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Lindsay Lohan

I Got No Problem ... So


2/28/2013 6:37 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0227-lindsay-lohan-no-dealLindsay Lohan did NOT cut a plea bargain Wednesday with prosecutors in her lying-to-cops case ...TMZ has learned ... and right now it looks like she's headed for trial.

We broke the story ... Santa Monica and L.A. City prosecutors had a noon meeting via telephone with Lindsay's lawyer, Mark Heller

Sources connected with Lindsay tell TMZ ... prosecutors insisted Lindsay accept a significant amount of time in a residential rehab facility, but Heller wasn't having it.  We're told prosecutors bent a little and offered somewhere around 30 days rather than the 60 they initially wanted -- still Heller didn't accept.

We're told Heller and prosecutors have not given up, and one source connected with the talks tells TMZ, "Negotiations are ongoing."

BUT ... sources say Heller and Lindsay are not in lockstep -- he's willing to accept a plea that involves counseling and possibly some sort of rehab, but Lindsay says she's not accepting any of it because to her it sounds like "punishment for something I didn't do."

Bottom line ... prosecutors aren't worried if they can't strike a deal -- we're told they're more than willing to go to trial March 18.

Your move, LiLo.


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Lohan always pulls BS before a court date. How she want's to clean up her act again, going to therepy (not) again, crying wolf again.

She really thinks people will believe her. She's a very well known serial lier and has no problem throwing anyone under the bus to cover her ass and people really don't like her at all.

Lohan, can you say major credibility problem. She still trips over her own lies and can't keep them stright they are so many of them.

If there ends up being a trial, who is Lohan going to get in her defence. I can't think of anyone.

All of Lohans actions speak for themselves. That simple.

Yet, she always insists she did nothing wrong. Tell that to all the people that say differently. As we all know everyone lies but Lohan.

541 days ago

Its Nikki Bitches    

Santa Monica and L.A. City prosecutors had a noon meeting via telephone with Lindsay's lawyer, Mark Heller.

Cousin Heller heard "CLICK" while he was listening to Mr. Dail tone

541 days ago


Remember folks, Mark Heller was David Berkowitz lawyer..."Son Of Sam" the guy that orders to kill from a dog,..David killed 6 people and injured 7...
he is a fame whore with no purpose..if he would rep for a cerial killer for free he would Rep for Hitler...
Now he has Lindsay Lohan "None of Fans" that was ordered to kill her career by a rat (Dina),,what I am getting at he will try anything to FCK the system.

I think lindsay will do what she does every other case..scream her innocence until last min. and take the plea hoping the courts will give in..Just li8ke the jewlry Heist case..

541 days ago

Its Nikki Bitches    

Funny of the day......Yesterday big mouth, lair Heller said Lying Lindsay would be in court tomorrow cause she wants to turn her life around (bwhahaha that makes me laugh so hard)

Hellers got a better chance of seeing God on that lie

541 days ago


Good. I hope she prevents any deal from being struck, due to her idiotic self deluded arrogance, and it goes to trial. She's such a dumbass that she'll be convicted & given jail time for not only lying to police, but hindering police AND for probation violation. I hope they throw her stupid slutty ass into general population, where they beat the sh*t out of her on a daily basis & permanently ugly her up so she can't be a high paid hooker like she is now. That's the best possible outcome...

541 days ago


all the lohans must have duct Tape on their mouths and in someones trunk..none of them are tweeting..their new rep must of given them a gag order..Ali is still tweeting about cupcakes and a picture of the Van they are going to all live in after the foreclosure..Milo jr only tweets pics of his Lunch Bragging to people that he can still afford to eat

541 days ago



541 days ago

Its Nikki Bitches    

MarkHeller @markheller
Santa Monica and L.A. City prosecutors were mean to me!!

541 days ago


@NIKKI...good morning. That's why I was wondering if this story was even true or just BS Lohan, Heller attention.

Was a plea actually offered? Maybe Lohan turned it down again because it wasn't actually offered to her.

541 days ago


The plea dealing in your country is a joke, why would they continue to try to plea deal with this toe rag and try to give her less and less time. Just lock the Bitch up for fvcksake.

541 days ago


see Holley is a better person..she only Reped for OJ who killed 2 innocent people...Mark beat her out in the ass hole scale for reping for david who killed 6..

541 days ago


Cant afford Rehab, cant afford Probation cant affoed a lawyer, but still falling down drunk and shopping in this Point she couldnt even afford Stuttering John from the Howard stern show to speak in her behalf

541 days ago

Its Nikki Bitches    

Enjoy your 15 mins of fame Cousin Heller, Lying Lindsay is going to prison for 245 days !!!

541 days ago


this is all culminating in yet another velvet-gloved pat on the backside labeled as "punishment".....she knows how to play the game, and she knows if she digs in her crusty heels long enough, she'll get away without suffering any substantial consequences....its an excellent example of a career criminal playing the people still rooting her on are morally bankrupt and I hope when she does kill someone with her car driving drunk, it's someone you love very much...

541 days ago


Does anyone else think styerlingGAY is the Rainman of TMZ??just how he repeats ITs Self..Broken record or Retarded Parrot?? "

"this is a non story, get your facts straight dont no nothing" <---exactly

541 days ago
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