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Lil Twist

Drives Justin's Car RECKLESSLY ...


3/1/2013 4:32 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Justin Bieber needs to rethink loaning his car out to Lil Twist, because his Lil Friend just got another ticket in JB's Lil Fisker Karma.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... Lil Twist was just pulled over on the 101 Freeway by CHP because he made an unsafe lane change.  Officers cut Lil a break on the lane change but gave him a ticket for tinted windows.

FYI -- it's the same tricked out Fisker Justin was driving when he was racing down the 101 Freeway last year, trying to shake the paparazzi.

And you'll recall, Lil Twist is the dude who got a ticket in Bieber's Ferrari on January 1 when a photog was struck and killed while shooting the scene.

JB is in London.  He should have taken the keys.


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"Unsafe lane change" = not putting on your blinker. Do u know how many times a day I see that happen? Give me a f***ing break tmz.. why dont u make a story when he drives drunk or smoking crack. At least that would be interesting.

597 days ago


I'm thinking Lil Twist is Beiber's boyfriend. It all makes sense now, Selena dumped him when he found out he was bi.

597 days ago


Rappers are all criminals. They sell drugs until they "make it" Then they continue to be criminals.

597 days ago


@ RuthieB your the definition of ignorant..

597 days ago

Laughing at fandom    

But...but...but it's the BIEB!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

597 days ago

Little Fred    

Bieber's a boob.

596 days ago


Seems to me Justin Burner needs a manager, handler, attorney or some other adult to tell him what not to do. He's just a child with tons of money which makes him think he's invincible. Somebody needs to put him in his room so he can think about his erratic behavior.

596 days ago


go away you little twerp

596 days ago


Color has nothing to do with it. Lil twist is a Lil twerp. And h

594 days ago

Nasious Cordova    

There must be something up if Justin keeps lending him the car. Now that JB proved his straightness with his Selina relationship, no one seems to be looking at the obvious reason... Justin just can't say no to his honey.

591 days ago


Justin needs to find a boyfriend that respects him and dump that low life lil twist

589 days ago


Lil twist, you are a little skinny bitch who needs police to escort you across the street after you get pulled over in your boyfriend's sports car LOL LOL...I laughed my ass off as you flipped off the photogs...LOL You were acting like a spoiled little I girl who didnt get her way. What a bitch you are...Explains why you don't have gf and your obsession on Justin LOL You stupid little ***. You don't even have or drive your own car. You are nothing more than Bieber's "kept house bitch" driving his cars, recking his cars (and probably sleeping in his bed to)...People like you are known as "moochers", "squaters", "assclowns"...or broke ass bitches LOL...Oh and you can stop with the Kenndal Jenner onsessiins (she doesnt date broke *****s like your bisexual ass...She is a KARDASHIAN for cryijng out loud. Seriously! LOL If you did actually have a date with her then im sure it was PR related, ie Bieber related or you would never have gotten a chance at a date. No Bieber, no fancy cars, hot women or white police officers making sure 'yo black ass crosses the street safely'..Btw you bastards J-walked....I no longer have any respect to LAPD ..non

495 days ago


Little urkel in trouble again

445 days ago


Lil Twist is Biebers boytoy

443 days ago
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