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3/1/2013 6:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Octomom's friends say she's hit rock bottom again, because she's exhibiting the exact same bizarre, dangerous conduct that was caught on tape and just obtained by TMZ.

We broke the story ... Octo is getting high again after obtaining a medical marijuana card. Her friends say she's playing with fire because she's had drug addiction problems that could endanger her 14 kids.

Octomom's friends say she's acting like she did last year, when she was videotaped inside a hotel room with her former manager. She's off the rails, wearing a onesie as she cackles hysterically, cradling a drink. We're told the video was shot in the throes of her substance abuse problems ... before she went to rehab.

Some of her friends tell TMZ ... she's acting like this again, and they fear she's incapable of caring for her brood.


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Dick Starbux    

What's more sad then her all F'd up having a night away from kids is this ******* pretending to be her friend exploiting her he obviously sold the footage to tmz

604 days ago


Where the H is CPS? any other time they will take kids away for totally less. This freakshow needs her grand canyon stitched shut and then sent to a mental ward! She is even discusting to look at,,,,,,,PURE TRASH

604 days ago


Disgusting pig. First she polluted the world's gene pool with her 8 mistakes and now she is depending on the world to take care of them while she snorts rail after rail..what a bitch.

604 days ago


Why is this piece of trash news? Really? You hard up for stories? She is a waste to the world and has become one big "freak show". She can't take care of a pet rock than a bunch of kids. Take the kids away for good & put her in a padded cell till she rots. Nasty hoe!

604 days ago


How this woman still has her children after the porn, after losing her house, and now this is beyond my understanding.

If it was any one else, they would have snatched them kids up at the speed of sound (yeah I said sound, big whoop, wanna fight about it?)

604 days ago

Cathryn Mazer    

why would you post such an old video?

604 days ago


LOL... the video is from before she admitted to a Xanax addiction and went to rehab.. it's an old video.. it's not current. I'm not sure why TMZ put this up along with a story about her 'friends' saying she is acting crazy again. If it turns out she is abusing drugs again (like the Xanax.. not the pot this story seems to be trying to use as a new hook) then hopefully those who work with her and her kids will make sure to report it. Otherwise this is just a bunch of flame using an unrelated video as gas to fuel a non-story story.

604 days ago


She won't do porn but she'll hang out with porn stars in a hotel room. lol.

604 days ago


I missed the video the first time, mistook it for a continuation of the "Last Exorcism II" trailer.

604 days ago

There's a problem here    

Hey look, it's easy = Give her the heroin now that she undoubtedly will be using within the next two years and keep her fixed up. It should only take her a few months to OD then maybe the 14 spawn of hers will have a fighting chance at a semi-decent life.

604 days ago


Why are those kids still with that crazy lady?

604 days ago

judy jetson    

This lady is cuckoo for cocoa puffs.

604 days ago


matter of time, they will all be in foster care

604 days ago

Fat Matt    

STOP reporting on her! This woman knows her 15 minutes are up but she'll settle for 15 seconds more. It's ALL an act, her life's a series of pathetic publicity stunts at the expense of her children, and TMZ are her enablers. I HAVE A BRILLIANT IDEA: Stop giving this fame junkie the attention she craves so she can accept her purpose, disappear into obscurity and finally take care of the children she dragged into this world.

604 days ago


Your Children must be very proud to have their Mother acting like everyone expects her to act. Grow up and act like a Parent and not a pot head, porn star crazy person. You owe your children so much more and if you can't be that person give them to someone who can.

604 days ago
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