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3/1/2013 6:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Octomom's friends say she's hit rock bottom again, because she's exhibiting the exact same bizarre, dangerous conduct that was caught on tape and just obtained by TMZ.

We broke the story ... Octo is getting high again after obtaining a medical marijuana card. Her friends say she's playing with fire because she's had drug addiction problems that could endanger her 14 kids.

Octomom's friends say she's acting like she did last year, when she was videotaped inside a hotel room with her former manager. She's off the rails, wearing a onesie as she cackles hysterically, cradling a drink. We're told the video was shot in the throes of her substance abuse problems ... before she went to rehab.

Some of her friends tell TMZ ... she's acting like this again, and they fear she's incapable of caring for her brood.


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Come on already California, do SOMETHING. Taking the kids is the worst things to do, but it may be necessary before one of them gets hurt or dies.

566 days ago


Did IQs drop sharply recently? The video of her "having fun" in a hotel room with no kids is only an EXAMPLE of what her so-called friends are saying is her behavior NOW, in front of the kids.

566 days ago


What did you expect. Personally she's doing this with and for her brood to market her self weather it be good or bad publicity. Look there are examples out there already. And think about it why did she do this in the first? Grabbing for attention. This one does have issues.....

566 days ago


She went to "rehab" for a Xanax addiction. Xanax doesn't do that to you. Just sayin'...

566 days ago


Why does this trainwreck social parasite still have those kids? I'm tired of our tax dollars supporting her sorry a**. And who is the braintrust that gave her medical marijuana? I sure hope her tubes are tied...

566 days ago

Ozzie X    

I'm hoping when her kids grow up they do everything opposite of their mother and they'll be fine.

566 days ago


This has got to be the dumbest bitch on the planet

566 days ago


why isnt the state takeing the kids away? does she have to load them into a bus and then drive it into a lake before someone does something....

566 days ago


Can't stand her but what does a video of her acting crazy before rehab for a Xanax and other prescription medication addictions prove? If she's acting out 'again' then is sure as hell isn't from pot... she's either on the pills again or she's making up for what the pills did with booze. On a side note... she has friends??

566 days ago


Publicity stunt to get her kids taken away. She's like a 15 year old at their HS prom pretending to be hypnotized or fake. And her friends are "leaking" these, whatever. She is a joke and I feel sorry for those kids.

566 days ago


I'm not a fan of octomom but really people all this video shows is she went out without her kids and had a good time. I'm sure more that a couple of people on this board have done that and a few of you probably have partied like that in front of your kids.

566 days ago

Justsay Nohan    

Everyone sing along now!

Who has more kids than Kate Gosselin does? Oc-to-mom!
Can't care for them but did it just because? Oc-to-mom!
Makes up lies to see what sells? Oct-to-mom!
Blames her woes on someone else? Oc-to-mom!

Octomom...Octomom...she's Octomom!

(sung to the tune of "PsychoDad" from "Married...With Children")

566 days ago

Evil Overlord    

We've seen her gaggle of kids...We've seen her crazy act...We've seen her naked...And we've watched her rehab...Now can we just see her go away, her 15 minutes was up a long time ago...

566 days ago

n miller    

Each time we hear about her, just makes it more and more appealing to shoot the doctor

566 days ago

princess pink    

The only thing I saw was that she was having fun...good for her. Obviously she must of had child care and she was in a hotel and laughing and having fun with her friends. Oh NOOOO call the cops!

566 days ago
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