and start in on my chores first. 9 months, 6 months, so many 'sources', not enough truth.

601 days ago


Who'd have guessed that Judge sautner is a 65year old lesbian....

601 days ago

Wow ...    

Does anyone really think Lindsay will gamble with a jury of her peers? That would be an extremely poor choice, of course she doesn't make wise decisions, but can she be that foolish? Does she not know that people in general do not approve of her lifestyle filled with misdemeanors, especially the LA Tax payers??? We are fed up with her stuff, we are broke, and she keeps costing us money!

601 days ago



601 days ago
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