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James Franco

NYU Prof Can't Sue Me

For Saying He Sucks

3/2/2013 5:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

James Franco
refuses to back down from the ex-NYU professor who sued the actor for calling him a "bad teacher" -- insisting the guy not only sucks at teaching, but he also screwed up his own lawsuit.

Franco has just filed a response to Jose Angel Santana's request for a default judgement in his favor in his defamation lawsuit against Franco. Santana feels he's entitled to the judgement because Franco never responded to the initial 2011 lawsuit.

But in docs, Franco now says Santana never properly served him with the suit ...and therefore the judge should toss out Santana's request for the default judgement. 

Franco also claims the entire matter should be dismissed on grounds his insult is protected free speech -- in other words ... you can't sue someone over their opinion.

And now, here's one of our favorite pictures ever -- James Franco sleeping in class.



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When I was in school there were so many students who would stumble into class, if they even made it that far, so many would fall asleep, and so many just didn't give a good shlt, figuring the the tenured profs would let them slide. Then when they found out they had to produce if they wanted to pass the course they'd file charges or have mommy and daddy get all pissed off because "The College" was wasting their money. I guess Franco is one of them and he figured he was "special." Waste.

599 days ago


Will you, James, sue anyone for saying you suck? 'Cause you suck more than La Harvey at home.

599 days ago


Slander or defamation isn't just automatically protected speech and businesses and indivdiuals successfully show they've been deliberately maligned and that it's cost them (in business, in respect, etc) all the time.

599 days ago


Has Franco watched any of his own movies lately? Talk about sucking.

599 days ago


he's a cutie pie!

599 days ago


Franco seems like an arrogant little prick to me. The teacher may indeed be bad, but judging from the picture of him in class he doesn't look like much of a student either. Maybe they both need to agree that they're both a couple of *******s and leave it go at that.

599 days ago


Franco seems like an arrogant little prick to me. The teacher may indeed be bad, but judging from the picture of him in class he doesn't look like much of a student either. Maybe they both need to agree that they're both a couple of a**holes and leave it go at that.

599 days ago


I hope i don't get sued by any of my professors lol some of whom are awful teachers.

599 days ago

velveteen rabbit    

he's not sleeping in class in that picture. He's at a late evening seminar that he did not even have to be at and had nothing to do with any class he was taking. I don't know what he's like as a student or a person and would certainly never defend someone I don't personally know, but your caption for that picture is beyond misleading.

599 days ago


Your Oscar hosting, YELLOW teeth and ACTING TRULY SUCK James!

599 days ago


OMG to say a teacher sucks. Off with his head. 50% of all teachers suck. We all should sue the teachers for their part in the idiots in our country. They have more access to the kids than the parents do. Get a life some of these people suck just like any other profession.

599 days ago


Franoo should counter sue over his lost nap time.

599 days ago


oops,, i misspelled Franco. i'm gonna get flamed

599 days ago

BB not bb    

Why can't a student say a teacher is bad? He proabably is bad if he is putting the students to sleep. He sure is arrogant thinking he can sue someone over their honest opinion.

This is a very bad advertisemnet for NYU. Not only are their teachers boring but they are authoritarian. They are already charging a fortune for students to go there. The least they can do is try to listen to their concerns and make the class interesting.

I can picture this teacher just going up there and blowing hot air at the class, saying how great he is and knows this and that, and not presenting meaningful facts and information.

A lot of professors either dumb down the class to much, or just make it like a praise and worship session of making nice and bad jokes and just never getting to the point.

Professors who have the nerve to just get up and impart information are few and far between. They are like rare jewels of knowledge. You have to put forth your own effort to mine out the gems and understand them, but then your reward is rich.

I think this teacher just sees a rich actor and dollar signs go off in his greedy little head, grasping at whatever reason he can come across, like being insulted. Tough.

599 days ago

judy jetson    

James Franco is right. You can't sue someone over an opinion and his opinion is you suck and that's ok.

599 days ago
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