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Mama June & Honey Boo Boo

You Can't Stop Us from Selling Girl Scout Cookies!!!

2/28/2013 2:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Mama June
and Honey Boo Boo are going full steam ahead with their Girl Scout cookie campaign ... despite stern warnings from the Girl Scout organization.

As we reported, the Girl Scouts of the USA contacted HBB today to remove a banner she had put on her Facebook, in which she solicited sales for Girl Scout cookies from her 700,000 fans. (FYI -- HBB's not even a Girl Scout. She just agreed to help a Girl Scout friend of hers.)

A rep for the GSUSA told us they had the banner removed because it was unfair to other Girl Scouts trying to sell cookies.

But Mama June tells TMZ, she's going to continue selling Girl Scout cookies any way she can ... even if she's not allowed to post advertisements on HBB's Facebook ... because it's for a family friend.

June tells us, "If I can raise more money for a troop, whoever they are, especially in an area where they don’t get a lot of money, and parents can’t afford to buy a ton of cookies, why wouldn't I help?"

She added, "We're doing nothing wrong."

June says she's already sold 400 boxes and the orders keep pouring in.


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, the troop you are selling , for makes about 3 cents a box, as I recall..I used to just cut a check, as well as sell cookies, for my daughters troop because I thought it was ridiculous..All you are doing , is paying their corporate stuff, imo
The cookies are great , as are the troop leaders, but the girl scout head in my state was a candidate for governor at one time..Its all business

539 days ago


Why is Mama June not paying the Shipping and handling cost? There should be no additional cost to the customer for shipping and handling that should come from Honey Boo Boo and Mama June.

539 days ago


As long as the girl they are selling for isn't in any type of selling competition, I don't see the problem with it! They are raising money and like she said, the people where they live might not be able to afford to buy many boxes and she's helping out. Leave them alone!

539 days ago

BB not bb    

They changed the wording of the pledge and law somewhat. There is a whole breakdown in tradition. If the original wans't corny enough, this new one is so vague and new age it is borderline crazy.

When the parents sit at the tables while the cookie sale is on, they should at least keep their mouths shut and stay out of the transactions. This is supposed to be done by the girls.

I had a father of boyscouts trying to sell me plants outside a supermarket that sells plants. The whole thing is really obnoxious. They try to guilt you into it. That is not how you do sales.

If the kids can at least talk to you, maybe you want to help them out and buy something. I could care less about some father and his ego.

539 days ago


Welcome to the Premier of Season 2. Who's the writer? Does he/she work for the Karstoogians? I'm sick to death of reality shows and their scripted drama. Now that the viewing public understands it's all bogus they need to bring crap like this into the real world. NOT buying it.

539 days ago


I'm confused ... the original article said they shut down the on-line sales because it's against the rules and defeats the purpose of the event (they want the girls to sell them in person for the experience). On-line sales are a huge no-no. I would be worried about a lawsuit if I were June. I know she means well, but she needs to respect the organization.

539 days ago


Looks she already ate all 400 boxes. This show to the outside world makes Americans look fat, dumb and lazy. Cancel it. Please.

539 days ago


I think it's sad to make this sweet little create start selling her cookie at such an early age.

539 days ago


What a sh*t storm in a teakettle. She's helping a friend-one of the attributes GSUSA supports. She's using a sales model (mass marketing) that capitalism uses daily, including GSUSA. She (&/or her mother, publistist) have been transparent in disclosure re the fact she isn't a G.S., which shuts down the issue of unfair advantage in racking up more sales than local troop members.

539 days ago


What a class act, the kid is not even in Girl Scouts. If she wants to help she can write a check!

539 days ago


Watch "Troop Beverly Hills"! lol

539 days ago


Does it count if momma porker and porker junior are the ones who bought and ate all 400 boxes? You know thats what happened, don't deny it.

539 days ago


Seems to be a bit of a difference between the little porker in the big picture and the one they have on the website. Its like they stuck her face on Jon Benets body. I would claim they Photoshopped it, but I doubt they know how, or anybody who can.

539 days ago


I've seen parents and siblings of girl scouts selling the actual cookies. Heck, I've seen them being sold at the local library. GSUSA gets the money anyhow and the majority of the money isn't even for the making of the cookies. I want to know what counts as misc spending because too often it goes into the pockets of the higher ups.

539 days ago


Let the girl sell her cookies whichever way she likes. Online is the way to go now a days.

539 days ago
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