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Rihanna & Chris Brown

Deadly Ending

on 'Law & Order: SVU'

2/28/2013 7:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
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Rihanna's controversial reunion with Chris Brown will end with him killing her -- at least that's the way the writers of "Law and Order: SVU" see it ... based on last night's explosive episode.

This had to be the easiest script the 'SVU' crew ever wrote ... as it copied the Rihanna-Chris saga almost exactly -- and simply changing the names to Micha and Caleb.

The first brutal domestic violence incident goes down as Micha (Rihanna) catches Caleb (Chris) hugging another woman, and says ... "Caleb, I can't leave you alone for 5 minutes without you getting trashy."

Caleb (Chris) says "Who you steppin' to?" -- then yells, "Skinny ass whore!" ... as he slams her head to the ground and punches her in the face.

Just like real life ... Micha (Rihanna) refuses to testify against Caleb (Chris Brown). The 'SVU' detectives even say at one point, "They should go on a double date with Chris Brown and Rihanna."

But the ending seemed to be ripped from a different scandal.

Caleb (Chris) and Micha (Rihanna) are having a romantic moment on a private yacht when she asks about a text message on his phone. Caleb (Chris) says, "Haven't you learned to mind your own business?"

The next scene is a reporter at a memorial for Micha (Rihanna) ... whose body was found in Bermuda ... floating next to the yacht.

Shades of Natalie Wood?


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I know of a lot more white people killing their spouses .. I'm just saying always see it on the news !!!

610 days ago

Kev the Realist    

And this ending is what, not realistic. Get real, Chris Brown is a gay, wanna bee thug who has serious anger management iassues and Rihanna is the dubest whore on the planet. Thease two will never learn anfd all you pansy's that are going to complain, get real. Anyone who supports them is just as stupid and unrealistic as they are. Irf everyone wstops buying their music they will be regated back to the ghettos where they cam from and the first time that Loaer CB mouths off to someone, they will clean his clock. BRAVO, he needs teh crap kicked out of him...

610 days ago

david saint    

not that it makes it ok, but in real life she attacked him while he was driving..kind of irritated thats always left out. Just because shes a woman doesnt give her the right to punch away like she did..again, not condoning what Brown did..ive been in his shoes, only i didnt strike back at all...i just walked away. (though i was furious..)

610 days ago

Thomas Jefferson    

SVU probably already did a show on this subject as it's an old subject.

610 days ago


im glad SVU did an episode like Rihanna and Chris. even if Rihanna chooses to stay in this situation, maybe it could help other women going through the same thing. they need to know how dangerous it could be!

610 days ago


Welp, hopefully this helped with their ratings.... More importantly, I hope they both work through their problems. I wish them happiness. Everyone, yes even celebs, deserve happiness.

610 days ago


SO DISAPPOINTED IN THIS EPISODE. THEY DKNT KNOW THE FACTS AND FULL DETAILS ABOUT WHAT HAPPENED THAT NIGHT WITH CHRIS & RIHANNA. THEY ASSIME SHE IS SOME INNOCENT BYSTANDER IN ALL THIS. SHE WAS VIOLENT WITH HIM TOO. BUT HE GOT THE BEST OF HER THE LAST TIME. SHE MADE A MISTAKE OF PUTTING HER HANDS ON HIM FIRST. SHE KNOWS SHE IS GUILTY TOO. THATS WHY SHE BEGGED HIM TO COME BACK. They are both stupid if you ask me. If she didn't play the innocent victim in the first place and told the truth about what happened , people wouldn't hate them so much. She should have admitted that she hit him and he hit her back and it was a wrong thing for BOTH of them to do. Now they both look stupid. I've always believed that he was flirting with other girls and she wasnpossed and hit him and he stupidly fired back at her. If you are honest with yourself you know there is a difference between an abuser and a man who made a stupid decision to hit his girlfriend back. He should've walked away but I believe she is that kinda girlfriend who wont let him walk away without a fight. There are so many celebs out there who are truly abusive and I don't belive chris brown is one of them. Is he an idiot the way he conducts himself ? Absolutely ! Is he an abuser... I don't think so. THE BETTER LESSON HERE WOULD BE TO LADIES ... DONT HIT YOUR MAN THINKKNG THAT HE CANT OR WONT HIT BACK BECAUSE HE JUST MIGHT IF HE IS STUPID ENOUGH THEN YOULL END UP WITH A BUSTED FACE. FELLAS IF YOUR GIRL HITS ON YOU THINKING THAT YOU WONT STRIKE BACK... RUN FOR YOUR LIFE !!! OR YOULL END UP LIKE CRIS BROWN

610 days ago


Next story josh Brolin, Charlie sheen, Sean penn, Sean Connery, or tommy lee. I got one even better!!! A Joe Paterno and Sandusky story.

610 days ago


This episode was just as bad as the "Anna Nicole" episode. Guys, it's time to put SVU to rest. Running out of stories and when you do find one, it really isn't that great. And then you add in bad acting....ugh. Retire the show, please.

610 days ago

Jakob Soereno    

You people act like Chris Bown is tghe only man he has hit a woman,after a woman have hit him. The man did time leave him the hell alone. Stop Hating and she made the decision to take him back and evry man who his a woman do not end up killing her. Thats a lie someone threw out that and let the idiots pick it up and run with it.

610 days ago


I like it cause she is a fool to be with him cause once he hit her again all he have to do is take his shirt of or do a sing or dance and people are going to be like i for give you you are so cute and if this happen and people are going to be like he still look good.

610 days ago


I see the idiots still don't see it's about domestic violence and the typical result. It's not about Chris and Rihanna its about (man/woman) beating (woman/man) period! Shows use popular people to try and drill it in your heads. Next time they should do it on Sesame Street and maybe you'll get it.

610 days ago


I have been watching TMZ since '07. It used to be more entertaining/funny. There are some typics such as this one that aren't humorous at all. Rihanna has made a decision to date Chris again and as she has said if it is a mistake, then it is her mistake to make. It is quite distasteful to bash the two of them continuously and act as if you all are waiting for the other shoe to fall. No one ever bashed Karuche for seeing him as much as Rihanna's being bashed for rekindling her relationship with him. It's unfair. I feel that you guys are instigating problems. Why? Is it so that if something bad happens, you can say I told you so. What was Chris supposed to do? Never date another woman ever again? Fall off of the face of the earth? If he has gotten help, continues counseling and has changed for the better, why shouldn't Rihanna reap the benefits of Chris being a better man? It's getting old. The whole bashing of Chris Brown that you guys do almost every week. I tivo the show and I am seriously considering no longer watching because of this.

610 days ago


Ragging on Chris Brown & finding fault or having an issue with Rihanna for her rekindled romance with Chris is really getting old on the show. I have been watching TMZ since '07 and as of late have become disgusted with the show when it discusses this issue. It is Rihanna's choice. It's like you guys are waiting for the other shoe to drop. This show is supposed to be funny and entertaining. It's such a Debbie Downer and not funny when you talk about them. You almost seem to want to instigate a problem and then stand back should something happen and say I told you so. Not cool or funny!

610 days ago


I am so sick of this story. And more annoyed at everyone's judgement on a matter they no nothing about. Case and point, Rhianna took Chris back because she is just as crazy as he is, and although Chis knocked her a few times do to her initial punching and physical abuse that she has given him on numerous occasions, It is their business if the two decide to be together. Everyone else needs to keep their ignorant knowledge of their relationship to themselves. Everyone is trying real hard to make Chris into this criminal and. He is not. Their experience was unfortunate, but it happened. People should move on. Chris is not the typical abusive man that people are trying their hardest to peg him as. Folks are trying to make him pay for the real abusive men in the world by making him the example. He is not. I am tired of this!

610 days ago
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