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Michael Lohan

I'll Hire a GOOD Lawyer

For Lindsay

3/1/2013 10:11 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Michael Lohan
is taking the judge in Lindsay Lohan's criminal case to heart ... he agrees Mark Heller is a dummy on the subject of California law ... and he wants to foot the bill for a competent attorney.

Michael tells TMZ ... He's already lined up a California criminal defense lawyer who will take the case and they've already negotiated a fee ... a fee that Michael will pay.

Michael is ballistic over Mark Heller, telling us, "This guy is a loser and will drag her down. I already started to pray to God that Lindsay fires him before it's too late."

Michael adds, "Any professional, respectable, or sure-footed lawyer would never conduct himself in this matter."

Parting shot: "This guy has 2 left feet that keep leading him into a wall."


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This is THE PLAN. Once Holley left her, she was cooked, so if they get a completely incompetent attorney then they will be able to 'postpone' her trial due to the fact that she needs to hire competent counsel, and THEN that counsel will need time to prepare the case, and on and on it goes for LL.

580 days ago

Hot Farts    


580 days ago


Sure, Michael. And a professional, responsible, sure-footed father wouldn't behave the way you do. Ass.

579 days ago


What's that smell?

Just like the bonehead lawyer was really a tactic to delay facing a judge.

This looks exactly like the same kind of scenario.

I wouldn't be surprised if the incompetent one wasn't good buddies with her father. Hell, Milo probably came up with the plan.

Now he comes up with another one. Here's how it might go.

He hires a lawyer who can't quite seem to get together with the barfly until a few days before they are supposed to go to court.

The barfly then starts crying and complaining that not only does she not get along with her father, she didn't approve of her father's choice. She says she doesn't want to go thru what she did with her last lawyer all over again.

Or something like that.

Just another curve ball from Lohan Inc.

Like I said in the other story, she's running out of options and they are all going to get more and more ridiculous.

579 days ago


Milo calling someone else a loser?? That's rich. The amazing part is that any lawyer would agree to defend Blo. They'd have to be desperate for publicity of any kind. Does that mean Alred, Jr will appear?? Milo better get busy collecting cans to sell and shoveling b.s. stories to tmz, radar, etc. The lawyer is the one who needs to get paid.

579 days ago


Who's the old lady in the middle pic?

579 days ago

Diamond Goddess!    

WHO ya gonna grift for the $$$ for that, MiLo?!
Jus' sayin'.

579 days ago


This poor excuse of a parent needs to stop acting like he's got her best interest at heart. He will make any situation worse

579 days ago


My God look at her those tired puffy eyes classic drug addict. She looks barely under 50

579 days ago


Seriously ????? 👍

579 days ago


👎👎👎👎👎👎 meant this ... definitely NOT 👍

579 days ago


Lindsay was so stupid to fire Shawn Holley!

579 days ago


"Michael adds, "Any professional, respectable, or sure-footed lawyer would never conduct himself in this matter." Matter or manner?

579 days ago


I don't care which attorney she has...the girl has been given enough chances and keeps blowing each one. It's time the judge throws her ass in jail.

579 days ago
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