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Lindsay Lohan

I Got No Problem ... So


2/28/2013 6:37 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0227-lindsay-lohan-no-dealLindsay Lohan did NOT cut a plea bargain Wednesday with prosecutors in her lying-to-cops case ...TMZ has learned ... and right now it looks like she's headed for trial.

We broke the story ... Santa Monica and L.A. City prosecutors had a noon meeting via telephone with Lindsay's lawyer, Mark Heller

Sources connected with Lindsay tell TMZ ... prosecutors insisted Lindsay accept a significant amount of time in a residential rehab facility, but Heller wasn't having it.  We're told prosecutors bent a little and offered somewhere around 30 days rather than the 60 they initially wanted -- still Heller didn't accept.

We're told Heller and prosecutors have not given up, and one source connected with the talks tells TMZ, "Negotiations are ongoing."

BUT ... sources say Heller and Lindsay are not in lockstep -- he's willing to accept a plea that involves counseling and possibly some sort of rehab, but Lindsay says she's not accepting any of it because to her it sounds like "punishment for something I didn't do."

Bottom line ... prosecutors aren't worried if they can't strike a deal -- we're told they're more than willing to go to trial March 18.

Your move, LiLo.


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If Heller is so concerned about getting Lindsay Sober, Than 30 days in Rehab will do nothing for her. She has been to Rehab 5 times her Last stint in Betty Ford was for 3 months and she came out worse than when she went in. Not to Mention She Has No Money to Pay for it.

571 days ago

Good riddance!    

"punishment for something I didn't do" because complete sociopaths like Crackie are completely unable to tell the difference between right and wrong or even the truth and a lie. Crackhead lying, thieving bitch will pay dearly for it too and it will be so richly deserved!

571 days ago


When did the plea deal change to 60 days? Can't you even keep you bogus stories straight TMZ?

TMZ 1/15/2013 1:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan COULD have avoided almost certain jail time by accepting a plea deal for lockdown rehab -- that is, if she didn't fire her lawyer who was literally on the way to the courthouse to make it happen.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... the Santa Monica City Attorney -- who is prosecuting Lindsay for allegedly lying to cops after her June car crash on Pacific Coast Highway -- was willing to keep Lindsay out of jail, PROVIDED she agree to check into "lockdown rehab" for 6 months.

Sources say ... Shawn Holley -- the lawyer who has kept Lindsay out of jail -- was on her way to court Monday to meet with the prosecutor and the judge to hash out the deal. What's more, Lindsay also faces jail time for a probation violation in the jewelry heist case because she allegedly lied to cops after the crash. We're told the judge could have agreed to end both cases if Lindsay checked into rehab.

But Shawn never made it to court, because Lindsay signed her walking papers and hired a New York lawyer who was suspended in the '90s from practicing law for 5 years.

Lindsay now says she wants Shawn back. The question -- does Shawn have the stomach for another helping of Lindsay?

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571 days ago


It almost staggers the mind that she doesn't think she did anything wrong. There's just no use in arguing with that mindset.

571 days ago


She's sooooo delusional it's funny. She's a sociopath though, and they always fall for her lies.

571 days ago


Some of you should be happy. You complained she would take rehab to avoid jail and doesn't look like that's what she's doing.

571 days ago


WTF!!!!!, and did I mention WTF!!!, LMFAOOOO, Seriously, send the bastard over here, our Justice system would have had the bitch , Hung Drawn and Quartered by now. FFS, the cnut would have been out on Parole about 2 years ago.!!! Unbeliavable!!!!!!

571 days ago


I'd love for her to take the six month lockdown plea, but a trial would be much more entertaining.

571 days ago


Miss L. Lohan doesn't give rat a$$ if She lives or dies and She said in a interview once She would love 2 Die like Her Idol Miss M. Monore , She sure heading down that path very quickly . The other thing I can say this I won't be so Shocked if She Dies like all The Stars that took There Own Lives already .

571 days ago


The more that I see this the more I am convinced that you are a computer generated troll. If not, you need to get a fvcking life!!!

571 days ago


Rehab is for quitters she ain't trying to. drugs will always be a a factor in her life. You can't stop doing something you love to do. She don't use drugs drugs use her.

571 days ago


I am suing California, Lindsay Breaks the Law and the Criminal(Lindsay) does not get punished, the People who did nothing wrong got Punished with Liz and Dick, What happened to the Constitution where it says No Cruel or Unusual Punishment? I guess that went out the door.

571 days ago


Breaking News this, Breaking News that, Exclusive this, Exclusive that..........TMZ KNOWS NOTHING!

571 days ago


I do have one question. Why would the prosecution insist on trying to work out a deal? They already have it down to 30 days, and easy counseling and rehab. If Lohan won't take it because she thinks it will do harm to her career, this won't matter anyhow. Heller only wants counseling and maybe rehab? They are out of their minds. Bobby Brown should sue if she only got that and he's in there for 55 days.

571 days ago


This is pure BS. Plea deal? How many has she had and why is this bimbo continuing to receive preferential treatment. The average person would receive no deal. History shows rehab doesn't work for this POS. Lock her up for a year and she if she gets it then.

571 days ago
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