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Mama June & Honey Boo Boo

You Can't Stop Us from Selling Girl Scout Cookies!!!

2/28/2013 2:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Mama June
and Honey Boo Boo are going full steam ahead with their Girl Scout cookie campaign ... despite stern warnings from the Girl Scout organization.

As we reported, the Girl Scouts of the USA contacted HBB today to remove a banner she had put on her Facebook, in which she solicited sales for Girl Scout cookies from her 700,000 fans. (FYI -- HBB's not even a Girl Scout. She just agreed to help a Girl Scout friend of hers.)

A rep for the GSUSA told us they had the banner removed because it was unfair to other Girl Scouts trying to sell cookies.

But Mama June tells TMZ, she's going to continue selling Girl Scout cookies any way she can ... even if she's not allowed to post advertisements on HBB's Facebook ... because it's for a family friend.

June tells us, "If I can raise more money for a troop, whoever they are, especially in an area where they don’t get a lot of money, and parents can’t afford to buy a ton of cookies, why wouldn't I help?"

She added, "We're doing nothing wrong."

June says she's already sold 400 boxes and the orders keep pouring in.


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Actually, they can't advertise cookie sales. She can ask people to buy them or let them know she is selling them but she cannot plaster her face on a banner to sell them. It goes against the policies. We weren' allowed to tell anyone we were selling the cookies on Facebook or any other social site until after Jan 4, 2013 even though we had the materials. We are also only allowed to have cookie booth sales within our own school districts. I don't know how she sells them for $3.50 when ours are $4 a box. Regardless, its all political bs. Just sell the cookies and move on!

599 days ago


then the girl scouts need to call the cops and charge mama june with fraud since hbb isn't even enrolled

599 days ago


Some rich girls mommy probably whined to the GSUSA that it was unfair because then her daughter's troop wouldn't win. Back when I was a GS the troops get prizes for whoever sells the most cookies each year....I say go HBB go. Good for TMZ to post the order info :)

599 days ago


Girl Scout Cookies are all over EBAY for sale and have been for years. I would say that is online, also i would take my daughters order form to work and have my co workers buy the cookies for my daughters troop, as did many other parents.
This is one mother complaining because her daughter is getting beat in cookie sales.

599 days ago


You fat stupid white trash ****, worry less about selling cookies and more about getting that fat little pageant freak on birth control. That little pig will be pregnant by the time she is 10. Probably fathered by a relative.

599 days ago

♥TMZ but ...    

Honey Boo Boo looks like a chubby young kate hudson in the 2nd pic

599 days ago


I can't believe the comments I'm seeing. These people are good people. Just because they may not live up to some of your judgmental standards doesn't make them less than you. In fact it makes them better because they're not sitting there dwelling on the negative comments that they hear. They seem to be a very close, living family. This mother could have used some of the money from the show for her own wants like many if these other reality mothers but she doesn't do that AT ALL. She puts it in trusts for her kids. She doesn't need to go splurge and buy some ridiculously huge house and ten cars, because they are happy just the way that they are. She's helping a friend sell cookies and instead of being thankful for supporting the scout troops and taking their time to do this for a good cause, they come down on them and so do most of you. They should be happy with the profits that they will receive. Stop condemning these people and start condemning all of the other reality stars, athletes, "troubled" movie stars ect that piss away their money and then need a fkn handout.

599 days ago


They're just damned if they do and damned if they don't. Why don't some of you get the sticks out of your asses and leave them alone. Would you rather they be like all of these other fake people?

599 days ago


That pig is buying them all. u know that

599 days ago


Because this fat pig eats them all..... Yukkkk

599 days ago


After seeing there christmas special and all there toys they donated, i actually respect them as a family, and we can learn alot from their compassion for donations. Honey boo boo over acts on the show, but why not let them sell girl guide cookies.

599 days ago

The New Improved Sock Puppet    

If that hog and her piglet were reppin my merchandise I'd be pissed too.

599 days ago


This just reminds me of an episode of Eveeybody Loves Raymond! Ray and a GS leader gets in a fight in front of a popular place and she whips the crap out of Raymond for taking her spot. Long live competition!

599 days ago


I think their doing a good thing.

599 days ago


Do the right thing, follow the rules. That teaches integrity.

599 days ago
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